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Asset sales protests: wet but energetic


Despite bad weather, thousands of people protested across Aotearoa in 16 towns against the government's asset sales agenda. This is not a complete summary.

A very lively protest took place in Tauranga where a big crowd marched to the office of National MP Tony Ryall. Several people climbed the roof of the building and attached placards. A powerful haka brought the traffic to a standstill.
In Napier, young and old marched through town on the footpath behind a 'No Asset Sales' banner.

Despite the bad weather, Nelson had a fantastic turnout and lots more signatures were collected. 6000 signatures for the referendum from Nelsonians were also pushed down the street.

A very good turn-out also in Palmerston North where protesters walked through The Square.

75 people marched through New Plymouth to National MP Jonathan Young's office which was auctioned off after two speeches from Grey Power and a young Occupy activist. The winning bid, by a 6-year old, was the FUTURE. [ Video ]

About 1000 people protested in Christchurch including Tiki Taane.

Terrible weather in Dunedin. Still a good rally was held in the Octagon with some great plate smashing. [ Video ]

Around 4000 people walked up Queen Street in Auckland. King Kapisi kicked off the demonstration in the middle of the intersection of Queen St & Customs St with an amazing set – he freestyles over beautiful NZ hip hop & reggae beats, telling John Key exactly what is up and expressing solidarity with everyone fighting against injustice. Various political parties, unions, student organisations and community groups participated in the march. One banner read 'Free the political prisoner - Free Rangi and Taame'. [ Photos ]


Dunne's double standard

Pro-privatisation bloggers are at pains to remind us that Peter Dunne stated before the election that he would support Nationa's "mixed ownership" policy. However, it remains true that Dunne, like all populist politicians in this country, has made political mileage out of spouting anti-privatisation rhetoric.

"We do not want exclusive ownership of that to be vested in any single group to the detriment of any other group. It is ours and it should remain ours."
- Peter Dunne, from a clip in the Hollow Men documentary

Of course Dunne was talking about the foreshore and seabed, refusing to acknowledge traditional rights of tangata whenua to the undisturbed use of marine area in their rohe (region). Strangely, it seems fine with Dunne for part ownership of energy companies and AirNZ "to be vested in any single group to the detriment of any other group" ie the public of Aotearoa.