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IPCA Investigates Police Action at Blockade the Budget Protest


A complaint laid by the Blockade the Budget group regarding police action on the 1st of June is being investigated by the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA). In the aftermath of the protest, the Blockade the Budget group were informed of numerous instances of police brutality and outrage at the unwarranted suppression of peaceful assembly on university grounds. After collecting evidence from a number of participants at the protest, the Blockade the Budget group laid an official complaint with the Authority. The complaint addressed the excessive use of force by the police during the protest, including the use of kettling, and the right to freedom of speech, assembly and movement. There were also concerns expressed about police officers with no identification at the protest.

The Authority has decided to investigate the complaint directly, using its powers under s 17(1)(a) of the Independent Police Conduct Authority Act 1988, which reflects the importance of these issues.

Blockade the Budget will be continuing their protests against cuts to education across all sectors at 1pm on the 21st of July at Britomart.

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IPCA a joke in many instances

Has anybody had a look at the Act under which the IPCA operates? Has anybody made some enquiries about how the authority handles complaints? Well, you may get some surprises. In most cases a complaint is handed right back to the NZ Police, to examine and investigate complaints against officers according to their "standards".


Unless there is independent evidence, sufficient documented proof of misconduct by officers, the chance to succeed is very, very slim. Officers will often cover each other, and if contradictions are exposed, they will likely also have excuses for this.


So I do not know how far this has gone, but I sincerely hope the complainants did their homework.


Otherwise you will after a lot of hassles and effort simply get a possible "fob off" and "white wash".


Good luck anyway.