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imminent rebellion 12 submission callout


Rebel Press is still accepting submissions for imminent rebellion 12. We’re after quality writing on topics relevant to anarchist revolutionary organization, including radical analysis, histories and personal experiences. We’re also looking for poetry and short fiction from radical political perspectives. We prefer submissions to be kept under 5000 words.

We are also looking for artists and photographers to illustrate articles. Artwork needs to look good reproduced in black and white on a small scale.

All work published by Rebel Press is anti-copyright.

Please contact us at info(at) and let us know if you’re interested in writing or providing artwork for imminent rebellion 12. The provisional deadline for submissions is August 12.

imminent rebellion is an anarchist journal that seeks to provide a space for thoughtful, critical and well-researched writing that illuminates struggles and projects otherwise overlooked in the South Pacific, that delves deeper into the anarchist project, and that seeks to illuminate the operations of Power. It is also a space for creative responses to our contemporary situation — poetry, photography, firsthand accounts.

The focus of the journal is to provide an intelligent yet accessible interrogation that is relevant to our region.

imminent rebellion started in December 2003 as a small zine and continued bimonthly, changing its name to Aotearoa Dissident Voice for issue 6, until going into hibernation in early 2005. It has since been relaunched in May 2008 in a more substantial journal format.

Previous issues of imminent rebellion are available for free download from