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Petrol-heads gathering in Wellington in September


A petroleum summit will take place in Wellington in September. Amora Hotel will be the venue for this event from 19-20 September and will feature many heads of drilling companies operating in New Zealand. The conference is organised by the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of NZ (PEPANZ).

'Success = Discoveries + Communities + Zero Incidents'

If the overarching equation of the conference was true for oil and gas companies, then we wouldn't see community groups, hapu and iwi up and down the country protesting against industry expansion plans. Also, the oil spills on the Taranaki coast are certainly 'incidents'. However, discoveries have lead to success. It's just that rest of the equation is a big lie!

Speakers at the event include representatives of Todd Energy, Origin Energy, OMV, Solid Energy, NZ Oil & Gas, Methanex and Anadarko. Minister of Energy and Resources Phil Heatley will also make an appearance will also make an appearance. Taranaki Regional Council (TRC) CEO Basil Chamberlain will explain 'What it means to be New Zealand’s energy province and how we earned our ‘social license to operate.’ If you study TRC monitoring reports on oil and gas, you will soon realise that their social license is earned by being negligent, lack of monitoring and doing everything possible to please the companies and hide problems.

It costs $1800 (!) to register for the two-day event. However, protesting outside is free!

Opposition from climate campaigners

Climate campaigners are already getting ready to show opposition to the conference. A call-out for an organising meeting says:

We've heard that the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (PEPANZ) are presenting the NZ Petroleum Summit this September 19-20 here in Wellington.

A number of us thought Yukkkk! And that there's not way that's going ahead without us protesting. So, we're calling a Wellington planning meeting to organise how we might like to respond.

The planning meeting will be:
7:30 - 9:00p.m.
Thursday 16th August
Venue: 350 Offices, 18-24 Allen st (If you are late, the door is locked, sorry - there will be a cellphone number on the door so please text to get let in). Please bring food to share if you are able to.

We hope as many of the climate change, climate justice and anti-mining groups can make it along. We haven't got plans yet for what we might do - so please bring your thoughts.

The meeting is preceded by a 6-7:30pm Wellington Keep the Coal in the Hole gathering. These are two monthly networking meetings of groups and individuals working to phase out coal mining, and they grew out of the Keep the Coal in the Hole Summer Festival.

Hope to see you on 16th August.

Please note, this is NOT a public meeting; it is for those who want to organise against the NZ Petroleum Summit. Mining bosses and PR reps will most definitely not be welcome.


"Mining bosses and PR reps

"Mining bosses and PR reps will most definitely not be welcome" - Neither will corporate spies, undercover cops or other agent provacateurs, we presume..

any protests that you

any protests that you organise for this and that the public can come to , could post on here pls? some of us dont do facebook , I for one am very keen to let these greedy bastards know what i think of them carving up our country.

I am sure someone will post

I am sure someone will post the details.