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Youthline sells out youth to cops


Youthline is currently running a fundraising auction on Trade-Me for a crushed car. The car was crushed pursuant to the police's strategy of dealing with so-called 'boy racers' and it features lots of police  posing with the car.

Youthline claims as one of its principles: "We do our best to empower young people to examine their own situations, help them decide what action is best" yet clearly they actually are supporting the principles of using fear, the threat of violence and violence to get people to comply.

Youthline are sending a message that they support not only the police and government in this circumstance but more generally an oppressive enforcement regime. Young people often find themselves at odds with the police, and public cooperation and partnering as demonstrated by this trademe auction will only serve to alienate the young people who really do need help from the organisation.

Given their rate of car-chase induced accidents, it is the police who are the country's most dangerous boy racers. It should be police cars that are crushed to raise some money for youth in need.


Car crushing

Your quotation "Youth often find themselves at odds with the Police" speaks volumes about yourself. You may as well be saying that "The Police often find themselves at odds with youth." Such an inane remark.

My experience of the Police has been positive. I choose my battles with them, am occasionally "civilly disobedient" don't resist when being arrested or detained, always polite and speak moderately with them.My main advantage is that I am nearly 60, and have knowledge and experience on my side. Most criminals and other offenders are young, so it may be rational to deduce that as one ages, one gets cleverer.

As for my experience with youth? Well when I was driving home some evenings ago it wasn't a group of drunk and feisty old-age pensioners blocking the street. I slowly drove through them, parked,  then I walked back to them and told them to move along before they were moved along by the Police. For my good words I was abused and threatened, and it was suggested by a verbally challenged scrawny punk in a white singlet that I thought I was "a tough c**t." I am assertive but never violent.

Actually I am, and said to the lad that he should "walk away." Eventually some of the more clever amongst them (young women) asked me not to call the cops. I'm afraid there has to be a consequence for your collective anti-social behaviour, and the Police have been called.

I have done so similarly with a large group of bottle-throwers with no negative consequences for me.

Driving recklessly in public areas is just dumb, and has consequences. So what is so wrong with demonstrating that actions have consequences? Grow some nuts NZ, and start challenging stupidity.