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Anarchist Summer School - invitation to participants


The organizing collective of the Brisbane Summer School to be held on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th January, 2013, would like to invite you /your group to attend and to give a workshop.

We want to demonstrate Anarchist ideas and current practice and so hope that as many Anarchist groups/people take part as possible . On our website - there is a comments section in which we want people to offer suggestions for the running of the event.

We particularly are calling for speakers for an opening panel on What is Anarchism as well as speakers to give workshops on classical 19th and 20th century anarchism and on contemporary anarchist ideas. We are also interested in workshops in Anarchist history, especially Australian anarchist history. We envision speakers speaking for 30 minutes, leaving time for questions/ discussion. As well there will be space for people to form into groups to run a workshop on a topic of interest to them if they so wish. Groups will be able to announce these workshops on a white board.

We invite information stalls and bookstalls. Artists are also welcome to put on displays, installations, music and street theatre. There will be a gig organized for the Friday night.

If you want to give a workshop, could you reply to telling us what you want to talk about.

Brisbane Anarchist Summer School 2013 collective