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128 Radical Social Centre - 10th Birthday lineup


Come celebrate 10 years of existence for the 128 Radical Social Centre at 128 Abel Smith Street in Wellington. There is a poster attached - please print and distribute.

Free lunch from noon with Food Not Bombs

Yellow room

12.30 - 1.30 safer spaces presentation and discussion

1.30- 2.15 black rainbow presentation and discussion

2.15- 2.45 kids in radical movements lead discussion

2.45- 3.15 wellington young feminists collective presentation

3.15- 3.30 anarcha-feminism presentation

3.30- 4.15 gender and sexuality diversity- schools out

4.15 - 5.15 history of 128 presentation and discussion

5.15- 5.45 128 collective facilitated discussion

5.45- 6pm help setup for dinner!


12.30 - 1.30 timebank

1.30- 3pm protest law seminar

3pm- 3.30 animal protection society

3.30- 4pm loomio presentation

4pm- 4.30 concerned citizens presentation

4.30- 4.45 rebel press

4.45- 5.15pm we are the university

5.15- 5.45 128 collective facilitated discussion

5.45- 6pm help setup for dinner!

Mechanical tempest

12.30 - 5pm bike workshop open

Blue room upstairs

12.30- 6pm kids activities including funky junk from 1pm- 2pm

Yellow room, library and kitchen

6pm vegetarian potluck dinner, with open mic performances from 6.30- 8pm
including special guests merrin

8pm bands including:
steph's band
big rick
bella carjon
all seeing hand
mongo skato for more information

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Hari Huritau ki a koe!

He mihi nui ki ngā kaitiaki katoa o 128

It's amazing to think back 10 years to when we occupied 128. Many of the windows were missing. None of the outside doors could be locked. There was only one room that could be secured. Rongomai and I, the first live-in caretakers, would sometimes we woken in the middle of the night by groups of people exploring the building with torches. There was no electricity, no rail on stairs, and only one working toilet, and one working tap.

We had some amazing dreams of how the building could be restored, and what the spaces could be used for. Its exciting that so many of those dreams have been realised over the past 10 years, and that there is a caring crew holding the space, who can achieve even more.

We live in interesting times. There are many challenges for the social movements we support, but also many opportunities. 128 is an example of what can be achieved when we go beyond defensive strategies aimed at stopping bad things from happening, and engage also in creative strategies aimed at making good things happen - good things that last, creating resources that can support both our defensive and creative strategies into the future. Indymedia, of course, is another example :)

Kia tau te rangimarie