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Operation ‘Ardire’ : anarchists locked up!


Operation ‘Ardire’ led to the arrests of several anarchists across Italy in dawn-raids on 13th June. The carabiniers of the Special Operations Group (Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale, ROS) raided about forty homes. Eight people have been jailed. A further two alleged to have been part of a 'terrorist group', Gabriel Pombo da Silva and Marco Camenisch, are already serving jail sentences in Germany and Switzerland and have been incarcerated for many years. The allegation is that Gabriel and Marco were the masterminds, directing militant actions from prison. The whole case involves 24 people which also includes members of the Greek group 'Conspiracy of Cells of Fire'.

It is understood that the allegation is that the arrestees are part of the Informal Anarchist Federation, a group that is alleged to have played a role in letter bombs sent to various embassies in recent years. It also claimed responsibility for shooting Roberto Adinolfi, the chief executive of a company linked to Italian defence conglomerate Finmeccanica, in the knee in May. The people arrested are not facing charges for that shooting.

A big debate is raging in Italian anarchist circles around the actions of the Informal Anarchist Federation, with some claiming that that group is in fact a state fabrication to justify repression against anarchists. However, it appears that at least some quarters are supportive of the actions taken by the Informal Anarchist Federation (which is also active in the UK, Chile and Indonesia).

According to the prosecution, Gabriel Pombo da Silva was able to communicate with people in Italy using a cellphone. The calls were intercepted. He is alleged to have encouraged people by saying: "We will an answer. Bang bang bang, you understand?"

Links: No solidarity with “anarchist” letter bombers | Italian Anarchist Federation statement on bombings | Massive international repressive operation ‘Ardire’ launched against anarchists; A statement from Tomo + Prisoner addresses (Italy)

The case against Marco Camenisch appears to be paper-thin. Marco (born 1952) was a militant opponent of nuclear power plants in Switzerland which led to his imprisonment after cutting down power-pylons. He later escaped from prison with five others. He was arrested years later and convicted of killing a swiss border guard while on the run. He maintains his innocence to this day. Marco has initiated several hunger strikes with other political prisoners across Europe. All Marco appears to have done is co-ordinate the hunger strikes with other prisoners. The Informal Anarchist Federation claimed a number of militant actions in solidarity with the hunger strikers. All his letters are read by the authorities and his allowed two phone calls per week, with a maximum of 10 minutes per call.

Massive international repressive operation ‘Ardire’ launched against anarchists; A statement from Tomo

From contra-info:

At 4 o’clock in the morning of June 13th, 2012, the carabiniers of the Special Operations Group (Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale, ROS) raided about forty homes, implementing the so-called ‘operation boldness’ (operazione ardire), a crackdown against people from the anarchist movement ordered by Manuela Comodi, public prosecutor of Perugia. According to the regime’s media, a total of 10 arrest warrants were issued—eight within Italy, one sent to Germany and one sent to Switzerland—while 24 suspects have been put under judicial investigation. The Italian bourgeois Press did not hesitate to connect the arrested with ‘the anarcho-insurrectionist FAI/FRI’.

The eight comrades, who were arrested in Pisa, Roma, Perugia, Genova, Terni and have been remanded in custody, are Stefano Gabriele Fosco, Elisa Di Bernardo, Alessandro Settepani, Sergio Maria Stefani, Katia Di Stefano, Giuseppe Lo Turco, Paola Francesca Iozzi and Giulia Marziale.

As for Germany and Switzerland, the precautionary measures were ordered against two anarchists that have already been kidnapped by the State several years ago, namely Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and Marco Camenisch.

Among the names of investigated suspects are also those of some imprisoned comrades that are prosecuted for the CCF case in Greece.

Informa-Azione will try to publish the addresses of Italian prisons in which the eight arrestees have been incarcerated, inviting anyone who has relevant information to contact them.

In addition, according to the independent Radio Azione, it is possible that house searches have taken place against three comrades in Naples, too.

Among the raided houses—where the police were officially in search of explosive materials and electronic and printed documents—was the residence of an editor of Informa-Azione; apart from other items, the cops confiscated the editor’s computers that were necessary for updating the website. The homes of comrades from Culmine (who are now under arrest) and ParoleArmate (one of them is under arrest, the other one is investigated) were raided as well.


Chaos is just around the corner… (about the operation ‘ardire’)

The same story repeats itself.

In the context of a maxi-operation (‘operation boldness’… but what the fuck is that name?) against anarchists and arsonists of social peace, at 4am in the night from 12th to 13th June, my house was raided by the ROS units of Perugia and Bologna, backed by a couple of local carabiniers (unlike the last time my house was searched, now they didn’t find anything). They were looking for the same stuff they wanted to find the other time: computers, explosive material, etc.

This time, however, there was a charming surprise: the gentlemen in uniform, following the orders of the renown nun M.Comodi, informed me that I’m now under investigation on the basis of the customary Article 270bis of the Italian Criminal Code ["criminal association with subversive aim"].

I would like to clarify that, although I have been currently assigned a duty solicitor, I intend to refuse any legal defense because I do not recognize any authority, be it judiciary or other.

I also want to specify that as an individual at war with society I support the practice of direct action and, therefore, support the actions of the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI).

In any case, this was a classic raid in grand style which, among others, led a dozen anarchists under pretrial detention and more than twenty people under judicial investigation, including some comrades of the CCF· nevertheless, it’s still too early to get a general picture of the situation.

What can one say? Needless to point out that, in spite of all the years of imprisonment under which they can bury us, the fire we carry within us is by now unstoppable.

It’s expanding, fierce, and meets the flames of our comrades in affinity everywhere; those who, in a world like this, accept a single position: that of attack.

These wonderful comrades, whose hatred burns like one thousand suns shining in the sky, are the friends and the brothers and sisters with whom we share rage and pain, tears and smiles, doubts and passions that weigh as boulders and whistle as lead; those that threaten society, its laws and its defenders with their very existence; the indomitable rebels that illuminate the nights and paint the cities with colours of destruction and rebellion.

Even from behind prison bars or inside the courts, their gazes, their words and their thoughts are dangerous weapons and become sharpened handy files for escape, despite the fact that judges and public prosecutors attempt to suffocate any glimmer of individual strength in them.

But these human wastes cannot halt the iconoclastic fury that’s spreading like a virus.

We are the infection… and there is no cure; neither for the ‘masters’, nor for the ‘servants’.

Chaos is just around the corner…

A gigantic, incandescent, complicit embrace of fire to you, comrades.





Tomo, June 13th, 2012, dal mio Nulla

No Solidarity with “anarchist” letter bombers

[Note: This communiqué is consciously not written in response to the most recent attacks in Rome on 23rd December [2010]. We question any anarchist link to these incidents, because – just like with the series of attacks in 2003 - the ominous “Federazione Anarchica Informale“ (FAI) has claimed responsibility. It is an unlikely coincidence that this group shares the same acronym as the Federazione Anarchica Italiana who distanced themselves clearly from the events in 2003 and suggested the “FAI” could well be a fake organisation. There are several examples in recent Italian history of false flag operations. One of them was the bombing of the Piazza Fontana in Milan in 1969, which was commissioned by the state and blamed on the local anarchists. In the most recent “FAI” communiqué in relation to 23rd December, the final words - “Long live the FAI, long live anarchy!” - are rather atypical for a self-described “informal” organisation.]

The question of violence has always been a hot topic in anarchist discourse. How can the oldest and rawest expression of power be combined with the teachings of an anti-authoritarian ideology? Can a revolutionary anarchist strategy contain violence? We can assume that the libertarian way – which includes the expropriation of the current owners of the means of production and abolishing material privilege – will meet brutal resistance by those who see themselves robbed of commodities. Master-servant relations (inconspicuous or obvious) are always based on coercion. This always includes violence which we can only resist as a strong and revolutionary mass movement.

However, as conscious anarchists we shouldn't fall into the trap of letting the means become the ends. “Real anarchist violence is that which ceases when the necessity of defence and liberation ends. It is tempered by the awareness that individuals in isolation are hardly, if at all, responsible for the position they occupy through heredity and environment.” [1] These words by Italian anarchist Errico Malatesta haven't lost any validity since they were written almost 100 years ago. They prohibit us to injure or even kill functionaries within capitalism as part of a libertarian praxis simply for the role they play. We think this should be obvious to anybody with an anarchist understanding.

In recent months, events have taken place – also in relation to Switzerland – which have questioned this libertarian principle in the name of anarchism. We don't mean call-outs like “Schlag die Polizisten, wo ihr sie trefft” ('Hit the cops where you encounter them') that are plastered on walls and published on websites as acts of individual resistance. These texts might be rhetorically quite clever but the content is rather confused. Nor are we talking about the numerous solidarity actions for Billy, Costantino and Silvia, whose anti-civilisation ramblings we only find amusing. [2] However we can assume that people from these networks are supportive of actions, that go far beyond paintbomb attacks or slashing car tyres.

We are thinking about the letter bombs that have been sent to various institutions of the state, particularly to embassies, in recent months. Hoping to injure a high-ranking bureaucrat when opening the envelope, the bombs were meant as a form of revenge for the imprisonment of the three aforementioned activists. This kind of praxis doesn’t only demonstrate political stupidity, but also cowardice and inhumanity. In the best case because of naivety, or in the worst because of calculation, the senders were prepared to injure a simple clerk or a subordinate secretary. With these acts, the senders stand among ruthless criminals who, as servants of capital, have persecuted and killed members of the working class. These acts are not revolutionary but an expression of political reaction. Faced with the infamy of these actions, we can only conclude: No solidarity with the “anarchist” letter bombers – never! A few years ago left-radical groups had to be created by the state to convince the population of the need for more repression. It is tragic that things have become so easy for the European capitalist class.

It is difficult for all of us to react adequately to a political and social climate that is taking us, the exploited, to the brink of frustration. This shouldn’t, however, be an excuse to find sanctuary in the old illusion of the “Propaganda by Deed” and the desire to change society through indivudal acts of violence. The follow-on effects of such deeds will be repression, escapism and an even bigger hopelessness instead of an insurrection by the masses. It is also wrong for anarchists to use structurelessness as a modus operandi, as demanded by our “insurrectionary” comrades. If everybody is only responsible to themselves, individualist and unpredictable actions will be preferential, instread of creating a praxis of solidarity to constantly work towards the social revolution.

We can only resist the capitalist system together in an organised and goal-oriented class struggle. Theoretical unity and stringency in praxis, federalist structures and indivudal discipline are the qualities of anarchists who are fighting in the spirit of solidarity for the social revolution and not for total repression. The workplace and school, the neighbourhood and the community centre, the street and the refugee centre: these are the spaces of our libertarian agitation and the organisation of the struggle and not the columns of the bourgeois media, who are waiting to report about the most recent attack by people in revolt with sensationalist headlines.

End of December 2010
Libertäre Aktion Winterthur (Anarchist Action)


Thanks foe the article. It's

Thanks foe the article. It's good to see Indymedia active again!


Interesting article, thanks.

Interesting article, thanks. I've heard a bit about the FAI in NZ media, mostly regarding the London Olympics but I found the reports incredibly confused.

yeah, I am still confused.

yeah, I am still confused. While some anarchists are claiming these guys are agent provocateurs, others are supportive of their actions. I guess it as an old division within the anarchist movement that is relived here in Italy (and Greece). It turns out that some 'anarchists' can justify sending letter bombs to the 'ruling class' taking into account that the letter is likely to be opened by a worker on mail opening duty. I read somewhere that in one case, a young left-wing activist had his hands blown up by one of these bombs because he was working at the embassy.

Having said that, this case seems totally nuts! Charging people in jail is outrageous.

read it again carefully. some

read it again carefully. some anarchists are claiming the bombers are agent provocateurs. the police are claiming some anarchists are the bombers. So, maybe the arrested anarchists are not the bombers. we do not know yet.