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TVNZ 7 to be axed by govt


While some ((i))ndymedia contributors prefer smashing TVs with axes, others are busy saving TV stations while the government is axing funding. TVNZ 7 will be history in a couple of days and that will be the end of the last public service free-to-air channel.

There are marches in Wellington (today) and Auckland (on Saturday), a campaign website, an online petition (signed by 36,000 people already) and - of course - a facebook page.

The last episode of Back Benches on TVNZ 7 ended rather dramatically last night and involved the evacuation of the venue due to a fire forcing all the politicians and audience onto Tinakori Rd where the show continued. TVNZ 7 only costs $16 million to keep but the government says it "can't afford it". Yet they'll spend $120 million to fund their asset sales programme.

Details of the protests

Wellington: Thursday, 28 June, 12pm, Civic Square (march to parliament)
Auckland: Saturday, 30 June, 4.30pm, QE Square (from QE Square (bottom of Queen St) to St Matthews in the City)

Disclaimer: the author struggles to get excited with this campaign. Don't have a TV; never watched TVNZ 7 - but good luck to you all!