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Stop slavery in New Zealand


Slavery should be a thing of the distant past. But in New Zealand, thousands of people are trapped performing slave labor. And the New Zealand government has reportedly done nothing about it for the last year.

Stand up for people in need in New Zealand. »

Human traffickers trick people, mainly from Asian countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia, into accepting positions abroad. Once outside their own countries, these people are made to work ridiculously long hours in order to pay off "debts". They often experience both mental and physical abuse.

Forced labour in agriculture and on fishing boats accounts for most of this, but the sex industry is involved too, with young women from Asia and Eastern Europe forced into prostitution.

Although New Zealand officials are aware of the problem, absolutely no prosecutions or convictions on human trafficking or forced labour charges were made last year or action taken to help victims, according to a report from the U.S. Department of State.

Tell New Zealand to take real action on this horrendous abuse of human rights immediately. »


Stop Slavery in New Zealand



When did this happen, and was there any resistance?

So, the UN has no say?  The British High Commission has no say?  Since when was THIS nation of patriots annexed to the USA?

Our minds are being managed, we are being mind-fucked. With each new news story that gives precendence to a foriegn power, that shows their cultural superiority over us (poor lost little lambkins) another braincell dies?  Another memory of the way things always were is lost?

That's the theory.  And it will effect you, but only if you let it.

And if you let it, and you lose sight of the truth (that we are INDEPENDENT, yet culturally mastered by Great Britain) then, well, you're just not worth letting live when push comes to shove, are ya? And you don't think we'll let you strut around for long, do ya?