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Battery hen operation blockaded


The country’s largest battery hen operation at Waikouaiti north of Dunedin was blockaded by animal rights activists on 7 metre high tripods. The Coalition to End Factory Farming began their audacious road blockade early this morning on the company’s only vehicle access road to protest hen cruelty and halt production. Three people were arrested by police using a cherry picker.

Coalition to End Factory Farming spokesperson, Deirdre Sims, says she and fellow activists are currently suspended from the top of steel towering tripods on the road and chained to a gate, forming a blockade. “By design, any attempt to remove the tripods, will put our lives at risk,” she says.

“Today’s action has effectively shut down Mainland Poultry and halted the distribution of cruelly produced eggs to their suppliers,” says Coalition spokesperson, Carl Scott, who spent one month inside a cage outside Mainland Poultry last year. [ MORE ]

Update: The three protesters arrested have since been released without charge.

Links: Photos | Open Rescue | SAFE media release


Cherry picker has arrived,

Cherry picker has arrived, Police rescue team is currently assembling. An engineer with cutting gear is also on scene. Stand by for further developments.

UPDATE: Mengzhu Fu has been

UPDATE: Mengzhu Fu has been brought down off her tripod. Deirdre Sims is currently being removed.

All of the protesters have

All of the protesters have been removed and are being dealt with by police. A paddy wagon is on scene.

Update: The three protesters

Update: The three protesters who were involved, Deirdre Sims, Marie Brittain and Mengzhu Fu are now locked up in police custody. The rest of the protesters have packed up and left the Mainland Poultry. It may be a wee while before any more news comes to hand but we will relay any information if it comes up. Thank you all for your interest, support and sharing of this issue.

Why not give the liars at

Why not give the liars at Mainland poultry a wee tingle , it costs you nothing! 0800 367 344

We got released without

We got released without charge!