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Winter of dissent - Aotearoa is not for sale


The growing movement against the sale of state assets has a busy month ahead with a national day of action on 14 July and the National Party conference in Auckland on 21/22 July. The government plans to sell up to 49% of Genesis Power Limited, Meridian Energy Ltd, Mighty River Power Ltd, Solid Energy New Zealand Ltd and Air New Zealand Ltd. Share prices will start at $1000 so that New Zealanders can, according to Key, buy the assets. But as pointed out by Labour deputy leader Grant Robertson, most Kiwis don't have a spare $1000. "Most New Zealanders I talk to about the asset sales are worried about paying their power bill not buying a power company."

Only on Friday, John Key was confronted by a noisy group of protesters in Whanganui angry about the government's agenda.

The Mixed Ownership Model Bill has passed its second reading in parliament last week yet every opinion poll makes it obvious that a clear majority of the population is opposed to selling the assets.

Links: Referendum | Aotearoa is not for sale | Auckland 14 July | Napier 30 June | Upcoming events

Aotearoa/NZ is still not for sale - National Day of Action against asset sales, Saturday July 14 2012
Media release - Aotearoa is not for sale

Aotearoa New Zealand is STILL not for sale! A NATION-WIDE action is happening on Saturday July 14th, with marches and festivals occurring all around the country to demonstrate the widespread and coordinated public opposition against the sale of our state assets.

This is the winter of our dissent. The movement continues after the hikoi and protest actions of April and May. We have been talking to the people on the streets, listening to what they have to say about the National-led Government selling our assets under the mixed ownership model. Their concern is real, and will be voiced on Saturday July 14 around the country.

The people DO have the power! The teachers, students and parents around the country have recently won a great success when their loudly expressed concern made the Education Minister Hekia Parata back down on the regressive proposals to increase class sizes. We can learn from and be inspired by this!

We will be coming together again, a diverse range of people, groups, unions and movements to break down the walls between us, just as the prisoners of the Bastille broke down the walls of their jail on July 14 over 200 years ago, beginning the French Revolution against the opulence of their monarchs. “Now we will be joining in unity to once again do more than just “like” a status on facebook. While social media activism is important and spreads the message, this is an opportunity to really make a tangible difference by building on the viral messages and using our voices and feet to march on the streets,” says spokesperson for ANFS Miriam Pierard. “We all have one message that binds us: Aotearoa New Zealand is STILL not for sale!” All around the country, we will see people putting aside all differences and showing the strength of us as one on July 14, 2012.

Saturday July 14 will see a march and people’s festival with stalls and music happening in Auckland from 2pm, meeting at Britomart and marching with defiance up Queen Street to reclaim our streets once more. We will bring the march to Myers Park to enjoy festivities into the late afternoon. We warmly call upon all other areas of Aotearoa New Zealand to organise actions on this day as well, and coordinate with the Auckland group to gain support, inspiration and information.

The following weekend, July 20-22, is the National Party conference in Auckland, which will be met with protest by a range of groups that are angered by the many regressive policies that the Party has been proposing and pushing through Parliament.

Keep informed, lend a hand and begin a dialogue. Visit to find out what’s happening, join groups, talk to people around the country and get some support in setting up your own action for July 14. If they take our assets, we will reclaim our streets.

We will not be divided like our assets. We will be united, we will not be silenced, we will resist this together.

Keep our assets - March and Rally - Napier

Let the National government know how you feel about Asset Sales. We want to get over 1000 people marching through Napier to let John Key and the local National MP's know that they do not have a mandate to sell off the country's power companies and Air New Zealand.

This march will take place on 30 June. Assemble at Memorial Square Gardens from 11.45am. March starts at 12 midday. We'll be marching through the centre of Napier and end up at the Soundshell. More here.


Share price

I can't find any reference to $1000 share price?

 Share prices will start at $1000

Christchurch protest details

Christchurch protest march july 14th 2pm, cnr deans ave and riccarton road, to march up riccarton road