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Naming and Shaming


NZ's most wanted 'offenders' are now available for viewing on-line. The police website was launched on Tuesday 19th June with the mug-shots of 32 people. They were featured, said the police, because there were either warrants out for their arrest or they were someone police wanted to identify in relation to a crime. On the first day the list featured only those wanted by the police for arrest.

However, the police said it wasn't a complete list of the country's most wanted offenders. The site features "only urgent cases ... or those where the offender could not be located by other means."

Within hours of launching one person disappeared from the list, leaving a total of 31. Of the 31 people on the site, seven were listed as women and 24 as men. The majority were identified as Māori by the police, only three as Pakeha (nine were given no ethnicity).

22 of the people were on the list for failing to appear in court (one person was listed for cannabis possession), three for breaching community work orders, three for breaching either parole or supervision orders, and three were simply listed as having warrants out for their arrest.

One of the people on the site was interviewed by the mainstream media. He's there for allegedly not completing the last four weeks of six-month's probation he got in 2008 for drink-driving and driving while disqualified on a 50cc scooter. The man said that when he left town, he did tell probation he was going and did leave them with his cell-phone number.

The 31 people appear to be a reflection of what happens in the New Zealand justice system; Māori are over-represented in the courts. Statistics in 2010 showed that 40% of all Maori men over 15 years of age, have at some stage in their life either been imprisoned or served a community sentence. Police arrest Māori at a far greater rate than Pakeha.

Māori make up only about 14-15% of the population, but they account for about 40% of all arrests; Pakeha, who make up about 70% of the population, account for between 45-50% of arrests.

Once arrested, the criminal justice system also convicts and imprisons Māori at a far greater rate than Pakeha. Māori make up approximately 15% of the New Zealand population, but 51% of the people in prison are Māori. In 2009, 56% of women prisoners were Māori. The Māori imprisonment rate is around 700 per 100,000 of the population, the rate for all people in New Zealand is nearly 200 per 100,000 people.

The police 'most wanted offenders' homepage reflects the racist practise of justice in this land. A system that is based on maintaining the status quo through retribution and punishment.

The webpage also reflects the 'naming' and 'shaming' culture that appears to be becoming more entrenched in this country, a culture where dobbing in your neighbour is perceived to be better than looking after your neighbour.  



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