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Anti-Marines Protests in Wellington


DescriptionThere were two anti-US Marine Corp protests in Wellington on Thursday. The first was at the National War memorial on Buckle Street. The 70th anniversary of the US Marine Corp arrival in NZ was the ostensible reason for all of these public pro-war propaganda events. A group of people including members of the Concerned Citizens collective, Peace Action Wellington and the Catholic Workers staged a picket at the war memorial. Concerned citizen’s member Murdoch Stephens laid a wreath for the victims of war who had been ignored.

The Prime Minister, Governor-General Jerry Mataparae, US Ambassador David Huebner, head of the RSA, David Shearer and ex-Labour leader Phil Goff were all there to show their devotion to the US imperial killing mission.

When Key, Mataparae and Huebner appeared after the ceremony, they were all verbally confronted by a person who was picketing with the group. Goff was also harassed as the person who initiated New Zealand’s involvement in the now 11 year deployment to Afghanistan where an estimated 30,000 people have been killed. 

The second anti-war event was at Parliament in the evening. Some photos and information can be found here: