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The endlessly fascinating Crafar Farms soap opera focuses attention once again on the political hot potato of foreign ownership of New Zealand land.

The Prime Minister, recognising the political toxicity of the subject, even among National voters, has tried to soothe public outrage by saying that less than 1% of New Zealand farmland is foreign-owned.

The Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA) knew this was nonsense. If this figure was ever correct, it was a long time ago.

We decided it was time to update our research. So we asked the PM, under the Official Information Act, how he arrived at that figure. The reply we got from Land Information Minister Maurice Williamson (27/3/12) said that in the past decade “about 2% of farmland has been sold to overseas buyers”. So, even the Minister in charge of flogging off land gave a higher figure than the PM. Williamson then qualified his conclusion by saying: ”but we don’t know how much of this land has subsequently been sold back to New Zealanders”.

This feeble response from the misleadingly titled Minister for Land Information just demonstrates that, in fact, he doesn’t have any accurate information about how much land is foreign-owned or controlled.

So the Crafar Farms saga is just part of a much bigger and ongoing story. One which has nothing to do with alleged “anti-Chinese racism and xenophobia”. The official records from the Overseas Investment Office prove that New Zealand’s land, our prime asset as an extremely successful agricultural country, is being flogged off to any Tom, Dick and Harry, from a wide variety of countries. For instance, Germans are now the biggest foreign owners of Southland dairy farms, something which is definitely flying under the political and media radar.

Every poll on the subject shows that a clear majority of New Zealanders, including National voters, don’t want our land sold off to foreigners, regardless of where they come from. And the first thing that needs to be established in this debate is just how much of our land is already in foreign ownership or control.

An absolutely basic first step to establishing this information would be for the Government to establish a register of foreign land purchases, which should also record subsequent sales of that land, whether to other foreign owners or back to New Zealanders.

New Zealanders need to know the truth about this most controversial of issues, and they’re not getting it from the Government. What a surprise.

Murray Horton


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Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa

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"anti-Chinese racism and xenophobia"

Years ago, CAFCA used to be run by self-proclaimed rrr-revolutionaries (ie; those who want to overthrow the status-quo of The Establishment).

These days however,  CAFCA's leaders justify their views by showing how reasonable they are to the  "clear majority of New Zealanders, including National voters," (ie; The Establishment).

That's not very rrr-revolutionary now is it? 


What they often also forget to mention is that these views are also very palatable amongst the racists, the facsists and other far-right representatives of the population.

How uncomfortable now, to have to deal with that obvious fact. 

B-cause you don't have to be the race-relations concilliator to know that at base, a lot of peoples opposition to "foreign" ownership is very assuredly "anti-Chinese racism and xenophobia".

This type of nationalism has no progressive content.

Who gives a monkeys, if Meridian is notionally owned by the NZ state, or the Sultan of Brunei? 

We still have to pay top-whack for our power, and all those big profits they just made, is cash that would have been better off left in a working-families back pocket (and spare me the silly argument that because an SOE is the profiteer we are somehow better off). 

Private ownership is private ownership no matter what party dress it is wearing.


At the anti-privatisation demos this Saturday Murray - take a look around you.

Take a look at those, who may well be the "clear majority of New Zealanders, including National voters,", but also at those others you forget to mention, the national chauvanists, the right-wing racists, the outright facsists and their fellow travellers of the right-wing resistance, who will likley also have their banners high.

Is it possible you will feel just a little uneasy about the company you are keeping?

Is it possible that the faint thought might enter your head that perhaps after all, anti-foreigner nationalism never was, and never will  be as rrr-revolutionary as was claimed by yourselves all those years ago.   

Is it possible that you will then concceed that economic-nationalism of the CAFCA type is not a staircase to enlightenment and the brotherhood of man, but a slippery slope to racism and reaction?


We live in hope. 



Who gives a monkeys ... ?

"Who gives a monkeys, if Meridian is notionally owned by the NZ state, or the Sultan of Brunei? "

I give a monkey's.


We are owned by foreign pervert catholic fascists with home bases in Washington DC.  Owned as a horny dog owns a sexy smelling sack, we put up as much resistance!

All Aotearoa is Maori Land.

All Aotearoa is Maori Land. Always was. Always will be. "Stolen" or "Sold" or "Gifted" or "Given" or "Confiscated" makes no difference whatsoever.

Aotearoa can never live while "New Zealand" survives.

Poaka have no place in Aotearoa