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Jury near verdicts or deadlock


Jury returned to court to say that they couldn't reach a unanimous verdict on count 1. They have reached verdicts on counts 2-13 (Arms Act) but we don't know what yet these are. The jury has been advised by the judge to resume their deliberations on Count 1 (the 'participation in an organised criminal group') based on a majority verdict (consensus -1 e.g. 10 agree, 1 dissent) or to advise him if they cannot reach a majority verdict. The jury has again retired to consider Count 1.


Poaka court can never be

Poaka court can never be "Justice".

Taame Iti should be sitting in Judgement on all the Poaka  - and one day he will be!

(and let's have none of that "Truth and Reconciliation" crap)

UTU must be paid! 

Ka kotia te taitapu ki Hawaiki!