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Court report - Day 8 - 23 Feb 2012


Detective Lunjevich finished his testimony relating to the September wananga and video surveillance.

The jury was shown footage of what was meant to be molotov cocktails,but from the public gallery it was impossible to discern anything other than a few people running at random times in different directions. It is hard to know what the jury makes of this footage.

He was followed by a brief of evidence from Officer M. Knight who uplifted video tapes from the Balmoral Caltex of Rongomai Bailey and Rangi.

His brief was read by consent of all.

He was followed by evidence of two more officers - Hall and Loughrin - who both simply followed Rangi around Auckland in October 2007. Curiously, the crown used the opportunity to introduce a whole bunch of text messages and Ao Cafe chat logs for which neither witness had any involvement. Neither police officer was able to verify the identity nor the content of the messages, nevertheless, they were taken through hours of Crown-led evidence in which the most sensational parts of messages were selected to be illustrated to the jury. While it is true that these text messages and chatroom logs will be introduced into evidence at some point, it did seem that the crown was using the opportunity in a sense to give evidence themselves of the parts they had indentified as the most damamging - leaving out anything that might cast a different light on the meaning of a particular message.

A detective Doocey from Wellington followed these men. His evidence centred around surveillance of 128 Abel Smith Street, following Urs and Emily up and down the north island, and a fateful trip to the Aro Fish Supply for an order of chips on the night of 14 October 2007 - the night before the nationwide raids.

A very severe police office Steven Dunn took the stand to explain exhibits relating to the search of Te Tawa Road in Ruatoki. This is meant to be the sight of a second wananga in October 2007. He was at a loss to explain where the site was, even in the most basic terms, to any of the defence lawyers, prefering only to answer questions about locating bullets and spent shells.

The day ended with the return of Jason Lunjevich to the stand to discuss video and gunshot audio surveillance relating to the October camp. He will be subject to cross examination tomorrow.

The crown has said that their case may end as soon as a week and a half from Monday as they are getting through their 70+ witnesses. They can see the fading interest of the jury, but being as they have already played their trump cards, it is hard to see how they will regain their interest.

Court resumes at 10am and will finish a little early.