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Robert Green Trial: Documents Reveal Scottish Government Caught in Bed with Sheriff


Note that Simpson & Marwick took instruction from the Scottish Government via

Levy & McRae, not Angiolini privately.


Who was it that ordered the arrest of Robert Green for walking down a street in Aberdeen to meet people to distribute leaflets for his election campaign? Answer: Elish Angiolini, previous Lord Advocate. Why would the Lord Advocate want to arrest a man for running an election campaign highlighting the injustice of the Hollie Greig story? Why did she use the Crown Office when it was Sheriff Buchanan who ordered and the interdict? Who gained?

How can Robert defend himself when he was denied the evidence to do so?

Is this not a breach of trust, abuse of power, abuse of process and abuse of position (e.g. fraud act 2006 and the right to a fair trial)? Why, who gains?


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