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Occupy Dunedin served with eviction notice.


‎Occupy Dunedin, New Zealand to be evicted in one hour. Share this please.

To help, you can:
Share this information as far as possible, to ensure that no breaches of justice go unrecorded.

... If you know anyone in Dunedin that can record the event and livestream it (, it could prevent a lot of violence. Get the whole world watching!

Email the DCC at to express you support for the Dunedin occupation, perhaps mention the co-opperation other movements have with their city councils or call 03 477 4000 (before 5pm!).

Or fill out an online complaint:

View Occupy Dunedin here

Offer Dunedin support via their facebook page: Occupy Dunedin

Outlink to Scoop article
Outlink to Herald article


Public space belongs to the *public* not the council

From the Herald: "after 3pm Dunedin City Council representatives, including a security guard, visited the site, and handed trespass notices."

I really hope nobody was silly enough to receive them. That could be interpreted as giving council authority over the space.

Clearly the council don't understand that members of the public have an inalienable right to be present in public space, and that the council are not private property owners who can just boot people off their own ground. Check out the eviction notice:

It says the "offer" of an alternative occupation site out of people's way has now been withdrawn. If Occupy Dunedin decides to move to a different public place that suits their purposes, they don't need an "offer" from the council. They can just move there.

The bloated sense of entitlement on the part of council reminds of the attitude of the Speaker's Office about Parliament Grounds - they view it as the private property of the Speaker rather than the public space it is. I hope the police remember their job is to keep the peace, not to enforce the political opinions of an entrenched local elite on other members of the public.

You know as well as anyone

You know as well as anyone that rights (moral or lawful) don't figure for those in power, or the New Zealand Police. I'm suprised you are suprised Strypey...