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Bottled water is a Corporate Risk


The International Council of Bottled Water Associations (ICBWA) is a membership organisation created to represent the bottled water industry worldwide.

The Australasian division (ABWI) runs the only certification programme in Australasia on its behalf. It is based on strict annual independent bottling plant audits, which ensure regular daily testing and batching of water production, prior to delivery to customers. The certification programme is acceptable to international regulatory agencies such as the World Health Organisation.

Members who comply with the ABWI standards in New Zealand are:

Coca Cola

Frucor Beverages

New Zealand Quality Waters

Just Water International

In New Zealand, several large bottled water suppliers do not satisfy the ABWI standards.

Companies using non certified water coolers to provide drinking water are taking a severe corporate risk in doing so, and risking the credibility of the industry. Directors of companies, who knowingly permit their staff to drink from non-certified water coolers could face personal liability, should their staff become ill from contaminated water.


And your point is:

There is too much legal micro-management?

If you want to sell water, sell it ... and if it fails basic testing, then you'll have to get better.  And if someone gets sick then you'd have to be responsible.  Is the workplace owner responsible? Guess so. Naturally a boss would want a certified machine.

But surely your local community health inspector has the ability and the training to certify a machine, as a free public service!

But a special international certification board, aw fuck me sideways, they're just lining their own pockets, you dawks.