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Against conspiracy theories: Why our activism must be based in reality


The text of a talk given at Occupy Wellington, New Zealand, on October 27 2011. Around 55 people attended the talk, organised to try to counter the prevalence of conspiracy theories amongst the local wing of the Occupy movement.

Kia ora kotou, thanks everyone for coming. Firstly, a brief run-down of how this workshop will work: first, I'm going to give a brief talk, followed by an open discussion which anyone can contribute to. I also want to make it clear that I'm not here today to debunk or debate any specific conspiracy theory. I've got no interest in doing that, I don't think its particularly productive. What I want to be doing is talking about the title of the workshop is – why our activism must be based in reality. So we'll be talking about the whole conspiracy world-view, we'll be talking about what I think is a much better alternative to that, but I'm not going to sit here and argue with you over whether the Government is secretly poisoning us from the skies, or whether shape-shifting reptilian lizards are controlling our lives, or whether or not you can cure cancer with baking soda.

First up, who am I? For those of you who don't know me my name is Asher, I'm born and bred in Wellington, though I have also spent a few years recently living in Christchurch. I've been involved in activism and radical politics for around about 7 years, in a variety of different campaigns and struggles.

If we're going to talk about conspiracy theories, the first important question is obvious: what is a conspiracy theory?

Now, if you go by a dictionary definition, a conspiracy is just a group of people who get together to plan something, and don't tell others about it. If I'm organising a surprise birthday party for my friend, then I am conspiring with others. But that's not a particularly useful definition for the purposes of a discussion like this.

So, for this discussion, the way I'm defining a conspiracy theory is thus: a conspiracy theory is a theory based in supposition, one that flies in the face of evidence or science, often one that claims its correctness can be shown by the paucity of evidence in favour of it, in the sense that 'this conspiracy goes so far that they've even buried all the evidence that proves it!' Conspiracy theories often encourages an 'us few enlightened folk versus everyone else' world view. This creates an atmosphere where conspiracy theorists look down on people, or sheeple as they are often called, and ignores the fact that people, by and large, are actually pretty intelligent. In and of itself this world-view is hugely problematic for as I will discuss later, mass social change requires the participation of the masses and therefore, we have to have faith in the ability of people to decide things for themselves, to come to correct conclusions and ultimately to change the world.

Why am I interested in conspiracy theories, or at least arguing against them? Firstly, because I'm passionate about science and rationality, and I find it fascinating how and when these things are ignored.

Secondly, because I'm Jewish, and many conspiracy theories are antisemitic – whether directly and obviously (eg: Jews run the world, or the media, or the banks). Sometimes its more subtle – people might not talk about Jews explicitly but they may use Zionist as a code word, or talk about the Rothschilds, or an elite cabal of shadowy bankers who all coincidentally have Jewish surnames.

Lastly, I'm interested in conspiracy theories because I want radical social change, and to have radical social change, we need to have an understanding of how society actually works.

We are here at Occupy because we want to see change. What we want differs: some want new regulations on the financial sector, others want to change taxes or the minimum wage, while others still want to destroy capitalism and bring in a new form of production and distribution. Regardless of which of these boxes you fit in, if you fit in any of them at all, we all want change.

We're also here because we know we can't simply rely on Government to benevolently grant us the changes we desire. If we believed that, we'd sit at home and wait for the Government to give us these gifts. We're here because we know that those with power won't give it up lightly, and that it is only through our collective strength that we can win reforms, or create revolution.

But what do I mean when I say 'our collective strength'? I think it's important to clarify who is contained within the word 'our'. While people involved in the Occupy movements around the globe frequently refer to it as the 99%, I actually think that's a really imprecise term. So, instead, I refer to the working class. When they hear the term working class, some people think simply of male factory workers, but this is not what I mean. The working class is not limited to blue collar workers in factories, but instead it includes all of us who are forced to sell our labour power to survive. This includes people who are in paid employment, whether in a factory, office, café or retail store. It also includes those who are unable to find paid employment, or have chosen to refuse the drudgery of paid work in order to attempt to live on the meagre benefits supplied by the state, and who provide a vast potential pool of labour that enables the ruling class to further keep wages down. The working class includes stay at home parents, doing vital unpaid work to raise the next generation of human beings. It includes people who are too sick or unable to work for other reasons. In short, if you don´t own a business, if you aren't part of the Government, if you aren't independently wealthy (such as from an inheritance), then chances are you are a part of the working class that I'm talking about, this collective 'our'.

If we agree that we can't simply rely on Government to benevolently grant us gifts, and that we need to fight for it using our numbers and our power, then it becomes necessary to understand how society is structured and how capitalism actually functions, in order to know where our collective strength comes from, where we have the most power, and where we need to apply the metaphorical blowtorch.

So, why are conspiracy theories not helpful here? Why are conspiracy theories not useful for developing that understanding? There's a variety of reasons.

Some conspiracy theories, such as those around 9/11, even if they were true, which I don't believe they are, would only tell us “Governments do bad things”. That's not actually news to anyone. We know that the British Crown & the New Zealand Government stole vast tracts of land from Maori. We know that the Crown and the Australian Government engaged in genocidal acts against Australian aborigines. We know that Governments the world over have repeatedly sent people overseas to fight, kill and die in wars. There's so, so much more, but to cut a long story short, everybody knows that sometimes Governments do bad things. So theories that only serve to prove that, even if they were true, aren't actually particularly useful.

Some conspiracy theories are simply bizarre and the logical conclusions from them, don't fit with what their believers do. If you actually believed that the majority of people in power around the world was a blood-sucking shape-shifting reptilians from another solar system, then you wouldn't limit your activity to promoting one guy's book tours around the globe and chatting with other believers on the internet.

Conspiracy theories often feed on people's mistrust and their fear. They claim to provide simple answers to complicated questions, but actually when you examine them in detail they're highly complex themselves. For example, with 9/11, it seems like a simple solution to say 'it was an inside job by the US Government'. But actually, when you look into what would be required for this to be true, the thousands upon thousands of people who would need to be lying, it becomes incredibly implausible.

Some conspiracy theories, such as many of the shadowy financial cabal conspiracies, only serve to mystify capitalism and falsely suggest a level of control that doesn't actually exist. Additionally, they remove any sense of our own power, whether real or potential. A theory which suggests such overwhelming power and control over the entire way we live our lives is actually a catalyst for inaction – if a group has such a high level of control over everything, then there's not really anything we can do about it. On the contrary, capitalism is not a static system, it is dynamic and changing and constantly adapts in response to threats. The threat of working class power has resulted in a number of changes to the functioning of capitalism over time, including the introduction of Keynesian and Neoliberal economics in the late 1930s and 1970s respectively.

Even if conspiracy theories can sometimes seem relatively harmless on the surface, they play a role of absorbing us into a fictional world, somewhat like a dungeons and dragons enthusiast. Once you are in this fictional world, it becomes really easy to get lost in it and to be defensive when challenged, even when challenged on a logical, rational basis.

I'll quote British political blogger Jack Ray:

The trouble with conspiracy theories is that they're all rendered pointless by one fundamental, unarguable element of capitalism. That it is, whatever else you have to say about, positive or negative, a system of elites. It has elitism coded into it´s DNA, from the smallest company, to the largest multinational, from the political system to the culture. It's purpose is to promote elites. It does this legitimately within the logic of the system. It does this publicly, lording super-capitalists like Bill Gates or even for a time, Enron boss Ken Lay. It lays its theories of elitism out for all to see, in policy projects, in university research, through political theorists.

It has no interest in secret cabals, or conspiracies. It has no need for them. It is a system openly, and publicly, run by elites. They might go home at night and secretly dine with their illuminati, lizard-jew, Bilderberg Group friends, and laugh about how they've taken over the world. It doesn't matter to me or you whether they do or not. They are the elite, and we can see who they are and how they live their lives. People know that we live in a system of elites, that acts in its own interests, according to the logic of the society they dominate. Everyone who looks around know this. We don't need internet documentaries to tell us that we're dominated, we just need to go to work, or walk through a posh neighbourhood or have a run-in with any politicians, big businessman or even a celebrity to know that. What we need are weapons, ways of challenging that domination, so maybe we don't have to live under it forever.

So what is the alternative to this conspiracist world-view? For that, we need to look at history. The history of how social change comes about is not always easy to find. It suits those in power to downplay the role of mass movements, so the dominant narrative is often one that ignores the long term grassroots organising that has happened, and simply focuses on legislative change enacted by the Government of the day. But a people's history is out there – often in the form of first hand accounts by those who took part in these movements, such as those for homosexual law reform, of the 1970s strike wave across New Zealand, of the movement against native forest logging and so on.

One thing, from looking at this history, is abundantly clear. Mass action is vital for mass change. If you look through history, time and time again, it is when large groups of people have got together and shown themselves to be a threat to those in power that concessions have been granted. This happens on a small scale as well as a big one – when all 10 employees at a small business go on strike and refuse to work until their boss gives them a pay rise, the boss is forced to listen.

From this example, it becomes obvious that it isn't simply numbers alone that allow us to exercise power. It is also using those numbers strategically to hit those in power where it hurts. As workers, we create wealth for the bosses each and every day at our jobs. Some of this wealth is returned to us in the form of wages, but much is stolen. This stolen wealth is often called ¨surplus value¨. It is the accumulation of surplus value, stolen by our bosses, that forms the wealth of the ruling class. But because the goods and services that create this surplus value ultimately come from our hands and our brains, through collectively withdrawing our labour, we can force the bosses to give in to our demands.

So taking collective action the workplace is one way we can impose our power on the bosses to help us better meet our needs and desires. And if we extrapolate this to larger numbers of work-sites, to larger numbers of people both employed and unemployed, then we can begin to see how we can make changes to the functioning of society as a whole.

I don't have all the answers, though I do have plenty more to say than I've had time to touch on in this talk. But I want to open things up to discussion soon, because I think that's one thing that is really important about this Occupy Wellington space, that we can talk through things, together, to come to new ways of thinking and working politically.

To finish things off, I want to emphasise that while it is important to have an open mind, this must be tempered with a commitment to rationality and the examining of evidence. Or, to quote Australian sceptic and comedian Tim Minchin, “If you open your mind too much, your brain will fall out”.


While the disinformation

While the disinformation campaigns regarding psuedo-groups such as the illuminati are easily debunked, you cannot look at 9/11 and conclude a handful of cessna pilots dropped three skyscrapers with two blows. Interestingly, some of these cessna pilots turned up alive and well after the fact.

With all due respect to Jews around the world who are fine and gentle people, 9/11 has Mossad fingerprints all over it.

Wake up and smell the conspiracy!


hey anarchia,i like this a

hey anarchia,

i like this a lot, its really clear and accessible without simplifying. nice segue into promoting class struggle.

annonn i think it's better - if you do really think that Mossad has done something shit, which i'm sure they do all the time... so does the SIS - just to say so.

Whether or not Jewish people are 'nice and gentle' has little to do with it. It sounds patronising.


Um, I think I did say that Mossad was involved in 9/11....Google the Dancing Israelis for a start down the rabbit hole.

I was not being patronizing about 'nice and gentle.' There are many jews who are anti-zionist, anti-globalist and makers of change for the better. Jews are at the core of many of the worlds finest radical movements and we would all be in a worse place but for their efforts.

Nothing in the above paragraph changes the fact that colonialism/zionism is  alive and well and is responsible for much of what we could all agree is wrong in the world.

Do not let those jews who are embarassed by their unfortunate cultural connections to some pretty evil globalist/colonialist/zionist conspirators color your judgement. Look at the facts of false flag operations over the past 50 years and reach your own conclusions.



Get real, you stupid fucks ...

If you smell a dead rat, tear out the walls.  Its the only way to be sure.

Someone will tell you its all just in your mind.  But only you can decide for certain.

And if, boys and girls, it proved that burning down Parliament did little to remove the stench of corruption, well, you'll know that the problem isn't there!

Shame on them for ever allowing you to suspect that there is filth their. An unwise criminal allows room for suspicion.

Have you never suspected a criminal before you caught him out?  Common as mud, you flacid mind fuckers.

And a clever father would move the real business to the back shed before he poured kero over everything smelly, wouldn't he ...

Christ, Asher!  You're out classed and caught out wanking, again!

Down, boy.  Keep your head down before someone knocks it off.

Best wishes,

paul sayers


And just to prove the point...

Well said. And just to prove the point that conspiracy theories are inherently anti-semitic, this 'annon'-person comes along and fills in all the blanks. Jews (sorry, Zionists) are "responsible for much of what we could all agree is wrong in the world". Of course. Any proof of that? Not required, it's a conspiracy theory!

I hope the discussion after the talk went better than the one here...

Jews vs. zionists

I am not antisemitic. While not jewish myself, there are more jews in my family than you can shake a stick at. Einstein, a jew, was opposed to political (territorial) zionism and warned the planed of its potential for the problems we observe today. Einstein's opposition to political zionism is why he refused to take the role of the first president of Israel.

Zionism, in the political sense rather than the cultural, is in fact what has oppressed and murdered the Palestinian people under conditions of brutal occupation. Zionism waged pre-emptive war and is engaged in active war crimes by occupying other nation's territory. Zionism dropped deadly combat troops on the Turkish relief flotilla.

Many jews of good conscience oppose political zionism and I express my solidarity with these courageous people who stand for what is right rather than what is culturally expedient.

I suggest that 'critic' deals with the issues rather than advancing arguments that mitigate his/her obviously conflicted feelings over the atrocities committed by certain colonialists/zionists that happen to share his faith/heritage.

Israel is, to use the words of the struggle to end slavery a 'peculiar institution' that must be completely reformed.

Jewish apartheid is no more just than white apartheid.





Nice article. I don't believe in conspiracies, but the NZ government is actually poisoning us here in Westland, from the sky, at dawn, unannounced, with deadly 1080 chopper drops into our creeks and water supplies, they call it pest control and despite asking them not to kill our game animals and pets, and protected birds in our National Parks... they still do it, conspiracy or not. And that's just wrong. Even if they were dropping lollies we should still be able to ask them not to in a true democracy.

With all due respect to

With all due respect to Muslims around the world who are fine and gentle people, 9/11 has Al-Quaida fingerprints all over it.

Wake up and smell the conspiracy!


btw..400 Jews died on 9 11..and this is just those who had jewish names,,but in fact there were much more jewish victims,,cuz many jews have non-jewish names and dont belong to any jewish congregations..

 Saying that jews under codename 'zionists'  love to kill each other its the same racist slander if you could say that Afro-americans (not KKK) hanged each other in Alabama

This comment thread

This comment thread exemplifies many of the problems in discussion between conspiracy researchers and PC leftists, the main one being getting distracted by side issues (in this case the ethnic background of the 9/11 terrorists), and forgetting to get consensus on the key issues.

(They key issue is that 2 planes brought down 3 skyscrapers, all 3 of which fell straight down into their own footprint, at free-fall speed. You don't need a physics degree to get suspicious about the official "explanation", ie official conspiracy theory but physics teacher David Chandler does have a physics degree and explains why this "explanation" does not fit with the observable facts in a number of short online videos:

I agree that controversial issues need to be investigated skeptically, using the tools of reason, logic etc. What bothers me is that leftists are just as likely to buy into pre-fab belief systems as conspiracy nuts, eg defending the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 (and more importantly closer-to-home issues like fluoridation or 1080) without independently considering the claims and evidence available. The idea that the world is made up of class-conscious leftists who are rational, and deluded, anti-semitic right-wingers who are irrational, is itself a logical fallacy - the false dichotomy. It's just not that simple, and bigotry against people who question authority differently from how socialists do is no way to grow a diverse, resilient mass movement.

Thanks to Asher for steering away from such bigotry (or vanguardism) and attempting to open a respectful discussion about these issues.


The article defensively conflates the terms 'jew' and the term 'zionist.' These are in no way equivalent terms.

A jew is a person who either identifies themselves as a member of the jewish faith, a person descended from the various jewish ethnicities around the world or both.

A Zionist is a person who believes in the territorial occupation of Palestine by a bourgeois/fascist state that enforces a particular form political and cultural apartheid.

Zionists, in Israel (not all Israelis are Zionists!), in the USA and elsewhere are engaged in genocidal atrocities on a daily basis and have the blood of 9/11 victims on their hands along with countless others.

If Israel is to survive it will, like S. Africa, have to move beyond its apartheid practices and cease their occupation of other nation's territory. Just as the masters of the Israeli political machine will eventually have to deal with the diaspora of Palestinians, the Palestinians will have to deal with the fact that millions of jews from around the world have settled and raised families in Palestine (aka Israel). These two groups will have to find peace at some point and peace will only come once the zionists have been purged from power and jews, muslims and christians (agnostics, atheists, etc.)of good conscience and good faith have siezed the levers of power and turned the Isreli ship of state onto a moral and just course.

If the rejection of zionist/fascist/bourgeois atrocities makes certain jews uncomfortable, that is just tough shit!


I can only say, reading the Zionist conspiracy documentation that my Illuminati buddies and I have things under control!

Don't panic, we know best - after all we faked the moon landings (you really didn't think we wanted a government to know what we already had up there did you?)

anti-capitalism and conspiracies

You would think that the anti-capitalist protestors would be interested in the fact that non-discrimination on the grounds of socio-economic status (wealth) has been left out of our bill of rights which means the Corporations can be considerably favored over small business, and which also means that the right-wing can decrease benefits even further below the poverty line. You would think that they would be interested to know that the individual and collective rights to economic and social development have been left out of our bill of rights which means there is no way of challenging bureaucratic red tape (if included it could be challenged in court). This meant that after the first earthquake in Christchurch in Sept 2010 the Key government had to assume greater executive power and through 'orders in council' cut through the red tape of about 22 statutes to get small business up and running. The failure to include such 'progress rights' means many of the young are leaving the country because there is a lack of opportunities i.e. the country is now going nowhere. This is not to speak about the high levels of unemployment, the enormous number of individuals now 'too sick to work' and numerous other social problems especially the children. Perhaps conspiracy theories are a form of escapism rather than having to face the hard truth. Anthony Ravlich, Chairperson, Human Rights Council Inc (New Zealand)

capitalism = conspiracy

It follows that in a capitalist system, there will be conspiracies - obviously the elite will conspire together to make sure that they remain the elite...

and if they have to kill people to do it, they will - or at least they will arrange for someone else to do the killing...

i don't think they really care much who they are killing - afghans, iraqis, irish, apaches, or maybe even the people working in the twin towers - what's the difference?

and i do wonder about those planes that leave a long trail in the sky, that gradually spreads out inot a white haze - that ain't no ordinary con trail - but, hey, lets agree not to think about it ...

or does that make us part of the conspiracy?

Zionist is not a code word for anything

Zionist or Zionism is not a cose word for racists, at least not automatically so.

The original post seems to be by a troll who wishes to hide real works by Israel (i.e., Zionists) that have disrupted global politics, killed thousands and oppressed millions for decades.

Sorry mate, just becasue it makes your jewish self uncomfortable, it does not mean that you can deny the fact that Israel is an immoral political atrocity that must be broken down and rebuilt along lines of justice and human rights.

Free Palestine!


how about reading something

how about reading something written by icke and then ask yourself if he's a 'vicious anti-semite'? you may not agree with what the man writes (and not all of it is 'conspiracy theory'), but you will find that he has no hate for jews (or anyone!).
what is the point in wasting all this time trying to stop people thinking for themselves?! i find it insulting that some 'intellectual' has to do a talk to tell others how to think, as if we were all so stupid that we can't make up our minds for ourselves! it's very sad that rather than encourage people to be open minded and to try to gain a clear picture from both (all) sides, members of the so called 'radical' community act as thought police telling us what we can and can't think.
i am aware of the global banking conspiracy ...(conspiracy
1. a secret plan or agreement to carry out an illegal or harmful act, esp with political motivation; plot
2. the act of making such plans in secret)... but i am also very aware that it's got nothing to do with jews or judaism! the term '1%' describes these people very well, they're not jews, christians, muslims, whatever - they have no love for any human even themselves - they're the wealthy elite - who see us as chattel - who naturally conspire to maintain their privileged position!
i fully agree that mass action is the key to change, and therefore the masses need to be aware of what they're up against and need to be open minded so as not to be fooled into another system of control.
i encourage everyone to, before they judge, read what it is that they are judging. it seems obvious but too few people actually do it, preferring to laugh at or fear what they don't or haven't bothered to understand.


Whatta load of crap

Yea, right.

All you lefties and commies keep in line, protest the way we tell ya and ignore any sign that Oz behind the curtain over there is pulling levers that control this planet!

Conspiracy is the very essence of crony capitalism and any wanker who tells you otherwise is probably on of them rather than one of us.

children and the conspiracy

Further to my comments above re bill of rights which is not a conspiracy theory but a simple fact which all public bodies must abide by and given the omissions this means the human rights of many are overlooked. For a start, should children's rights be included in the bill of rights? Should they have a human right to a 'name? It would appear from those who have made public statements (although not reaching the mainstream media) only about 1% think so e.g. apart from our council there is also the NZ Human Rights Commission and Amnesty International (US) but it would seem 99%, going by their silence, think it should not be included as they will not talk about the omissions - is this ignorance or a conspiracy of silence? Anthony Ravlich, Chairperson, Human Rights Council(New Zealand) - also see recent article on this site - The Treaty of Waitangi debate is a set up.

PS. Of the thousands of cultural groups and many States in the world perhaps no more than 1% place a premium on scholarship (includes seeking truth and thinking for oneself) because invariably the 'sacred cows' who dominate 99% of of the rest, along with their obedient followers, hate such independent thinkers and those that develop as human beings (unless they are captured). This is called the 'tall poppy' syndrome and has led to a mass exodus of our 'best and brightest' consequently despite the huge social problems there has been little speaking out and the country is going nowhere. Whereas the Jewish religion/culture prizes scholarship and this, in my view, is the main reason why they are often discriminated against - it is well known that they have produced some of the world's best thinkers (by the way, I am not Jewish).

THe author of this article is a traitir to thecause

He writes:


"I'm passionate about science and rationality"


You cannot rationally or scientifically look at the events of 9/11 and accept the mytology being peddled as the official story. You do not have to aacept all or any of the various alternative theories but it is impossible for events to have taken place in the manner asserted in the official story.

Therefore the author of the article is a fraud who is arrempting to pull the wool over our collective eyes! HE is tryng to lull us into 'safe' activism rather than truly questioning the methods and actions of the ruling elite.

I say he can go straight to hell with the rest of his traitor buddies!


Occupy Building 7 – November 19 and 20 March

Occupy Building 7 – November 19 and 20 March from Liberty Plaza to WTC 7 at noon each day. Occupy the park in front of WTC 7 until nightfall. General Assemblies will be held at 2pm each day to discuss the direction and continuation of the Occupy Building 7 occupation after 11/20. To all those who continue to fight for the truth about 9/11 to be revealed: It is time for us to occupy. The Occupy Wall Street movement is a much needed response to decades of growing inequality, financial deregulation, and zero accountability for the crimes that brought about our current economic crisis. Millions throughout the nation and across globe who feel they have no voice in our political system have come to embrace “Occupy” as an expression of their anger, frustration and hope. Ten years later, it is time for us to give voice to our own growing frustration by aligning firmly with the Occupy movement and making 9/11 one of the key issues the Occupy movement stands for. On Saturday November 19 and Sunday November 20, we will march from Liberty Plaza to Building 7 and occupy the park in front of Building 7 until nightfall. We hope this will mark the beginning of a sustained Occupy Building 7 movement that will grow and finally bring meaningful attention to the obvious demolition of World Trade Center Building 7 and the dire need for a new 9/11 investigation. At 2pm each day we will hold a General Assembly to discuss the direction and continuation of the Occupy Building 7 occupation after November 20. Go to to learn more and to start following #OccupyBuilding7 on Twitter. On the website you will find fliers that you can print and hand out at Liberty Plaza as well as web banners that you can post on your website to help spread the word. We are attempting to get Occupy Building 7 on the official Occupy Wall Street calendar, and we anticipate being joined by hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters. Most of the protesters at Liberty Plaza are keenly aware of 9/11. A lot of them already knew about it; others have been educated over the last several weeks thanks to the 9/11 activists who have given their time and energy to be there. Let us hope that by the time November 19 rolls around, there will be hundreds, if not thousands of Occupy activists eager to help us make Occupy Building 7 a part of the broader Occupy movement. If you can make it to New York on November 19, please meet us at Liberty Plaza at noon, and let’s make history.

Occupy Building 7 – November 19 and 20 March

Occupy Building 7 – November 19 and 20 March from Liberty Plaza to WTC 7 at noon each day. Occupy the park in front of WTC 7 until nightfall. General Assemblies will be held at 2pm each day to discuss the direction and continuation of the Occupy Building 7 occupation after 11/20. To all those who continue to fight for the truth about 9/11 to be revealed: It is time for us to occupy. The Occupy Wall Street movement is a much needed response to decades of growing inequality, financial deregulation, and zero accountability for the crimes that brought about our current economic crisis. Millions throughout the nation and across globe who feel they have no voice in our political system have come to embrace “Occupy” as an expression of their anger, frustration and hope. Ten years later, it is time for us to give voice to our own growing frustration by aligning firmly with the Occupy movement and making 9/11 one of the key issues the Occupy movement stands for. On Saturday November 19 and Sunday November 20, we will march from Liberty Plaza to Building 7 and occupy the park in front of Building 7 until nightfall. We hope this will mark the beginning of a sustained Occupy Building 7 movement that will grow and finally bring meaningful attention to the obvious demolition of World Trade Center Building 7 and the dire need for a new 9/11 investigation. At 2pm each day we will hold a General Assembly to discuss the direction and continuation of the Occupy Building 7 occupation after November 20. Go to to learn more and to start following #OccupyBuilding7 on Twitter. On the website you will find fliers that you can print and hand out at Liberty Plaza as well as web banners that you can post on your website to help spread the word. We are attempting to get Occupy Building 7 on the official Occupy Wall Street calendar, and we anticipate being joined by hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters. Most of the protesters at Liberty Plaza are keenly aware of 9/11. A lot of them already knew about it; others have been educated over the last several weeks thanks to the 9/11 activists who have given their time and energy to be there. Let us hope that by the time November 19 rolls around, there will be hundreds, if not thousands of Occupy activists eager to help us make Occupy Building 7 a part of the broader Occupy movement. If you can make it to New York on November 19, please meet us at Liberty Plaza at noon, and let’s make history.

Asher's Conspiracy Theory on Conspiracy Theories

A better title for this article would be "Asher's Conspiracy Theory on Conspiracy Theories"

People need to wake up and realize that just as the word "terrorist" is used to demonize minority groups and turn popular support against freedom fighters, the term "Conspiracy Theorist" is also a demonizing term created and employed by mass media capitalists to belittle those that disagree with vested interests.

2 companies control over 95% of NZ's newspaper readership. But in Asher's world the only "conspiracy theory" s/he has the balls to talk about is his/her crazy conpiracy theory against conspiray theorists. 

Perhaps next week Asher can enlighten with a new talk "Against TERRORISM: Why we should accept the belittling terms promoted by 2 newspaper companies as Indymedias reality."


When does a "conspiracy theory " become "proof of a conspiracy "

When does a "conspiracy theory " become "proof of a conspiracy " ?

I attended the "workshop" and was under whelmed with what the "chairman" had to say .

I expected an open and honest discussion of "facts" and "evidence" supporting the inclusion of certain historical events into the Occupy cause. I noted that at the original Occupy encampment in New York ,they had taken a poll over the almost four weeks that they had been "occupying" .The poll was "should the re-investigation of 911 be included in any list of "demands" put forward by the Occupy Movement" .The poll received over seventy thousand "votes" , an overwhelming 83% voted in favour of including the call for an investigation into the events of the 11th. of September 2001.

My version of democracy imagines the concerns of the many out weigh the concerns of the few.

When the "statement" of intent was read out (by Asher ?) I heard the words of someone with an agenda ,not someone wishing a  "open and honest discussion of "facts" and "evidence"". I point to this line in the preprepared "speech" as way of an example of fait accompli in the mind of the "chairman"...."Some conspiracy theories, such as those around 9/11, even if they were true, which I don't believe they are, would only tell us “Governments do bad things”. That's not actually news to anyone. " !
That sounds like something I would have expected from G.W.Bush .
I think the events of 911 have directly lead to the crisis we find our selves in .
The loss of civil liberties around the world can be tracked back to the events of 911 .
The pre-emptive wars of American choice can be tracked back to the events of 911 .
The deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan ,Iraq ,Pakistan ,etc.,etc...can be tracked back to the events of 911 .
The waste of trillions of dollars fighting the "alleged" terrorist can be tracked back to the events of 911 .

911 is a crime against the world and therefore deserves no less than a world class forensic investigation ,at least once !

Everyday it seems more evidence is coming out that dismisses the "Official Conspiracy Theory " for example ...

mick mccrohon

Asher's Conspiracy Theories

I attended the ‘against conspiracy theories’ workshop (as 911 truth / peace activist) and was rather unimpressed. Worthwhile things were said, for sure, but the topic itself and specifically many of the statements by Asher, the organiser of the talk, were absurd and counter-productive.

The term “conspiracy theory”, once a neutral descriptor for any claim of civil, criminal, or political conspiracy, is now most commonly used pejoratively to characterize a belief or claim as outlandishly false or even lunacy.

When research into proven or suspected state crimes is labelled “conspiracy theory”, it denigrates and discredits the research. It prevents the crimes from being investigated and reported on by the corporate media, and keeps them outside of broader public scrutiny.

Generalizing about “conspiracy theories” without looking at the merits of the theories on a case by case basis, arguing we shouldn’t be distracted by them because they are of no relevance, becomes rather meaningless.

When Asher lumps together: 9/11, fluoride, Satanists, etc – this really just shows a lack of understanding and/or wilful ignorance of some or all of these topics.

The harmful effects of fluoride, for example, are now widely acknowledged. To the dedicated citizen-volunteers of Fluoride Action Network (FANNZ) such generalizations about “conspiracy theories” are a real slap in the face.

Those who understand the significance of the fraudulent nature of 9/11 recognize the need to build bridges of common understanding and respect between the movements.

In fact, the goals of the truth & peace movements are one and the same. When Asher says: “We all live in the real world, and so, if we are to have any effect, our politics must also be based in reality. Examining and analysing what actually happens in the real world is the only way to discover what needs to be changed” - I couldn’t agree more!

It’s vital the peace-movement understands what triggers wars and who benefits. There can be no peace without justice. There can be no justice without truth. Without an understanding of arguably the most pivotal war-triggering event of modern times we cannot hope to create genuine change.

By accepting the 9/11 explanation that 19 Muslims did it we’ve undermined our own opposition to the “war without end”.

The 9/11 explanation Asher has accepted isn’t based in reality. It’s made up of physical impossibilities, incapable pilots, hard-drinking Muslims, and indestructible passports.

I don’t accept that a third sky-scraper collapsed to the ground due to office-fires (based on a computer simulation that you and I can’t see because that would “jeopardize public safety”).

Whether Asher likes it or not, average people are willing to stand up and say that two plus two makes four. The truth will set them free.

Today people around the world are unsafe, not because of terrorists and domestic extremists, but because they have lost their civil liberties and have no protection from unaccountable government power. One would think that how this came about would be worthy of public debate.


In the houses of shadow, everybody Lies.

 The whole of the world lies in the ruin of 911, Asher. That is the channel rail we were ALL run down and the wall of denial you advocate is the wall we have ALL been thrown up against since. Those responsible for it are beyond criminal. But are culpable. The original investigation was corrupt, but secondary investigation IS achievable. For you as anti-fascist to contend its meaning no more than 'possibly a government doing bad things' and 'not particularly useful' to contend with, is in itself subversive. Not helpful. ridiculous. 

Arguing "commitments to rationality and the examining of evidence" by asking us to "look into what would be required for this to be true, the thousands upon thousands of people who would need to be lying" is neither rational nor the 'examination of [scientific/forensic] evidence' available, of which there are MOUNTAINS. It is not enquiry at all. It means nothing of any substance. You would do much better to do some study. Address the evidence showing you the demolition. The observed destruction of the great Towers and WTC 7, the independent analysis of WTC samples [Harrit'Jones:Bentham] finding Active Thermitic Material on the nanoscale in the DUST, FEMA finding evidence of temperatures up to and including 4753F[Molybdenum microspheres], the gross failure of commission theory in their report narrative, the serious agnotology of NIST reports. The collusion of media.

911 was a false flag black operation. Creating the war on terror, and FORCING change in the direction of the world. Period. It was and is not something you or anybody else can contend so limited in its consequence as to be lumped into 'conspiracy theorist basket' of the Cass Sunstein school. The Obama administration is on record as having recognized 911 activism a threat to their governance, and have organized by all means to subvert its activity. including a technique associating 911 with every entirely mad 'conspiracy' they can muster, in order to negate its singular power. This is what you have done.

This is fundimental terrorism on a psychotic level, a major international war crime. The sooner it is properly investigated the better for us all.


The only psychotic here is

The only psychotic here is you, Roger.

The Occupy Wellington protest would be worrying to those of us who don't believe in the radical redistribution of wealth if it was made up of people as lucid as Asher, but as these comments demonstrate, this so-called opposition to capitalism is 99% made up of idiots. No doubt even Asher will tire of you in time, and all you idiots camping down by the waterfront will dispurse in an unorganised manner, and Wellingtonians with jobs and interests beyond justifying their loserdom can picnic in that prime spot this summer again. Caviar, anyone? Thought not. 

Can you actually add

Can you actually add something to the discussion next time ? Your sycophantic relationship with Asher aside .Regarding the Caviar ,Osetra would be great thanks , just drop it at the communal kitchen tent.

911 was public relations after evolved 70-80 years.

911 was public relations after evolved 70-80 years.

Take away the cake

At the Occupation next to Aotea Square at the entrance there was a quote from Einstein:

"Insanity: is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

Another bill board which was at the front entrance some distance away (now pulled down) stated:

"I can't believe we still have to protest this c..." refering to anti-capitalism and anti-corporate protests.

To judge capitalism fairly shouldn't one first ensure there is a free market i.e. no discrimination due to human rights omissions (also remembering that the structural adjustment programs of the IMF and the World Bank allowed the Corporations to be irresponsible - because in the early days of the UN the right to property was not included in international human rights law but rather taken out of the universal declaration of human rights and put into the hands of the UN specialized agencies i.e. IMF and World Bank - global control re private sectors).


So while I try to keep an open mind re conspiracies why not try something different, something you can see - Martin Luther King noticed that equal rights in the US constitution did not apply to blacks, the Greeks are seeking constitutional reform as are other countries. I think powerful elites are less threatened by conspiracy theories than constitutional reform which results in lasting changes.


We can adopt the ethical approach to human rights, development and globalization which would involve including all the omitted human rights in our bill of rights and ensuring, at the very least, that people can survive with dignity and also have the dignity of helping themselves (both, I regard, as absolutely necessary unless the individuals concerned choose to forgo them).


Read the letter I have just posted on this site to David Rutherford, NZ Chief Human Rights Commissioner re The Occupation, children's rights, and freedom of choice.


In my experience surviving with dignity is becoming very hard in New Zealand but having the added dignity of helping oneself is far harder in my view (because the discrimination due to the rights omissions are resulting in very few opportunities).


Often State, tribal elites are happy just to keep many in a state of dependency (a virtual slavery) by ensuring survival ('give them cake') but not to enable them to help themselves e.g. a voice, being able to achieve - as this could pose a major threat to their rule (invariably based on unearnt privileges according to descent - see human rights omissions) .


Now with jobs becoming available in Christchurch possible threats by individuals with independent minds (and not suffering from 'arrested development') must be contained by reducing benefits to nullify any greater hope some are feeling re the Christchurch rebuilding.


So, from my observation, psychopathic State control often involves a balancing act - 'giving food on one hand and taking away freedom with the other' or vice versa, depending on the circumstances, to ensure no bottom-up threats.





Words, words, what are they good for?

Anthony, again, a forest of verbage obscures the shining citidel of hope that is is nestled within your richly effusive offering! (!!)

Do you mean to say:

  • The corporations have bribed and murdered their way into our legal system and have now turned it against us.
  • We must rise and shine, fight not to defend but to elimate the threat. 
  • We must pursue them by all means required and purge their foul influence from our illustrious institutions.
  • We shall hang them, if legal process allows (it does, in military law) or destroy them utterly, root and branch to the third generation (liquidate even their heirs through tailored biological agents if required - which is remarkably easy to do) so that all that was gathered by them that once was ours is returned to us.
  • Come on, boys and girls. We fought WWI and WWII against criminal multinational corporations, the "industrial-military complex" and won.  Both times the remnant of the defeated enemy got a seat in government - first the League of Nations, then the United Nations. Nothing to stop us from doing our duty again, except too much beer and pocket billiards.
  • War is here!  Find yourself a good girl and tell her you're a soldier!


Too many words, eh?  Even I'm not very good at it.

Can anyone else have a go?  Maybe just, "Arrgh!"


best wishes,

paul sayers

Yup, the cia backed agent of

Yup, the cia backed agent of the anti-castro people assassinated JFK because he was trying to kill Castro...

These types of conspiracy theories exist because of the folly of a nation of people who mostly believe they are untouchable by the little people whom their governments war machine is persecuting. Therefore it is easier to believe an elaborate concoction of pure unadulterated horseshit rather than the simplist and obvious explanation.

human or robot

Reply to Paul Sayers (see hidden comment) re Corporations – although my friends (old-time liberals) would agree with you I mean to say none of those things because I do not regard the Corporations as the source of the problems (although still a part of the problem) rather, in my view, it is the (bi-cultural) bureaucratic elite ('sacred cows') who call the shots -  they have the ‘word’ (ideology) and rest obey - they are supported by like-minded bureaucratic elites are around the world (see my book ch5 on the United Nations).


The difference between my friends and modern day liberals is that the former focus on the individual as a person with a name while the latter focus on the collective which discriminates against the individual (see article on this site - The Treaty of Waitangi debate is a set up) who is reduced to a mere ‘number’. Of course the latter also applies to those that implement policy as well as those who are the recipients. From my observation, the modern day liberal seems to have an over the top hatred of the Corporations. This would reflect the sense of powerlessness and frustration most people feel when considering themselves as 'nothing' or a mere 'number'.

While my friends are tolerant re political/ethical opinions modern day liberals are very intolerant. You are either with them or against them. For example, even though my book is recommended on the UN website, selling well internationally it has yet to be reviewed in NZ and I have never been invited to speak by them (apart from 5 minutes allowed me by Global, Peace and Justice, Auckland). This even though Noam Chomsky has been my major intellectual support (about 23 emails) over the years.

While my friends (who stick to their universal principles) are inclusive of the most disadvantaged modern day liberals have compromised their principles by their exclusion of the poor and only use human rights, through omissions, to further their interests – a power game. Whereas my friends are about universal truth.


However, modern day liberals could recommit to universal principles if they chose to or adopt the ethical approach I propose.


Keeping things as simple as I can I believe the omitted human rights should be included in the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 and that they should be properly interpreted (ethically not politically). Politics is OK so long as the core minimum human rights are ensured for all. And I believe this truth will set people free. 

In my view, this is where individualism went wrong in earlier times and which has led to a swing to collectivism with the individual shockingly diminished irrespective, in my view, of their social status or wealth because none of them will talk about the omitted rights i.e. challenge the ideology of the State and also MPs have sworn to uphold the laws of the country (although the NZ Human Rights Commission does talk about including some omissions e.g. children's rights, equal rights. and perhaps including the prohibited ground of social class discrimination it does not get into the mainstream media - see their website).

The ethical approach is old time liberalism which exercises a wider duty to society to ensure both survival and self-help rights and consequently necessary dignity for all (in technical language: it adds economic, social and cultural rights plus omitted civil and politcal rights to human rights law). It is similar to the Franklin Roosevelt era. People, in my view, are getting sick because their dignity is being constantly undermined.

It is just so important that people are seen as individuals, persons with a name - some of the most evil atrocities the world has even seen - by Stalin mass killings, Hitler's Germany, Pol Pot's Kampuchea - by those who did not. This is the sickness of collectivism when it discriminates by race, gender or in today's world according to social class (which also leads socio-economic discrimination in terms of wealth).

The children must - and I mean must! -  have the human rights to a name in our bill of rights!!! (see the deaths of children due to needless neglect described by Professor Innes Asher, Starship Hospital, on the Child Povery Action website).

So equal rights (omitted from the bill of rights) can never be so unequal (the social status and wealth gaps provide an indication of this) as to deprive any individual or group of these core minimums.

Not just words – already two minor parties (Human Rights Party, Republic of NZ Party – the latter to have a name change) have adopted the ethical approach to human rights, development and globalization. And increasingly, although very slowly, people are reaching a point of desperation that they more prepared to face this, admittedly, very hard truth (as your questions re corporations indicate) despite their considerable fear of doing so. Many people in the Christchurch earthquake zone may reach such a point.

Well done ...

Thank you for your thoughtful reply to the hidden comment, Anthony.

You write books - reccommended by the UN, have international sales and are blessed with a mentor-friend none other than Noam Chomsky.

Well, I am duly impressed.  But, fair to say, the great knobbling machine that is NZ society (another word for try-hard wannabes who can only succeed in life through negating the good efforts of their superiors) is too busy agrandising its own fudgy arsehole. They don't give you the time of day, do they.  Bloody shame. Ridiculous.

Happy I am as Yoda on a good day to hear that you have such quality in your circle of friends, good rounded traditionalists, educated, and not short of a dream to share!

The modern liberal you refer to is nothing but a fascist slaving arse in drag, a murdering paedophile dressed in camoflague nappies. 

Did the 'master race' give up so easily after WWI? After only 20 years were are back at it, steel to steel, fire against fire  for WWII.  So we've a had a rest for 7O years waiting for WWIII while they adopted a softly-softly stealth approach and have tried to catch us sleeping - if you don't count the corporate fascist invasions of Korea, Vietnam, (Grenada!) and Iraq. 

Or political leaders have gone along with them as part of a honey trap plan that has succeeded so well that many of our most famous citizens are so up to their necks in illegality (not to mention immoral conduct) that they have nothing left but the hope of saving their necks through turning Queen's Evidence.  And I use the term "saving their necks" with relish, for some of them most certainly shall hang.

You are so right to sound a word of warning to them - time to mend their ways - for surely as shit sticks to blankets if they refuse a fair trial they shall shall be dragged from the beds and have their little misguided brains smashed out - those fascist colloborators that nest among us.

Violence is a fact of life - tell another story to the Welsh Rugby Union!

We are defenders.  When our pussy-faced limp dick girlie-boys have finished swinging their pois, we'll be out with a bit of tradition.

Hold the line, we shall, for our fathers' fathers' honour, for our fathers' rehabilitation (for many have succumbed to the siren call of the enemy, who promises 'protection' and 'benefits' to those that serve them), to secure the right to aspire for our own children.

We are born in blood!  And we die in blood, lying in pools of shit.  That's life on the farm.

Is there a queer cunt who can offer sane rebuttal, for I do tire of reading little but wank (not you, Anthony - I can sense your good intent - its just that in this time and circumstances we need good strong shitty farmland talk to shake up the pussies that pretend to NZ manhood.  And for lack of another who has the gift I must stand and say his words for him until my lazy lord gets his priviliged arse into gear.

Best wishes,



Oh, btw -

The Chinese had a revolution way before Adam was a boy, before Christ was even thought of, most like.  The hero - the new leader who overthrew the old regime - replaced thousands of laws with three simple new laws: And the people loved him! There was order in the realm.

Can anyone remember what those 3 simple catch-all laws are?

Laws must be simple so that even a child can understand, so that the illiterate can feel safe and protected within a society that nurtures them.

You are so right, Anthony.  Our emeny is using our kindnesses, our tolerance against us.  They have disguised themsleves as one of us, even termed themselves 'liberal'. By Christ they shall plead for mercy.  And they might be lucky.


a life worth living

In a positive vein - if I was in the position of an individual in the left ‘tribal’ groups I would want to protect my human rights, in particular, my individual freedoms of thought, conscience and expression (which have now become collective thought, collective conscience and collective expression) including the right to dissent and, as freedom requires duty if everyone is to be free, be able exercise a wider duty to the community (see Article 29(1) UDHR e.g. telling  important truths) and this because I am also a part of the Great Tribe – ‘the human family’.


The Key government is currently conducting a constitutional review and the Maori Party et al want the treaty to form the basis of a NZ constitution (and my work shows clearly that the present omissions are designed to create a ‘tribal New Zealand) which would put in cement a ‘top-down’ - ‘tribal New Zealand’ - ‘going nowhere’.


You could stand firm here – the good will shown Maori can be carried too far, in my view – and oppose this through the political parties to protect the above individual freedoms. The ethical approach to human rights considers that while high social status and associated privileges, by far, ensures ‘survival with dignity’ it fails to fulfill the necessary individual freedoms required  to help oneself (i.e. there must be both - basic ‘food’ and basic ‘freedom’ - e.g. sometimes 'silence' is bought but not all in the group may wish this).


For instance, serious questions must be asked why none of the advisory panel overseeing the review have a human rights background – it is a constitutional matter also dealing with the bill of rights, after all! And many other questions as well remembering that English Laws – the UK bill of rights, magna carta, common law rights which eventually were to help form the basis of the universal declaration – came into being in NZ on 14/1/1840 predating the signing of the treaty on 6/2/1840 by 23 days and from my initial research these rights were in operation at the former date as well.


Also, unlike the treaty NZ has always stood for human rights – it defines us more, in my view, and the population is far more likely to be prepared to die for freedom in defense of the country than the treaty – important if the world suddenly goes ‘belly up’. Then money will not matter very much.


I realize this will be hard a choice to make. It depends if you are willing to deny yourself and future generations (including your own children) the above individual freedoms – whether you consider the image, social status and unsubstantiated conspiracy theories more important than character and human rights truth - also should the ‘tribal’ imperative of being humble extend to ‘hiding one’s light under a bushel’?


Also, in terms of spirituality (and this has always been a big part of my human rights journey) I strongly believe we are given a free choice and that we were ‘born free and equal in dignity and rights’ (see Article 1, UDHR) so we could do so.

 Article 1 is highlighted by the NZ Human Rights Commission: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood” (see Human Rights in New Zealand 2010,


Whatever choice is made it will probably come at a big cost. Perhaps a little inspiration may help to further my human rights cause - my favorite song is ‘Born Free’ by Matt Monro (but I also like Lady Ga Ga’s – ‘I was born this way’ – a female perspective from planet Venus) – you may like to listen, .


 I strongly believe ‘the right to love and be loved’ is the purpose of life and meant to be so (a divine right) – in the words of the song ‘free to follow one’s heart’, ‘where no walls divide you’ and ‘no need to hide’ – then ‘life is worth living’.


PS. Why is it that the many I have contacted in the establishment will not debate these issues with me on public television given I have gained some international credibility in my human rights ? - they obviously do not possess the courage of their convictions. A constitution should be based on nothing less than sincerely held universal truths not simply the viewpoints of powerful self-interest groups.


Anthony Ravlich, Human Rights Council (New Zealand)


The really funny thing is that many more people will read it thx

here is an awesome article on conspiracy theories by the London Independan titled "Truth and lies: Conspiracy theories are running rampant thanks to modern technology". The article is clearly written to encourage yuppies to hate on the digruntled masses of the real world.- just as the belittling term "conspiracy theory" is widely used.

The really funny thing is that many more people will read it thanks to infowars, but they will see the article for what it really is - name calling


Hey Asher, Where do you stand on Palestine ?

I'm not a Zionist, in that I

I'm not a Zionist, in that I don't agree with the idea of Israel as a state for the Jewish people. Why?


who dares wins

Reply to Paul Sayers, hidden comment, 17 Nov 2011.

Yes Paul I can relate to you - we need some tough farmers rather than the bunch of sissies we have as leaders

 You may be interested in the NZ social statistics I have posted on this site.

Recently I have been talking to a number of young men usually intending to leave the country because of lack of opportunities and I sensed a quiet but very real concern they had regarding the large numbers of young women becoming prostitutes.


There was no problem regarding those who freely choose this life (you cannot tell people how to live their lives) but they were aware that young women also lack opportunities in this country and that many were likely pressured.


If you look at the social stats I think you might agree with me that this country has become too toxic for young people to live in as it is.


By the way I may not have been bought up on a farm but I am very clear on what we are up against.


The stats say a lot but in June of last year I made a stand on principle and appeared in the Auckland High Court. There I told High Court Justice, Lyn Stevens (now on the Court of Appeal) that after about 20 years of mixing with those lower on the social scale how these people were ‘crushed and isolated’ (they would never to be capable of rising up as in other countries –  now after such despicable cruelty we boast a ‘peaceful’ society!).


These were often to be the parents of the children abused and neglected described in the stats. Even the Green Paper on vulnerable children describe 20% of the parents suffering from mental illness and 3/4 % drug abuse. Justice Stevens believed my account and looking at the stats asked me why I had not informed NZ society earlier – I had really tried in many ways but people were simply not listening. Of course, the mainstream media present said nothing about what I described as the NZ tragedy.


While the Green Paper seeks to redistribute wealth towards helping the children they will, in my view, only give the children better treatment after the abuse/neglect has taken place.


Also, understanding, as I do the bureaucratic mentality (apart from the social status of the group, the collective is everything – the individual nothing, an ‘evil’ philosophy, in my view) I went to Christchurch on two occasions (after the first major earthquake and after the second) because I was so concerned about difficulties arising re the rebuilding – I got an interview on CTV but it may have been too radical to air – still it may be. Now watching the BBC the lack of progress in Christchurch is now international knowledge.


Without wanting to minimize what has happened to NZ – such ‘evil’ is known in history – see videos (part 1-3) Sons of Darkness, Sons of Light: Collectivism. It’s experienced as extreme negativity, and individuals feeling powerless with the view that ‘nothing can be done about it’.


In a way it can be seen as serving a function – just how deserving is the nation of its sovereignty because, in my view, they want us to join up with Australia, perhaps as a state of Australia… even a protectorate, as part of the proposed East Asia regional bloc essentially to ensure to continuing dominance of the 'sacred cows'. An emphasis on regionalization seems to be a part of the New Global Agenda.


But I totally disagree that any such policy/laws should deny people their core minimum human rights – both survival and self-help rights – which ensure people are always seen as persons with a name.


The only way to stop them is to stand up to them. New Zealanders should, in my view, get firmly behind the rebuilding of Christchurch and ask very serious questions re what is holding up the rebuilding?


If bureaucrats are found to be incompetent then their positions should be re-advertised. If it is ideological then this is another reason why New Zealanders could also support including the omitted human rights to ensure people have their core minimum rights including being able to help themselves as well as  challenge bureaucratic red tape in court.


The ethical approach requires an emphasis on small/medium business because I consider it is new and radical ideas that are required if major social problems are to be addressed – give the young a chance to fix the mess that has been created by utter incompetence.


New ideas are needed and they will not come from any of the present leaders who are clinging to old ideas because of their fear of freedom – they have become far too sissy and safety minded.


The young can adopt the mottos – ‘fortune favors the brave’ and ‘he/she who dares wins’. Remembering my All Black heroes when I was young many farmers might agree with me.


Anthony Ravlich, Human Rights Council (New Zealand)