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13 down, 4 to go - Police case collapsing


The dropping of all charges against 13 accused yesterday in the Police Operation 8 case is an enormous victory for the defendants, their whanau and supporters across the country and across the world. There are four people who continue to face charges and the struggle for their freedom will continue.

The crown has now withdrawn their objection against a jury-trial for the remaining defendants. A trial is scheduled to start on 13th February 2012.

UPDATE: The defendants who had their charges dropped will have them formally withdrawn in a hearing at the Auckland High Court this Monday, 12th September. A solidarity picket will start at 8.30am outside the court.

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Solidarity protest outside of the Auckland High Court

Monday 12 September 8.30am. (Please note change of date and time!)

13 accused in the Urewera case will be discharged from the Auckland High Court on Monday.

Please join us for a solidarity picket demanding the freedom of the four remaining people – Emily Bailey, Urs Signer, Rangi Kemara and Taame Iti - and an end to all of Operation 8.

Urewera charges dropped against 13: the struggle continues...

The dropping of all charges against 13 accused in the Police Operation 8 case is an enormous victory for the defendants, their whanau and supporters across the country and across the world. There are four people who continue to face charges and the struggle for their freedom will continue.

This whole operation has been a disaster from start to finish.

‘For four years we have been terrorised by the New Zealand State.  The police undertook an armed invasion of Ruatoki on the 15th of October 2007. They arrested us and put us in prison while they tried to charge us with terrorism.  That failed. Now after four years, millions and millions of dollars, and systematic denial of rights to accused, the case has totally failed’ said defendant Valerie Morse.

‘The Supreme court decision last week which paved the way for the dropping of the charges is a serious indictment of the police’s activities.’

‘The charges that remain against four people are a desperate attempt by the crown to salvage their reputation and justify this whole fiasco. The charge of “participation in a criminal group” is a trumped up charge brought by the crown more than a year after the raids in October 2007. The crown avoided making them before the month-long depositions hearing in September 2008 so they didn’t even bother to have to make a prima facie case. The charge is akin to “thought crime” since none of the defendants is charged with any act of violence whatsoever.”

‘We can be sure that the crown and police will be waging a propaganda war in the next few months leading up to any trial to try to convince the New Zealand public that they are really bad people. The reality is that Taame Iti, Rangi Kemara, Emily Bailey and Urs Signer are freedom fighters, and we will not rest until they are free.  We will continue to fight for justice and an end to this nightmare.’


Change of protest date/time

Please note that the solidarity protest outside the Auckland High Court has been changed to Monday, 12th September, 8.30am.

The hearing has been changed to Monday. There is no court hearing on Friday anymore.


Tēnā koutou

This is fantastic news! I found out yesterday morning, and it lifted my whole day.  It's certainly a great relief to me that the growing police state occupying Aotearoa is not invincible. It must be a great relief to those whose charges have been dropped, and to their friends and whānau. He mihi aroha ki a koutou.

As I understand it, Em, Urs, Rangi, and Tame, are still charged under the Arms Act, and with "participation in an organised criminal group", under Section 98A of the Crimes Act. As far as I can see, the Crown have no case (for more detailed reasoning, see my blog post on Disintermedia).

My pick is that the charges will be dropped quietly before the trial date, probably sometime over the Christmas/ New Year period, when the public attention span is too exhausted from the RWC circus to care. Definitely sometime after the election, so the enormous can of worms that will be opened once all legal proceedings are over won't affect the outcome.

I look forward to gathering with supporters on Oct 14 for the proposed solidarity concert (Etu II?).

Kia kaha!

When is the protest to get

When is the protest to get all the supression orders over the evidence lifted and all that stuff going to take place???



Supression orders

Kia ora

I heard on RadioNZ News this morning that the lawyers for the 4 remaining defendants are going to court today to prevent supression orders being lifted. Can anyone explaing why?

Kia kaha


Not likely over so soon ...

Our Judiciary would need balls of purjured steel and hearts of grotty flint to have pushed this travesty through.  But they still may try, there's always another chance.

By backing away they give their opponents the little thrill of victory - a window of opportunity not to be spent in celebration but in preparing for the long haul ahead. Do they hope that we shall nod off back to sleep again, as before, as before that ... ?

Certainly this retreat provides a chance for the criminals that govern to remain in power behind a mask of social responsibility.

The sickness that infects our country is deep, very deep.  Either some slow chemotherpy (sustained non-violent protests) or radical surgery (the long-range sniper option for corrupt leaders relaxing at the beach, potentially hit squads landed by stealth submarine or even by yacht) are our only choices to secure a long lasting peace for ourselves and our children.  

Violence begets violence, and there may come a day when one may seek to seize the initiative and push the matter through to conclusion by instigating a public atrocity.  These are the days we live in.  Shit happens.  Wear gumboots.

Creative protest can be fun, and a great way to earn some extra revenue.  A wonderful business really, think of the business just in tee-shirts and coffee mugs, a chance to show identity as a fashion victim for your cause of choice. Why not? We still have legal protection to have opinions.  Lets push them out.

The enemy is a rich business man (the invisible hand of the free market is white and hairy) and his corrupt politicians and judiciary. We require a quiet revolution or a bloodless coup or otherwise.

Smush, Strypey, Omar ... you are still in the frame.  Good grief, forgiven so soon? Shape shifters you are, but you were photographed, to your shame.

Perhaps there may be an option to join in our fun and games through the mass market revolutionary "armageddon" entertainment we are growing up from our base here in China. Strypey could play a part as a super grass who works so so so closely with the movement yet every scene will step aside for a secretive conversation with his handler and receive his super grass pay.  Good cover for you, isn't it?  Can't say we're not friendly.

We're friendly.  And you can work with us.

But I must warn you: there will be gutted corpses hanging on meat hooks in farm abbattiors around this country before all this is over.  There will be Justice, and our people shall learn the truth and finally be free.  The treason, the injustice, the lies, the manipulations, all will be taught to our children through school text books in the future so that a fresh generation may be prepared to resist filthy fascist faggots until the end of all time.  So plan your future well and hope for the best even if you have no belief, faith or even hope in the good works of God. 

God's Army marches.  We'll stop for tea and scones now and then, give the enemy a chance to parley, seek some middle ground. Who wants to kill his own brother?  But we will, if we have to. With regret, even with a tear, orders will be given. Such is Civil War. So take care that you remain onside and play the ball well, else there may be grief.