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New Zealand troops in the firing line again


Details of SAS involvement in an operation in Kabul were scarcely very clear before another story about NZ troops in Afghanistan appears in the news today.

This time it is an improvised explosive device (IED) attack on the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Bamiyan. There were no injuries, and it seems that the device missed its intended target.

This attack comes just days after a highly secretive hand-over of the PRT mission by New Zealand (acting under NATO) to local Afghan forces in Bamiyan.

So what is happening in Afghanistan?

Last week, there was supposed to be a two-day conference to discuss US/NATO withdrawal. This was disrupted by a major offensive at the hotel where the conference was happening. US President Obama had made conciliatory statements about peace talks with the Taliban just days before the start of this conference. It seemed that the US was keen to distance its hunt for Osama bin Laden from the Afghan Taliban in order to cut a deal (and run…)

These latest attacks at a point when NATO is trying desperately to hand over control to Afghan forces is clear demonstration of who is really in charge in Afghanistan, and it's not the 100,000+ US troops. Some seven provinces were due to be turned over to local Afghan commanders, but after a string of police murders, and continued Taliban activity across a wide swath of the country, it is unclear how a NATO strategy of simultaneously continuing the ‘momentum’ of the surge, as Marine Corp commander John Allen suggests, while openly stating they are ready to get out.

Meanwhile, the New Zealand government’s own position on Afghanistan is equally vexing. Key said not so long ago that he wouldn't commit SAS troops without a 'clear exit strategy'. Now,the SAS are saying they want to stay in Afghanistan - and this has already extended the mission by a year. It is clear that the soldiers are, to some extent, dictating foreign policy to Wellington insofar as the goals of the whole of the NATO mission must surely require some serious rethinking at this point. If these soldiers are so keen to keep killing people in far away countries, perhaps they should sign up with the likes of Blackwater.

A couple of things are clear

First, it is clear that the presence of Western (NZ) troops in Bamiyan has made that area a target for Taliban attacks.

Second, it is clear that the New Zealand deployment of SAS will continue for the foreseeable future, and more civilian deaths will result from that.

Finally, it is clear that the people of Afghanistan have withstood another 10 years of war and are in no better position than on 7 October 2001, the day before the bombing began. Rather, with estimates of 3,000-30,000 dead, and depleted uranium strewn across the landscape, the people of Afghanistan are in a far worse position.

It is time for Western troops to leave, and it is way beyond time to support the actual reconstruction of Afghanistan by the only people who can do that – Afghans.


RAWA--The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan.

  Rawa clearly says that the foreign occupation of Afghanistan should leave the country as their missles, droning and bombing of the civilians is doubling the womens oppression in the country.  They say that before the illegal invasion and occupation of their country they only had two local enemies, the Taliban and the Northern Alliance. 

That was difficult enough for the people to deal with and initially the Afghan people had high hopes that the American invasion would live up to the high sounding phrases about democracy and freedom, but were soon disillusioned when they seen the Americans Arming the former warlords of the northern Alliance, which the women describe as rapists and war criminals. 

Then the Americans put in a puppet government in Kabul, hand picked and armed by the Foreign Occupation, composed of War Lords and Drug Lords.  That is not a liberation side and the hopes for liberation were dashed to the ground as they seen the conditions of the people becomming worse with the droning, bombing, and missling of their villages, towns, and cities to the extent that they thought, now they have three enemies to deal with and that makes life for them much harder and more dangerous than ever. 

 Better that the Foreign occupation go home and free its own countries which have not even elected women equally yet.  Rawa reports that some of the Afgan women took to the burning of themselves to death to get out of the increased misery of the terrible war against themselves. 

It is a truth that the majority of the Afghani peoples wish that the foreign Occupation exit immediately, as they do not serve the needs of the people but have armed and supplied the enemies of the people.

My family fought against fascism during the second world war from the Canadian First Division.  When they were entering Holland to liberate the people from Nazis oppression they could hardly stop the people from cheering them by the millions, in fact they had to order the people to stay at home as they were still firing at the enemy of the people.  People cheered then and are still cheering to this day. 

What is happening in Afghanistan is the opposite.  The people will be cheering most loudly when the foreign occupiers leave their country as the people are only abused by their presence and find it harder to fight three enemies instead of two local ones. 

The First New Zealand Division should shout loud and long at the disgraceful NATO function which is so dreadful and terrible to the majority of the people in Afghanistan.  Killing thousands of poor people is not a noble task, but rather an ignoble happening, and Might does not make Right. 

Germany tried that but was soon wiped out.  NATO needs to be abolished and dismantled toute de suite for its disgraceful performance around the world serving the polluted interests of the biggest polluter on the planet--U.S. Imperialism. 

Thanks to the Aotearoa IMC for providing a space for the truth and politically correct news for the peoples alternative.  The Monopoly controlled media is full of lies and deceptions manufactured by the Imperialist War makers at the people expense.