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Protests across Aotearoa mark anniversary of the BP Gulf Oil spill


New Zealanders from Dunedin to Auckland led globalised protests to commemorate the one-year anniversary of BP's Gulf Oil Disaster by demanding an end to the environmental destruction and climate destabilization created by fossil fuel and other extractive industries. Communities of Aotearoa stood alongside environmental, climate, and social justice groups all over the world in an International Day of Direct Action Against Extraction.

New Zealanders in Taranaki, Wellington, Dunedin, Whanganui, Nelson, Auckland, the East Cape and more were joined by Gulf Coast residents fighting offshore drilling, Appalachians resisting mountaintop removal coal mining, Pennsylvania and New York residents opposing natural gas hydrofracking, Canadians fighting tar sands mining in Alberta and more across the globe.

Reports of global activities are being compiled by Rising Tide North America at the website.

Looks like we've got a movement on our hands...


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