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'Operation 8- Deep in the Forest' Screened Nationally



This past Monday evening, the Auckland screening of the new documentary 'Operation 8- Deep in the Forest' informed, delighted and entertained a near capacity crowd at Skycity cinemas. The film by Errol Wright and Abi King-Jones is a detailed survey of the October 2007 terrorism raids and paints a terrifying (and occassionally a surprisingly comical) picture of police repression of political dissent in Aotearoa. 

The film is currently screening nationwide and you can take a look for  further screenings in your area below;

October 15th Solidarity  | cutcutcut filmsOctober 15th solidarity Newsletter |  Film Trailer

Wellington, Paramount Theatre, 25 Courtenay Place
Sun 17 April, 2.45 pm
Mon 25 April, 2.45 pm
Wed 27 April, 3.15 pm

Auckland, Sky City Theatre
Mon 18 April, 3.00 pm
Mon 18 April, 8.15 pm

Dunedin, Rialto Cinemas
Mon 9 May, 8.30 pm
Tue 10 May, 11.15 am

Tuhoe Ahurei
22 April - 26 April, 2011 - Ruatoki
Times and venue to be advised

More info at

Defendants are currently preparing for the proposed start to trial at the end of May with a total of 12 weeks being set aside for the process.  There has been some media attention lately due to the decision to not allow a trial by jury for the defendants and this decision has recently been appealed to the high court.  For those looking to be clued up on the status of the trial, have a look at the October 15th solidarity newsletter just released .  

If you would like to contribute to the solidarity work (financially or otherwise) during the trial, please get in touch with October 15th solidarity or auckland(at)


Nice supporters you have, racially abusing asians and telling them to go back to china.

Count me out.

A very stirring and indepth

A very stirring and indepth inside view into the emerging police state showing its ugly head. A tremendous film.

Hello, what's this?

Yersterday I saw a forthright condemnation of this group as government collaborators involved in a propaganda exercise.

The aim, it was said, is to show us the ugly head of government repression, but in such a way as to keep us cowed in fear and also to spread divisiveness (paid 'pretestors' "shouting asians go home"? - what does the immigration debate have to do with police repression?).  These are TV producers!  A programme shown on TVNZ.  There is a science to the art of entertainment, news and the formation of fresh pliable opinions.

But the Censors have pounced!

Whereas before, I just thought the post was argument for the sake of the fun of it, now I am beginning to feel there is some truth in anonymous's strident accusations of deep turbid incestious connections between the TV producers and our Vichy Fascist oppressive state.

So soon they pounced on that. 

"Methinks she doth protest too much ..."

The POWER of the State

I have just watched the world premiere of Operation 8.

This trial has the potential to divide this country in the same way that the 81 tour did dovetailing so nicely into the lead up to the RWC.  When you can get John Minto and Ross Muerant to agree on the complete abuse of State Power you know you're on to something really big.

The theatre was full of the usual suspects, the left wing mal-contents, the leading Wellington politeratti, a fair chunk of  white middle class suburbanites and one police plant. He was the only one that didn't clap at the end and asked the only contrary question in the Q&A at the conclusion of the screening.

Remember when we all became familiar with the term `to cherry pick intelligence' remember when Rumsfeld wanted us all to know more about the known unknowns?  Or was it the unknown unknowns' I can't remember but anyway he got his special operations group to cherry pick enough lies to make up a nice we power point presentation for Colon at the UN.

Well Detective Sergeant Alan Pascoe is guilty of exactly the same offence and Broad was our Rumsfeld in the whole affair.

So why do I believe that this could be as big as the 81 tour?  Because this is not a Taika Waititi movie about some hard case kids on the coast that we can all laugh at, this is going to divide Maori in this country like nothing else since 81.  On one side you will have Tama, Hone, Moana Jackson and everyone else who thinks those white mofos have been ripping them off for years and on the other side you will have Parata, Solomon and all the other toadies who want to protect their suction rights within the state trough.

Very well made doco that will have the same cinematic significance as PATU.

When will the film screen again in Auckland

Can I buy a copy of this film?


"This trial has the potential

"This trial has the potential to divide this country in the same way that the 81 tour"


lol just lol.

Yeah ... lol

I echo that : lol.

Why? The powers have selected a weak marginalised community to persecute - just as the Nazis and now the resurgent right wing are persecuting Gyspsies throughout Europe: Propaganda, a corrupt science worshipped by immoral perverts. The Tuhoe are being marginalised and the plan is to attack any who maintain 'socialist ideals' of land ownership and communal endeavour as godless communists, enemies of the free - and Christ Almighty, we know that story, don't we?. Haven't we had enough of these perversions yet?

The simple facts of life are everyone lives in hope of blowjob - girls too.  By whatever means.  Our morality is very fluid and clever manipulators know this.  We also easily forget and we also assume the opinions of what we believe to be the mass (peer presssure) which are transmitted to us through the media (which is owned by private companies deeply linked to the individuals who want the resources beneath Tuhoe land). Put simply, if someone in authority tells us it is so, we believe it.

And when authority wears a pointy hat and sodomises little boys in the name of God? When our civil leaders are all connected through common links into the Catholic Church?  What hope is there for Protestant Englishmen but "once more into the breach."

Does anyone have the wit to debate these naked razor truths with me?  Come on, I'm waiting for some more people to grasp the nettle and pull like I do, for the sick filth that infects our country must be purged like turds are flushed from a slit latrine.  Life is not a holiday.  Life can be a party, and it has been, but now its time to clean up.

See the sickness for what it is and realise that a large percentage of our "social leaders" are paid up signed members of our class enemies - they have been bribed, some threatened, others were natural born perverts from the very first.  Can you not see the shitty looks on their faces as I do? Their sin is written over them like finger painting in dung.

You say you want a revolution

You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it's evolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
But when you talk about destruction
Don't you know that you can count me out
Don't you know it's gonna be all right
all right, all right

You say you got a real solution
Well, you know
We'd all love to see the plan
You ask me for a contribution
Well, you know
We're doing what we can
But when you want money
for people with minds that hate
All I can tell is brother you have to wait
Don't you know it's gonna be all right
all right, all right


yes I agree

We should count ourselves out from silently participating in the New Zealand state's involvement in violently invading Tuhoe land and its war in Afghanistan.

Withholding tax funds from these hateful imperialists is also a good idea.

Thanks for contributing this Mouse.


Seen the just announced line up for Hone's new party?


Marley has done an update of Revolution it's called WAR

Exactly Zack, and thanks for

Exactly Zack, and thanks for again highlighting the hypocrisy of condemning violence on one side whilst embracing it on the other.


the hypocrisy of condemning violence on one side whilst embracing it on the other.


Like the Rainbow Warrior?  Or Ernie Abbott or Graeme Burton or Mark Bell or Clayton McStab Stab?

No wonder you chose mouse for a handle, hmmmm

Make sense you do not. No

Make sense you do not.


No wonder you chose gasbag as a handle, hmmmm


The mouse that roared eh.

Three blind mice.

Put the mouse back in the house.

Is it possible to get a copy

Is it possible to get a copy of this overseas for screenings elsewhere?

I think it is time decent New

I think it is time decent New Zealanders stood up and executed these Vermin.

There are too many scum bags in New Zealand, and we should not be afraid to exterminate them like the vermin that they are.

It is time for members of the community to hunt them down, and send them to meet their ancestors.