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Workers locked out at SkyCity casino


Stalled contract negotiation at Skycity resulted in about 68 workers being locked out today in downtown Auckland.  The major claims of the union were for a minimum wage of $15 hr for all workers, a cost of living wage increase and for security of hours for part time staff. SkyCity Entertainment Group, which owns the casino projects a massive net profit of $130 million for this year. 

As workers were locked out, Unite union members then initiated a picket from 11:00 onwards, preventing Skycity customers from entering the building.  As of the time of writing, negotiations are taking place between Skycity and Unite to see if an agreement can be reached before the picket line re-establishes itself.


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Union members on the picket line said that individuals are working less and less hours as the pay stays the same while the costs of living just get higher and higher.  Workers wanted more secure hours, as well as a wage increase. Others on the line stated that they believed taking action and preventing customers from entering the business to be the only way to make Skycity listen to them.

The lockout not only effects the 68 workers forced out of work; “Thousands of casino workers who want a living wage and a fair pay rise this year have been affected by a lockout that is designed to intimidate and shock them into accepting poverty wages and a miserable offer from a very wealthy company,” said Unite Union General Secretary Matt McCarten.

Unite asks for people to come and support should Skycity not reach an agreement and continue to lock out workers.

More to come....



Someone with a fax machine

Someone with a fax machine and a hatred of bosses could potentially show a little solidarity by faxing a whole heap of black pages to +64 9 363 6383 just sayin.


keen to assist when required,just some extra information that at the moment skycity is also trying to take advantage of people requiring work experience by telling them to work 7 days a week for 4 weeks for free.fucken bastards

Give the managers work experience running the gauntlet

What kind of bloody "work experience" for nothing is this all about? I think the bloody managers need some thorough and firm "work experience" being chased down the stairs and gasping for air. Nobody should put up with such absolute nonsense and tell them to get f*****.



What should really happen is to close down the Casino part of Sky City operations. Of course that generates revenue, but at the same time encourages a large level of crime, which costs this country many, many millions to prosecute, to remedy and so forth. Sky City should become nothing but a hotel, entertainment and convention centre, which looks after its staff.

In return to having staff get locked out you guys should consider having management "locked in" for a few days and night. Block their access and exit ways, so they have nowhere to go but to stay in their stuffy offices and sleep on the carpet for a change. Do not let them retire to one of the luxury hotel rooms!

There may be legal implications, but look into this and consider taking such a step, or at least a similar one with similar effect and significance.

Do not accept to be the victim, turn the perpetrator into the victim!

Workers locked out at SkyCity casino

What is the situation of those workers now? They all are perfectly alright or not?

Yes, what's up?

I also wonder ... how is the battle going?  How can I help without actually having to be there (so far away)?

Please ... if it has just been another window-dressing attempt at protest just to give the impression that the labour movement is slowly suffocating for lack of resolve in the face of the inexorable encroachment of the New World Order (resistance is futile), then please, someone, give the organisers of this demonstration a wake-up wedgy and remind them that class traitors have their carcasses dumped in offal pits.