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Poorest Communities Desperate after Christchurch Quake




Desperate and unsettling stories are emerging in the poorest communities of Christchurch. Residents of the Eastern suburbs, especially Avonside, are still without water, and contact with state aid services has been zero. Housing New Zealand residents — neglected after the September 4th earthquake — are once again angry at the lack of help in their blocks, and are struggling to get through.

Members of Beyond Resistance and the strong community centred around Gilby Street have been door knocking and distributing food in the wider Avonside community. Using cars, bikes or on foot, they have managed to take prepared food and water out to those in need. Often they are the first contact with the outside world for Christchurch East residents, and their efforts have been very appreciated. Bottled water, soup, vegetables and gas canisters for cookers have been the main items of need.

Links  |  Beyond Resistance   |  Another Major Quake Strikes Otautahi

However efforts to get these basic needs out to neglected residents are being hindered by bureaucracy and heavy-handed policing. On more than one occasion, Allister from Beyond Resistance has been profiled and stopped by Australian Police patrolling the area, while motorists and sight-seers snapping photos drive pass unchecked. Stockpiles of food and water controlled by the Salvation Army would not be released to the Gilby Street community, even after repeated explanations that such food and water are desperately needed in the greater Avonside area and would be distributed by them.

In a clear exposition of the illogical system we live in, the local Stanmore Road supermarket is closed and protected by security — despite being full of food and supplies. Earlier in the week a man was beaten at the same supermarket by security for trying to access food and smokes. He had no money, and no power to access food stamps or support funds.

The immediate redirection of aid and supplies are needed in the suburb of Christchurch East. Food and water needs to be made available free of charge and to anyone who needs it, regardless of membership in an aid organisation. Now is not the time to profit from the sales of food and water (not that there ever is an ok time for such exploitation). The free movement of residents and their supporters is essential in the aid effort, and should not be hindered by out-of-town Police positioned to protect property rather than people.

Beyond Resistance



Update 28/02

Just a quick update.

The Super Market mentioned was New World in Richmond, further up Stanmore
Rd. I actually witnessed the same type of incident a week earlier, before
the quake at the Stanmore Super Value over a box of tea bags and cask of

The New World is still open. The Super Value is not, but it's guarded and
full of food. I bought bread and newspaper there seconds before the quake

Also the Starvation Army were more receptive today and we were able to
fill our station wagon full of bottled water which went straigtht to
people in Avonside.

The kitchen has been feeding members of our own hood, plus others, daily
and preparing food to distribute. Doing two water drops a day.

Things that are in most need are water (obviously}, gas cookers/gas, food,
porta loos are in great demand (some peeps in Avonside can't dig long
drops as the water table is only a spade or two depths under the surface.
These items are mostly impossible to get locally so having to rely on
peeps bring them in. Which is sporadic.

Roads are real congested, so having to work our way out. Roads are either
fully congested or impassable. Have a dude from Kaiapo in a 4x4 bringing
about 250L in everyday. He and I are doing regular drops in certain areas,
building relationships as we go.

Edith, and the Gilby st crew are working daily preparing food, digging
toilets for people unable to, plus many other things.

We are sourcing food from gardens and anywhere we can get it. Heaps of
meat being eaten at the gilby st kitchen as at times, with freezers out of
action, it has to be eaten or it goes off.

Sorry would write more but need to get some sleep.


Composting loos

Kia ora koutou

People in areas without sewage may be in that situation for weeks or months. An alternative to digging long drops (a lot of work!) or using chemical toilets (who's going to supply and collect used chemicals?) is to create a compost toilet. 'Humanure' composts quicker than food scraps or garden waste. Providing it composts within the right temperature range, all pathogens are destroyed, and the resulting compost can be used to mulch trees etc. Some general information on composting humanure here:

I have seen systems as simple as a plastic compost bin with a seat on top. Wheelie bins can also be used. It's important not to mix too much urine with the humanure. You can either water the trees directly, or pee in a bucket and water it down for use as fertiliser or trees, lawns or even gardens.

More on composting toilets

This message came through from Deirdre Kent of the Transition Towns network:

Hello all,

This is a message to all those in Christchurch without adequate sewerage.

I have asked  a permaculture teacher if there is a better way to deal with it than by burying in it or digging a long drop or using a chemical toilet.

The answer from Bryan Innes is this, so please pass it on to anyone you know.

"There should be plenty of EM in Ch'ch. Dilute about a capful of EM in a half litre spray bottle. A nappy bucket lined with news paper and with a tight fitting lid with EM sprayed or Bokashi sprinkled on the poos will the trick. Allow 0 .75 litres bucket volume per person per day. Tip into a worm farm, compost heap or bury after two weeks. The result is pickled poos!


Toilet paper and rolls can also be included. Urine in a separate bucket can be diluted and poured on lawns or gardens daily, watch the growth. That is the easiest, fastest solution I know of."

(And you can buy EM in garden stores or organic food stores, whichever is open for business.DK)

Well done Lyttelton for continuing to hold their street party last Saturday. Just show what years of preparation and community building can do. Their timebank has played a big role in this.


The kitchen has been scaled

The kitchen has been scaled down now as power and water have returned. Residents in this area are feeling more comfortable about staying in their homes. I am in touch with the local Community Organisation Te Whare Roimata, who are doing amazing work. Hopeing to move distribution of resources to their Centre so we can gain some sense of normality and space at home.

The suburbs that I know of that are still in most need on the East side are Avonside, Bexley, Bromley. Aranui, South Brigthon. I'm sure there are others. No power, water or porta loos. The dust from the dryed out liquification is really bad and masks, when people can get them, are worn constantly.

Unions need to be stepping up

Unions need to be stepping up and ensuring workers are a) not forced to work, and b) are paid accordingly (regardless of in work or not). Key and Brownlee are harping on about back to normal economics, but no one should have to go in, especially with the dead still amongst the rubble in the city.

There's going to be a lot of unemployed and angry from this. Workers are already being laid off. With winter coming there is going to be a lot of despair — this is a real issue for many workers in CHCH.

Beyond Resistance has opened

Beyond Resistance has opened an account for donations to aid our relief work in Christchurch. This account is called the ‘Unite’ fund as it is under a BR member’s name (who is also in Unite). Before our request the fund was empty, and anything donated to this fund will not be lost amongst Unite or any other aid funds, and is directly controlled by Beyond Resistance.

So far we have been generously gifted over $550 by many people — for this we cannot thank you enough.

We will be buying dust masks, as the dust from both rubble and dried silt is highly toxic. We will also be using it for things like printing supplies (for notices, flyers etc), water, food and other essentials. In the long term such a fund will help around organising throughout the CHCH winter, and what we imagine will be the implementation of ‘disaster capitalism’ by the National Government (which we are already seeing it now with proposed cuts to Working For Families, an aid for low to mid income workers).

Again, thanks for all your support. Will try to keep people updated as much as possible.

Here’s the account again:

Westpac Bank
Unite Fund
03 0675 0423909 017

In solidarity,

Jared (CHCH Treasurer)

Now lets start to get serious ...

The Pyne Gould building ...

... an obvious death trap.  look at how flimsy it was.  Its f***king third world! What are we going to do about this?  You know, people in China have gone to prison because they protested over the shoddy construction of schools that collapsed, killing their children.

This is a challenge to us.  How did this obviously cut-rate sub-standard structure ever get approval?  Was it ever inspected?  Who was paid off?

The churches came down; they are excused to an extent, as they were built in another era.  But the Pyne Gould - and those dark filthy criminal scum that took bribes on the lives of so many of our friends who have died - that building and those murdering bribe taking toe rags shall live in infamy.

Who will lead the assualt?  Who among us is worthy to earn his name?

What, the useless prick who is responsible for leading out in memory of the martyrs at Pike River?  Fuck me days, you useless cunts.  Do you really need a man to arrive to organise for you, you pack of wet-arsed wankers?

Death and mayhem, workers burned alive in a hole because of sub-standard corporate safety.  An entire building filled with our brothers and sisters is brought down - as if it had been planned for - and you shameless cunts cannot organise yourselves!

The spirit moved me today (its Sunday over here) ...

Pike River - Pyne Gould

Rise up now
Rise up now you who hear the call
Rise up now
Rise up now any who wish for more

Rise up now
Rise up now, you useless cunts
Rise up now, you sons of whores
- you self-serving addled fools
- not one of you has balls!

Rise up now
Rise up now black and tan
Rise up now lost and weak
Rise up now lonley losers
Rise up now and show your <+>diamond<+> hearts
Rise up now you wandering Gypsies
- you witches, shamans, priests of Glory
Rise up now those who seek for Justice
Rise up now and take Her hand

At Pike River young men perished
- the bosses cut corners
- and you lot vanished

In Pyne Gould the criminals long ran
- years ago they pocket their cash
- and stashed it
Seek them out!

How many died?
And you say nothing
God curse you all!

Rise up you vulgar drunkards
- you addicts you scum, you bores!
Rise up now you vagabonds
Rise up now all you wet with sores
Rise up the sick and lame
Rise up the crippled
Rise up the club-footed
Rise up the socially inept
- God has decreed His dictat
- You are no slave to mortal man!

Rise up now all you wannabes
Rise up now all broken-arsed dreamers
And seize your star of yore

Our promised age is here
An era of calamity and strife!
For God so loves the world
He fucks it with His knife!

Or take their sleeping pills, you fools!
- drink their poisoned water
- sell off your birthrights and die in shame
- like any blighter oughta!

Fascist cunts did not die out!
They live, they meet, they breed!
The culling season is upon us!
There is fat meat, fresh and free!

Come on!
All you farmers
You ones who feel the land!
Come on!
All you sailors
The sea, your mistress lover!
You are not so easily led
- yet you are at the mercy of God
And you know His mercy
And you know the time is here now
And you know His coming is near

Do you need to read it in the Newspapers?
"God declares, the world is fucked!"
"His prophets rise!"
"Jesus rules in blood!"

And you know that it is some messy shit
We'll all be needing you!
Take pity on us, those with land
Let us dig and plow and share
Have mercy on us those with boats
Let us flee!

Is it possible, given our skills -
- that we could live in communes under sea?
Beneath the waves all is still
Above yet the weathers rage

The meek shall inherit the Earth!
The strong shall fuck it sore!
The strong shall fuck themselves to death
It is the Way of God
Do you want to know more?

But the ones with heads hung low
In Honour of our King
Will not so much as feel the wind
Of his raging wrath

Let Him pass over you
Beg Him pass over you
Pray Him pass over you
Let Him not pause to notice
Let Him not seek you out
Let Him honour you who know His name

For God is Rage and Manly
Our enemies He shall slay
For God did win our battles
At the mount called Calvary

So rise up now, you with ears!
Rise up now, those without!

Rise up and heed your prophets
- you drunken wanking louts!

Dig your fucking holes,
- you cunts!
Stash them full of food
Guard your doors and windows
Be always in the mood
- be ready!

Are you cunts not clear?
Sleeping like a child raped by Uncle Sam
Loving every second that in your arse he slams
Rise up and burn the paedophiles
Burn the fucks with shame!
Point out your finger, you silly child!
Yours is not the blame!

You were destined from birth
To be much more than you appear
Yours is not forever to sit in gloom
Yours is to Rule!
Now hear!

A perverted generation of paedophiles governs thee
Take thee now thy trusty Sword and sever now with glee
Our King commands we Rise Up and give honour to His name

Rise up!  You flunky cowards!
Rise up!  Honour our King!

Share the blood of Martyrs
Share the joy and sing!