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Confrontation at Paula Bennet's Office


Today members of Auckland Action Against Poverty and their allies marched and attempted to occupy the office of Paula Bennet, head of the Ministry of Social Development.  Initially, about 15 activists occupied the lobby while two protesters climbed onto the roof and dropped a banner that read; "If we canceled many would starve to death?  Bugger all" - John Key.  The police were quick on the scene and pushed the initial occupiers back while the rest of the picket made its way from the local WINZ office around the corner. 

Auckland Action Against Poverty | Photos of action | Global Peace and Justice Auckland | Socialist Aotearoa

The crowd numbered about 80 people, consisting of unionists, beneficiaries, anarchists, socialists and Green Party members.  Scuffles broke out with the police as two activists on the roof came down as the picket was winding down.  In all 4 arrests were made and all were released without charge.  The mood of the protest was tempered by the knowledge of the devastating earthquake in Christchurch.  Our thoughts and solidarity with those struggling with this disaster...

Pictures of action here;


Congratulation - great actions!

Yes it was a terrible co-incidence that around the same time today the devastating second major earth-quake in only 6 months struck the city centre and suburbs of Christchurch. Hence attention of the media and the public did understandably focus on this major disaster that has hit the second largest city in New Zealand.

Otherwise this "picket" and temporary occupation of "Ugly Auntie Bennett" would have received much more well deserved attention.

Good on all those that participated and supported this day of action in Henderson and out west!

This is the kind of stuff we need more of. Perhaps occupy some WINZ offices and hold speeches in front of staff and clients next time?

I am glad to hear that the cops had the sense to not lay any charges. This is rare, and perhaps they realised that this is something not worth getting too uptight about in the light of the major disaster down south, which will mean that many of them will possible be called to head there and do some more sensible work in Christchurch.


A planned demonstration

A planned demonstration outside of parliament is still to come. I'm waiting to see how 'Auntie Paula' will treat the hundreds of victims of the Christchurch earthquake who will have to rely on a benefit to survive.

I was arrested

I also have footage of the police arresting me and endangering a young mum and baby. You will hear more about this. They did not charge because of that footage is damning that we did nothing wrong.


How ridiculous. Nobody will ever die of hunger in New Zealand, unless of course their parents neglect them to death.

Too right, Blue!

Yep. Nobody can die of hunger here.  Just go out and whack a granny, eat her roses!  Steal from supermarkets and bite the guards, rip out a chunk of fresh protein.

Yep.  Plenty of rich wankers, those who have cranked up the mortgage rates and driven the Trevs to despair, right out of their own homes, right off the farm.  Its owned by Monsanto now.

Yep.  Can't starve.

Eat the rich!


eating the rich

Yeah but what about us vegans?


Well what a "smart a**" comment?

What is possible in naturally "rich" countries like Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Myanmar, Cambodia, South Africa and numerous other countries can never happen in NZ?

Well wait just a few more years and see what will happen to this country once multinationals, large Chinese state concerns, various investment funds from overseas will have bought up a lot of the land here. Wait and see what will happen if National should win the next election and continue with the bandits of the ACT party to turn this country into an even more divisive country with a small, wealthy and powerful elite and otherwise increasing poor.

Already now you have to ask or "apply" for a letter from WINZ if for whatever reason you should have to use up all your "food grant" and have no more entitlement. You will need such a letter to take to most food banks now to get any help.

The "cash card" is being introduced now, rules will be even more tightened, the "cash less benefit" is going to come some time soon, so you will get your ration of credit to spend at a shop or supermarket, and if that is not enough, you will sit there with a long and dreadful look on your face.

Of course presently things still seem to be manageable, but in recent years I have noticed an increase in the homeless sleeping rough and begging in Queen St, Auckland and other places.

I am sure that some of them are at least sometimes "starving".

Do not trust this lot of bandits running NZ now, and do not trust Labour once they are back at the helm. We need a radical change in the political landscape and ideally a new and powerful party on the left.

Oh, all is lost, I'm running away to fascist land ...

The good news is that it has all happened before.

We know just what to do.

Reach out and embrace those homeless people, offer them hope and offer them a stipend wage (easy on a man to man basis, it will just take some time to make the connections - this is what I would do - pay for work completed - putting up posters and so forth). Then, hey presto, you have a new movement in the public eye.  If its not in the public eye then it just doesn't exist, you know that. And that is why the fascist cunts are so confident, because they control the media, not just with shows like Shortland Street which was founded with American Treasure (ex Axis from WWII). But they don't control individuals walking half-dressed in chains like a Roman slave up and down Queen Street for the fun of it or a few extra bucks, now do they?  Neither do they control the soapbox halfway up Queen Street that is under used, expect by the Wizard when he is in town. Now there's a sorcerer who really knows his stuff - we should learn from him and seize every opportunity that is open to us, and very soon you will see that there is rather a lot of free air for the wise.

Please note that I am well aware that our fascist cunt enemies will seize on these robust ideas, because if nothing else they desire control. So the goodie-goodies like you and me, we just don't get a look in mate, not a single sniff of virginal acolyte pussy, only the rumpy love that God allows us - and if you're open to it, that's more than a man can bear - but the fascist cunts, in their ardour to maintain control, they do our work for us :-).  God loves us, he really does.

Make yourselves known as the caring individuals that you are.  And nature will take care of the rest. Resist the urge to give in, at the very least.  Or be more like me and ardently wish for the day when Nature will grant me the satisfaction of watching these bastards hang.

"if for whatever reason you

"if for whatever reason you should have to use up all your "food grant""

And how much does a bulk bag of rice cost?


Rice - yeah, right!

Well truth is many in impoverished countries live off rice and water alone. Is that what you suggest?

It leads to malnutrition. Rice may fill your stomach for a while, but that alone is not enough to live off!

Some do not own property and cannot grow their own vegetables either, so they depend on retail shops. Although there are some cheaper green grocers around, especially in winter the prices of fresh produce go up sky high.

Besides of this people have to pay rent, for electricity, water, possibly "luxuries" (?) like telephone, transport and so forth.

Adding all this together you will see that the benefit or minimum wages some get does at least at times leave to shortfalls and hardship.

What if a person needs urgent dental or other medical care, for which at least some contributions need to be paid by the consumer?

I do not know what you try to argue, but life revolves around more than a bag of rice! Thank you for your acknowledgment.

Funnily enough most don't

Funnily enough most don't seem to have any problems paying for their smokes, booze, internet etc.

Trinity R loves trolling

Honestly I do not know what you are on about?

Who are you anyway, you appear to belong to the elitist minded shit stirrers that have no clue about what goes on in society.

Stats show that about 4 out of 5 people in NZ do NOT smoke, and otherwise, why should smoking only be a "privilege" for better-offs?

Re "booze" I do not know many beneficiaries at all that drink much. They simply cannot afford it.

Seems you just want to stir and start another phantom debate about the rights and wrongs of receiving a benefit, the moralising that the toffey nosed jerks from Kiwi Blog, the Young Nationals and ACT wet dreamers love to indulge in.

And any person not being able to use internet (it is free in libraries and some hot spots in and around town) may simply do so by choice, because otherwise it has become a totally accepted and common channel to communicate through and gather information with.

So unless you have anything of substance to contribute, I suggest you troll off to another forum where annoying each other and wasting modern technology and energy are welcome aspects of behaviour.


Trinity R - sounds like

Trinity R - sounds like you've been hanging round kiwiblog too much.  This is a better place to be if you want to hear the truth (but be prepared for a few dressing downs).  We'll educate you so well that you'll be able to take your talkback radio brigade buddies apart before they can say "I think Paula Bennett's a nice person".

If there's going to be a demo

If there's going to be a demo at parliament we need to make sure Rebstock and other members of the so-called WWG are represented in our effigy burning line-up.  I'm guessing they see their job in a very clinical and matter-of-fact sort of a way, kind of like "we were just doing our job" and have no concept of how they've colluded in this underhand and dishonest process. If Rebstock et al choose to engage in such a deceitful exercise, under the guise of objective research, they need to know very clearly that by accepting the very narrow and politically driven terms of reference they are just as much part of the problem as Bennett, Key and the other nasty uncaring boneheads behind all of this.  Ignorance over what government would do with the report for the WWG is no excuse. It's important we expose the political elements of the WWG involvement - they need to know that we know what they've done.  We need to make an example of them so that whenever anyone else gets asked to be part of something like this they'll think twice.  In any case, I think Rebstock would look good in flames.  Let's drag them out.

WWG consists of selected academics and business persons

Besides of Paula Rebstock, who is an economist that once worked for the Treasury and the Commerce Commission, the other members of that group do consist of mainly business oriented people primarily looking at "employment" aspects in such a way, that priorities are given to get people become "more employable" and stay in the work force.

There are a couple of senior academics, who (with the exception of one woman) also appear to be from rather elite backgrounds.

Indeed the composition of that group clearly shows that certain priorities were set right from the start. It appears that actual medical and health issues of beneficiaries have only been given secondary considerations.

Those issues are though crucial and need to be addressed properly, before any recommendations to get people back to work could be looked at.

Prime attention was otherwise given to "cost" issues and propagandistic arguments, that present welfare is no longer affordable, and that all this is about "helping" sick and disabled to get back into employment.

Truth is: It is all really about more "pressure" and applied sanctions, because the fact is that medical treatment for mentally - and in some cases also physically sick and disabled - is largely insufficient and ineffective. The causes for that are often a lack of funding and the non availability of effective, appropriate treatment.

So how are neglected sick and disabled beneficiaries expected to get work, when their conditions are often not sufficiently addressed and their wellbeing cannot improve!

All this what the WWG report includes simply stinks to heaven!

See the following link for the "glossy" final report - downloadable from a website of Victoria Uni:


Precisely, and I hope their

Precisely, and I hope their careers are irreparably damaged as a result.  For people of such so-called "high calibre" to engage in this whitewash and be happy with the results beggars belief.  I don't believe they were innocent in all of this and that their acceptance to take on the job showed their true political leanings.  You'd think their professional credibility would be damaged beyond repair, but unfortunately most people are too stupid to see what they did or just don't care.  That's why we need to expose them for the filthy deceitful lying arsewipe scum they are.  So let's put them on a stick and light a match.

Oh, goodie ...

Can we throw cow pats at them first?  Dried patties make a lovely warm glow when they're lit up.  Kind of links into being forced back to third-world status too, and that after all the years of struggle that it took our ancestors to set up the union movement, the welfare state and whatever.  Christ, its just too much that anyone could even dare to mess with our country this way.  Seize the day, and set that bon-fire burning.  Not just once for the cameras, but make a regular party event of it. Choose a 'capitalist prick' and symbolicly severe his gonads.

Even with the country in its

Even with the country in its current turmoil, the Key govt is still dead set on his Ruthenasia reforms. Perhaps a couple of hundred people in front of parliament, yunno, the usual, is not the answer this time, perhaps its time we took a leaf from the book of the dead so to speak. 100,000 beneficiaries on the streets (where we will be if this bill goes through), and grind wellington to a halt.

Yes, we should do this too -

Yes, we should do this too - there ain't no one or the other.  We must do all of this. 

I love Ruthanasia

Yeah right, I love Ruthanasia, Bennetiasia and masochistic suicide. I do not deserve to exist, I must rot in hell, I do not deserve anything, I am unworthy, I am nothing, I am SH** and worse. Thank you dear Paula, You Mega Fat Fart Artist of perverted ideology. Put the boot into my backside, put the stick into my back, I love you, I love you, this really gives me the kicks, dear mega fat fartartist.