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Response to Govt Welface Working Group report



Our latest information is that next Tuesday at midday the Welfare Working Group, led by former Commerce Commission chair Paula Rebstock, will issue its final report.

Given papers already released by the WWG, and various statements by John Key and Paula Bennett, we are quite apprehensive about what the report will recommend. We expect to see proposals to:

· Place most working age beneficiaries into one work tested benefit category, at a rate lower than the current invalids benefit.

· Maintain a small number of people – who will not be work tested – on a higher incapacity benefit.

· Place further work testing requirements on DPB recipients, & tighter sanctions and harassments on unemployed, sick, injured and disabled beneficiaries....& a lot else besides.

We want to let John Key, Paula Bennett and all political parties which are part of the current Government know that we don’t accept these attacks on people who are already struggling to survive.

Auckland Action Against Poverty | Alternative Welfare Working Group | Ten Myths about Welfare

We invite you to join us at a:


2.00pm Tuesday 22 February
Outside the Henderson Work & Income office
36-44 Sel Peacock Dr, Henderson.

This is close to Henderson’s central bus and rail station, and parking is available just down the road near the Wave centre.

All friends and supporters welcome.

It would be great if you could forward this panui on to people in your groups & networks. Thanks!


We need to force Labour's

We need to force Labour's hand on what they think about what Bennett, Key, Rebstock et al are doing.  King and the rest of her filthy right-wing brigade have been silent on these things because they agree with them.  Their damage over the time they were in government was worse than the filthy tory scum.  They chopped the special benefit and decimated the legislation with the Social Security Amendment Act 2007 in ways you'd only expect from the tories and were even successful with cuts the tories couldn't get through because community opposition was too strong. We need to challenge King and her hypocrite mates into either saying they're sorry for what they did, that they regret getting it wrong and that they'd fix things.  Of course, we could not trust them because they are right wing liars, but we do need to oust their hypocrisy.  I think we also need to include Annette King and Goff and even Paula Rebstock in any effigy  burning exercise.  She's been complicit in this whole sham too, again dishonestly so deserves to be dragged out, too.

Angry with Labour dragging it's feet!

Yes, I am also very, very angry with the Labourites in Parliament dragging their feet and doing nothing but a bit of grandstanding about sometimes trivial and personal issues with Work and Income and the Minister Paula Bennett.

I am sorry Annette King, Phil Goff and others, this will never get you out of the low polls, and you have to change radically to become trustworthy again!

Word are words, but we want ACTION! It is election year and not another talk shop that will continue endlessly about a few dollars extra offered under $ 5000 per annum tax free.

We demand now that NZ will be put onto a new track of PRO ACTIVE political leadership and action that will create a society and economy FAIR to all, that produces wealth not just for the top 5 %, that creates real jobs, that does not kow-tow to superpowers demanding servitude and silence when human rights are at stake, that introduces liveable wages for all, that creates an  environment for sustainable technology and economic measures, that protects the values of its citizens, residents, visitors and also the animals that provide a large contribution to our diversity and wealth.

No more cages for poultry, no more sow crates now, no corralls for mass cattle raising, no perverted mass production polluting rivers and lakes. Protection of the environment, human beings and fauna and flora all over NZ is needed.

Make this country an example of producing the best in a sustainable and economically sound manner. Plan for the future and do NOT trade with countries that exploit their workers, environment and future security.

Some sacrifices as well as sound investment is needed. It can be done.

Also bond students that enjoy free or subsidised education to ensure they will only do an OE for two years max and return to contribute by applying their skills and expertise here, rather than sell themselves to multinationals overseas.

Give them a break and reduce or abolish student loans as a reward for this. It is idiotic for any country to educate their people to only see and seek opportunities overseas.

This can be the best and most promising country on this planet, indeed the rest is slowly sinking into chaos, so we have the best opportunities, but only need to implement them fairly.

The new right has lost all reason to argue. The financial crisis proved it. It is time for revolution to turn everything upside down and inside out. Look at the Arab World. There is more to come soon. Be courageous, take action and be counted rather than sit back and rely on lost and non existent security.

This world is in for the biggest shake up it has ever had!

Hence no acceptance of benefit cuts, benefit compromises, forced labour, and so forth. We demand wages to live off, opportunities, real jobs and real welfare for those that need it due to no fault of getting there!



See this link for interested observers wanting to know how antifa forces fought a Neo Nazi march in Dresden, Germany a few days ago!


What are you guys doing and learning????



Another taste of ACTION

NZ Softies dream about revolution - wake up and DO IT!


Well some impression about action in Germany. Similar things happen all over Europe and other part of the World. So we moan a bit here and there, but do NOTHING really to try and change anything.


Good luck learning








Well what is happening in Aotearoa now? Any action? I see too little!

New Facebook Page

Welfare Working Group - Your Response:!/pages/Welfare-Working-Group-Your-response/129652777107238?sk=wall

The poor are guilty for being poor

Here we have it once again, benefit bashing is alive and well in todays mean spirited NZ Aotearoa. If you are poor, do not forget: You are supposed to be lazy, complacent, ignorant, dumb, rude, bludging, irresponsible, below average IQ, you are possibly so lazy that you do not bother to wash, you have no scruples to live off hard earned tax payer's money, you have no dignity, are unworthy and just plain BAD!

Those are the messages the government sends to us with their so-called "Future Focus" policies. They have already partly been turned into law. As off May many sickness beneficiaries will soon get the message, that it is expected of them to work.

Designated doctors (trained and instructed by WINZ staff) make biased decisions aiming at "saving tax dollars" and "helping" people find ways back into work.

Do never accept this, they are liars, they are corrupt, they manipulate, the do as they are told, same as the Gestapo, SS and others were "only doing their duties" in Nazi Germany.

So if you have brains, courage, one or the other, get together, stand up, be counted, question all the intimidation put onto you, do not bend, do not give in, do not surrender, do not sign anything you are uncertain about, seek support, advice and help and take action against the worst benefit bashing agenda since Ruth Richardson and Jenny Shapely were in power.


Enoug is enough! Stand up, resis, be counted and be firm and resolute at all times to defend your human rights.



Well said ... !

Yet the sheeples hear the call only tenously through the blare of their affordable ipods.

So, we advocate a culture of rebellion.  Revolution must be fun, no longer a duty, but an obligation (else we'll just miss out on the goodies, won't we).  Its a new attitude.  It is the path to war.

We beat the drum.  We lead the parades.  We burn the effigies.  We surriptitiously watch prostitues being paid to be shagged by gestapo german shepherd dogs dressed in WINZ unforms and no one in the movement will object because the usual rules no longer apply.  We are in war mode.  I am absolutely serious.

We look after each other, that is number one.  We are brothers, we are sisters. We shall appoint judges among our own communities, we will recruit our own doctors into the movement.  We shall serve each other's needs.

We reject this government that usurps the mandate to rule that it has not been given. Who has voted for these policies?

Stand up!  For sure.  Well said!

March! March! March! Regulary, every week - then party after at the local.

Show our resolve to get organised even as we are getting organised.  We are not defeated.  There is still a long to go before the fat lady sings. And by God, when she opens up these pervert paedophiles who attempt to govern us even as we withhold consent shall learn the burn of shame.