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Submissions due on SIS - SIS info stall


Thursday, 17 Feb at 12:00 on Lambton Quay
OASIS information stall about the SIS

Friday 18 February is the last day for submissions against the SIS Amendments Bill, a bill that John Key said there was no need for New Zealanders to know about, and a bill that he wanted submissions on it to be heard in secrecy.

To this end, OASIS will be helping out the day before by having a SIS information desk on Lambton Quay. We will set up a table, wearing our best black suits, and sign people up to request their SIS files, to make submissions, and in general discuss surveillance and state security in this society.

If you are free to give asistance, please meet outside the Westpac Bank, upper Lambton Quay, on Thursday lunchtime (12pm).

If you want to make a submission, there's a form letter below.

Visit our web-site for more info:


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Eye Spy ...

Farmers own land along public roads and highways.  Some sell advertising space.  Others put up their own artworks.

There is a farmer near you who would love (for free) to allow you to put up a lovely big billboard or similar that may gently and routinely remind us all that we live in a police state that is governed by corporate fascists.