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SIS annual report - I spy with my little eye something beginning with ... R!


The unclassified version of NZ Security 'Intelligence' Service (SIS) annual report for the year ending 30 June 2010 has recently been published on their website. The 29-page document is dry and boring and follows the same structure with more or less the same content as every SIS annual report. A few 'highlights' are documented here.

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The warrants

By far the most interesting information to be obtained from these reports are the statements on warrants. In accordance with section 4K of the SIS Act 1969, the Director of Security (Warren Tucker) has to report on how many domestic and foreign interception warrants were in place.

During the year under review twenty-seven (27) domestic interception warrants were in force. Of those, seventeen (17) were issued during the year under review, and ten (10) were issued during the previous year but remained in force for some part of the year under review. Action was taken under all domestic warrants during the year under review. The average length of time for which those warrants were in force during the year under review was 157 days. There were five amendments under section 4D of the Act. The methods of interception and seizure used were telecommunications interception, installation of interception devices, including listening devices, and the taking and copying of documents and items.

The information obtained materially contributed to the detection of activities prejudicial to security, or produced foreign intelligence essential to security, that was not likely to have been obtained by other means.

He also states that foreign interception warrants were in force during the year under review, but they don't have to specify how many.

Cyber Threat and Rugby World Cup

New additions to this year's report include discussion around 'cyber threat' and the Rugby World Cup.

A key new facet of national security work is dealing with cyber issues. Cyber techniques enable espionage to be conducted remotely and seek to exploit vulnerabilities in our systems that would be open not only to intelligence collection but also to other forms of attack. Instances have been detected of eA (electronic attack) against New Zealand’s public and private sectors. NZSIS works closely in partnership with GCSB as we seek to better understand this range of threats and risks.

The Rugby World Cup (RWC) is high on the SIS agenda and also the reason given for the proposed SIS Amendment Bill.

During 2009/10 NZSIS undertook planning and prioritising to meet the requirements for security for the RWC. We are working closely with other parts of government to ensure a well co-ordinated effort. [...] In the lead up to RWC, NZSIS has participated in [counter terrorism] exercises also involving members of both GCSB and NZ Police.

For more information on the Amendment Bill, visit the website of Organising Against State Intelligence Services (OASIS).

Privacy Act requests

273 requests were made under the Privacy Act and the Official Information Act by people who want to obtain their SIS file (compared to 378 requests the previous - the highest number EVER). The SIS response regularly now with a 'neither confirm or deny' the existence of a file. People can then complain to the Ombudsmen or the Privacy Commissioner.

In the review period two complaints were made to the Ombudsmen. One was decided in favour of the NZSIS (as was a complaint carried over from the previous year), and the other was resolved with the release of further information.

Twenty-six people complained to the Privacy Commissioner. Four complaints await resolution, and the remainder (together with a small number carried over from the previous year) were decided in favour of the NZSIS.

This makes makes it crystal clear that going to the Privacy Commissioner is a waste of time, given that they decide in favour of the SIS EVERY SINGLE TIME!


It's also interesting reading

It's also interesting reading about the complaints against the SIS during 2010. Here's the link to an article published originally in the Dom Post January this year, it seems to have disappeared now though.

One complaint was by someone who had their passport 'recalled'.







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