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Large Solidarity Protest with the Egyptian Uprising


Today in Auckland about 1000 people took part in a solidarity march with the current uprising in North Africa and the Middle East. The march began in Aotea square and marched down to the American consulate under the watch of the police whose presence was noticably large. Chants of “out out Mubarak!” and “long live Egypt!” were common as the crowd took over all of Queen Street on the way to the consulate.

Tunisian Intifada Spreads like Wildire |  SA-Stand in solidarity with the Egyptian People

A strong presence from the Egyptian and other Arab communities was supported by groups of socialists, anarchists, green activists and people from the streets that decided to join in. The crowd gathered at the consulate to draw attention to the pathetic U.S response to the situation, playing lip service to respecting protestor rights while at the same time supporting the dictatorship and preserving the status quo. The current Mubarak regime relies on some 1.5 billion dollars of American military aid and is a crucial ally of the U.S and Israel.

Pictures to come...


Video and Photos!/album.php?fbid=186028708095509&id=100000651420214&aid=41547

Why do people put all their

Why do people put all their protest photos on a website like FB and not indymedia anymore? I am not on FB, I refuse to sign up! So please, at least post your photos here too instead of giving me just a link.

Let's support independent media making, let's BE independent media making instead of relying on profit driven website like FB.

yeah I agree

As more and more people have individual blogs and post content on facebook the quieter Indy gets.  Anyways,  I'll post some pictures once I get them emailed to me.


I've only just found your website when I was looking for 'Socialist' and 'Activist' groups and events in Auckland, so I'm a newbie who has no idea how to upload/place pics and videos on your site. I see you have a sign up process so I'll work my way through it. I'm all for sharing my images/videos here, I just wasn't sure how to go about it.

By the way, I noticed that NZ Media, (namely TV 1 News), devoted an entire 2 minutes to the proceedings and didn't even bother filming the final speeches made by the  Egyptian community, so i can fully understand why some groups incite riots in order to get their message across.

I have forwarded my images and video to Al Jazeera, as I mainly want the Egyptin people to see that they have the support of many New Zealanders.


For they are who count the most.

You do have a facebook page, is it used and updated????

Love or hate facebook, it is a STRONG free-speech media, BY the people and FOR the people for spreading the Truth.

A Public Revolution

Face Book was started by a young man who took (stole) the work of two other young men, his classmates. Zuckerberg was employed by them.  He is a thief, but a rich one, with family to support him.  But there we have it, before almighty God it is known. Face Book is a tool of the criminal class within the New Right who use "their" media for special purpose:

On Face Book nothing is private, all information is archived and all relationships between participants are noted.  Not the place to organise a revolution, not when the "enemy" - the super-rich ultra class who have graduated from drug smuggling and a collection of other crimes against society - are watching you so very very closely and even organising many activities of their own.

If you do not already know these declared and published facts (many years now these facts have been in the public arena) it may just go to show what a tossing willy wanker you are.  So tiring to have to read the mind boggling inane stupidy I come across in this forum.  Some of you are either very very foolish or you are agents of the enemy.

FBers are being farmed.

Similar could be said about IndyMedia in that information is retrievable and relationships, locations and so on can be inferred from the data so carelessly entered into the public domain.

American intervention in Egypt?  Nothing new.  That's why they are having a revolution!  Mubarak is a US stooge, Egypt a vassal state. Protest for US involvement, oh yes!  They need to get back in, please, lend your help!

Anti US?  You bet!  Any nation or class on earth that thinks itself superior and dictates to others is shark bait, is dog tucker!  Bend them over and shaft them with a warratah!  Our fathers' fathers fought for freedom.  Now it is our turn.  Any Texan, any Washingtonian, any Virginian who wishes to march in solidarity is welcome to join the fray.  But Federal US, like Federal Europe, like the Roman Empire that once was is an affront to the dignity of man.

Egypt is for Egyptians.  Australia for Australians.

If you want to organise and succeed you must take the enemy by surprise - so do not publish your precise intentions!  Meet in a cafe, go for a walk in the country ... use key phrases that only you and your people understand. Local Action.  Be the man in the little town that rocked the world.  Plan nothing violent. The Army has the skill for that and as you have noted in Egypt, the Armed Forces are made up of common people like me and you and therefore have sympathy for the cause. We have a democratic right to sing empowering songs, to clog up the system with go-slows, mass car convoys, mass toots, private acts like walking down Queen Street wrapped only in a towel.  Get creative!  Have fun!  Make people take notice and earn some respect.

Get put in prison for stating the truth, that many in New Zealand's parliament are career criminals.  Live without decent hair conditioner for a few months.  Suffer the gross indignity of regular meals.

Best wishes for a Happy Revolution,


But Wait...

Answer me these two Questions:

Why does Aotearoa Indymedia have an Official Facebook Page?

What is your affiliation with this website?

I cannot see why using my real name and supporting a group of people to acquire basic, human rights, diginity and democracy, is putting me at risk in any way, and it's definitely not something I'm ashamed of associating with who i really am.

Perhaps I'm naive, I admit that my involvement in activism/socialist Causes is very new.

I have been able to get my information, photos and videos, through to the Egyptian people via Al Jazeera, and it is THOSE people I'm seeking to support and ensure that the US in particular, are aware of the wide-spread global support that is supporting the Egyptian people.

I agree Zuckerberg is a greedy, capitalist wanker, but while facebook and twitter, are permitting transparency and the tools of free-speech and information, both for the Egyptian Citizens and others Internationally, then i shall use that tool.

The information I'm submitted is intended to be seen globally, particularly by the capitalistic pricks in the US government.

I'm simply broadcasting a perspective, if they'd like to put me in jail for that then they can sure as hell go ahead and try.

I do NOT use facebook to organise secret events that the government can sabotage or use as a means for identifying and arresting citizens.


Facebook Aotearoa Indymedia

This page is associated with this website is it not?

If it is, then I'm doing nothing different from Indymedia itself, other than using facebook as a tool to make information transparent.

I do NOT use facebook to organise events that may require illegal activities and/or breaking corrupt, capitalistic laws.

FB and Youtube may well be useful tools ...

Sorry, have real difficulties linking to FB from here, I'm expat (no fresh vegemite for 10 years). Could be network issues or even (more likely) local censorship.  Same for Youtube.  Some countries, in an effort to keep unwanted attitudes out of their faces do the censorship thing, and actually I'm quite ofey with that, though there is a huge hew and cry in the capitalist media. I just think, well, its their country, their culture.  We don't have to all be internationally same-same, all speaking the proscribed esperanto, now do we?  Wouldn't force liquor adverts down the eyeholes of Islamic children.  And we shouldn't have to watch the the Taliban beheading young girls.  The internet can be a bit like having a neighbourhood molesterer living within your child's PC, some may feel.

Nice to see that there is some energy, some communication happening on IndyMedia.  Not long ago it seemed that conversations like those above were stifled (declared as spam and deleted) because it was not the officially proscribed view (our attention is supposed to be absorbed saving fluffy animals while the criminal governing class further plans how to harvest our organs for the transplant trade).

So, more evidence of change :-).  Long as we know where we want to be in the service of others (and so we too are served) all will go well except for trenchfoot and mustard gas burns.

The information is getting out, the change is coming.  We just wait and do a little more each working day. If this is a renewed IndyMedia with a scent of revolution in the air then I am very pleased to be here. Lets do something to make the traumatic loss at Pike River meaningful and not just a sublime tragedy.

And good on the Egyptians for showing that they have not forgotten who they are, among the very first civilised people's on the earth.  They've seen it all before.  And we have too.  Awaking as if from a dream to find it all "Same as it ever was! Same as it ever was!"  Right - lets find my Talking Heads album.

Thank you for you comment, Radical.  I popped in a couple of days ago and saw some of your posts, and was inspired by them.





Pike River

I do understand your stance 'against' facebook and the greedy assholes who are profitting from it, but it can also serve as a vital media tool for communication and for offering support to worthwhile Causes, and while it remains free, I shall use it.

For example, I belong to a facebook group that is currently supporting the Pike River miners, there's vigorous healthy debate going on there about the government's stance, (or lack thereof), in this issue.

To date a vast amount of money has been raised via facebook users, to support the Pike River families with funeral costs, incomes, recovery costs and ongoing legal costs.

I'm a Socialist who opposes ALL people and organisations who are capitalistic and who profit from the poverty of others, I'm also a member of the Socialist Party NZ and the Workers Party, both of these organisations use facebook to announce their events, point out Abuse of Power, and to rally people onside to fight injustice.

In saying that, I'm extremely hesitant to release camera/video footage of the many meetings and events I attend, due to the hostile response I have received from members here.

This might account for why members submit their information elsewhere.


Thanks - not all is lost!

Thanks Paul - not all is lost here! Yes, sadly there are a number of fringe dwellers that have created many smallish action groups preferring to cater for a few dozen (perhaps a few hundred) supporters all over Auckland.

But I am also inspired by some actions Unite Union, Socialist Aotearoa and so take.

This forum can well do with a bit more invigorating rather than too many establishing their individual blogs and forums. That is OK, but it is better to maintain a more widely used forum and express views, positions and announce some actions on it.

Otherwise we end up having a kind of "tower of Babel" scenario where lack of sufficient unity and common focus leads to a total collapse of true opposition and activism.

I do not mind using YouTube or Facebook for certain purposes, but Egypt has showed us that it is idiotic to rely on these. They can quickly be shut down, censored or manipulated. Not only the owners are some form of threat, it is the fact that almost every leading mainstream politician now has their own FB profile and website.

The internet can be very useful, but one needs to use it critically and carefully, in order not be be misinformed rather than truly informed. I am sure most here understand that danger.

With all the new media the users can be traced and tracked by modern technical means, so if any secret service or other hostile agency wants to and knows how to "profile" and persecute people, they certainly can.

Even using ATM's, the bank or credit cards at supermarkets and so can make our lives totally transparent, which so many out there tend to forget and not worry about. In some ways we are more "controlled" than it was possible in some past dictatorship.

A true activist and revolutionary is absolutely mindful of all this. So wake up and stay awake is the motto. Get out of the comfort zone and mental lull. Stimulate the grey matter between the ears, that can change the lives for so many in a positive manner.

Not Small Offshoot Groups

Not all facebook groups are small, offshoot groups of people who are disorganised and unco-ordianated. The Pike River Support Group for example has some 64,000 New Zealand members and has received a substantial amount of donations, inclusive of free legal support.

I can fully understand how people covet the concept of 'Keeping things small and cohesive', it reminds me of when I used to Admin  an 'Alternative Software' bulletin board quite a few years ago and was involved with a group of reverse engineers.

But times have changed, torrents for example have replaced the need for infiltrating servers, boards are held on international mirror sites but are no longer private, all information and or 'resources' can now be freely accessed by those who are interested or in need.

Where a tool can be used to offer global transparency of information, particular photographic, video and documentation, then I'm all for it being used.

Al jazeera for example now have access to my photos and video footage, so the Egyptian community here can let their relatives back in Egypt know that they DO in fact have the support of many New Zealanders.

The NZ Media refused to publish the information because the Rally went peacefully...

Sure, events that might involve occupying government buildings etc, need to be conducted with due care and anonyminity, but events that require public support, or information that unveils abuse of power and political corruption, need to be able to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Unfortunately, Indymedia does not permit this to happen.

Additionally, Egypt may have closed their servers and internet, but thanks to both Twitter AND Facebook, their stories are still getting through.

Where there's a will there's a way.

And that's all that counts.

Al Jazeera and the BBC

Al Jazeera is an excellent crowd to get in with.  I remember how they were set up by sidelined talent from the BBC.  Oh, its a big big world and still an English speaking one.  Long live the Queen :-).

Oh, is there a spam lock on IndyMedia targetted at the BBC website?  I have some suspicions - I tried to link to a BBC article a while back and though there was nothing to I was doing or had done recently to trigger a spam lock, that is what happened ... made me remember how I had heard things said about the true affiliations of the IndyMedia editorial collective ... hope I was I wrong!

But so often over the last few years I have noted time and again how there seemed to be some perverse (organised) attitudes on display in this 'public' forum.  It seems to me, or it has seemed (hope I was wrong and misinformed) that 'peer pressure' techniques are used to 'massage' opinion toward the desired 'goal'. And that goal is the fracturing of our united front, the promulgation of misinformation.  Rather military, don't you think?  But is there is a war on. And not for the first time a petty bureaucrat hiding in a Pentagon latrine may have thought to usurp the War on Terror for his filthy arrogant mega-wealthy partners' Class Struggle agenda.

But the 'special relationship' between England and the US is unique and robust.  And it includes us. England and all the British Commonwealth, including the independant united states in northern America arose to meet the threat from a cabal of mega-wealthy fascist gangsters in ALLIANCE with the Communists of the Soviet Union and Chairman Mao's Red Army. 

I live and work in the north of China on the border with North Korea - connected to local government and also, through channels, to Beijing, London and clean tidy offices staffed by good God fearing men in Washington.  I am a point spokesman for a UK paramilitary police unit that has a special interest in counter-terrorism.  We are on the border with North Korea, which is nuclear armed. Another partner is 'ex' Homeland Security.  A primary partner is a Russian, a former Soviet, who moves mysteriously and can never be seen clearly even in good light.  All, just like me, are doing a job. Success does not hinge on us, it is just that we have the job for now to see what we can make of it until we are relieved.

I work (our project is based within) Chairman Mao's old Changchun Film Studio. So, if Bin Laden's orange peeler turns up with a bad attitude he can be arrested at gun point and no-one would be the wiser, as we are just making a movie :-).  We like peace up here in the industrial powerhouse centre of 5 major regional economies all in agreement that we shall industriously furnish supplies for the gathering revolutionary armies of the world.  And we will be making entertainment, comedy, music to play during demonstrations. Or at least we will be once the foreign talent we need begins to arrive in force, or at least sends us their material so that we may use it through our own channels.

I was (many years ago) on the Working Committee for Peace Movement Aotearoa before it was usurped.  I still believe in Peace, very much - but can see now most clearly how Peace can only be maintained by strong fences and lockable doors, with the inherent threat of justice.

Best wishes,


Long time no see ...

Radical, it seems like over 20 years I have not met anyone who speaks the way you do about ATMs, credit cards and the silent government.

Of course, if we are within the law there is nothing to fear, surely, but for private organisations misusing information that they aquire by 'legal' or outright nefarious means.

And surely, it is our right to maintain our dignity in our voluntary compact of association with government and to maintain the ability to withdraw cooperation should the circumstance warrant it.

We are English.  We kill our kings when they no longer fit for purpose.

Here's an idea for a scout group to make some money.  Set the boys up outside shopping malls charging 50c to 'detag' anything that people bring by.  I am referring to the RF tags that are increasingly being deployed, that are read at a distance for tracking purposes.  Do you have those in NZ yet?  Are you sure?  Let the boys in the scouting movement help to put your mind at ease :-).

Oh, every little bit counts.  Death by a thousand cuts.  Grab the corporate monster by the balls and pluck its hairs out one by one.  The brothers will be along to decapitate the beast in good time.  But at this stage the game is still fun, even children can play.

Best wishes,



Congratulations - this is one of the posts I would like to read more of in this forum. At least it is down to earth analysis, knowledge and pragmatism. Also thank you for some refreshing ideas and suggestions. Maybe some others get inspired by such comments.

Above comment was to 'Alliance'

Just to clarify: My above comment was directed to 'Alliance'!

Please see above ...


Oh ... my attempt to save time (and hence connection fee) has backfired. I replied to your gracious note graciously but it is buried in the text of the reply above.

But just to infer again - so pleasantly invigorating to find myself in the company of other's with like heart.  Not the philandering wet dreaming willy wankers that usually show up here in force to suppress miltant humourists like us.




My previous experiences with Indiemedia NZ leads me to the conclusion that the site has been hijacked by a particular interest group and the actions of those who edit the site have nothing to commend them. They are rude and abusive to those who they do not like. This of course is all done anonymously and out of the public sight.

No wonder the site is losing visitors. indiemedia NZ is a disgrace when compared with Indiemedia globally.

Sadly I must agree

Although I have at times used 'robust" comments and disagreed wholeheartedly with certain posts, I must agree that this forum is lacking in input and participation. I was hopeful at some stage that there could be some active and lively debate here.

Sadly some shy away from debate, because they are so one-sided and cannot really "discuss" or "debate" due to being so locked into 'doctrines' or "ideologies', to be committed to fringe group thinking of all sorts, not really being open minded and tolerant, so that they choose to move.

That to me is nothing by lack of courage and stamina.

At the same time I withnessed many provocateurs and unidentified troublemakers frequent this forum, but they should have been addressed and shut up by the editors and other posters. Sadly so many seem to be "namby pandy" these days, nobody really has any guts any more to really speak out, argue and take decisive action.

That is the very ill of this society here in Aotearoa. Too many sectarians, too many life stylers, too many fashion or fad activists, too many dishonest BS'ers, too many materialists, too many shopaholics, too many consumerists and too many without REAL principles and any understanding of activism or revolution.

So what do you expect with such realities in this hopeless society?

If people cannot even argue, take issue, take a stand and express themselves convincingly, how the hell is this ever going to bring about anythin? It seems failure by the spectators leads the stage participants to close shop!?

We are mobilising ...

Radical, people not caring enough to do anything, the apathy thing, the "well, lets just watch a video" thing, going shopping, its just natural, the human condition.  Every captain of his thousand has had to deal with the same problems throughout history.

Armies are mobilised by making them fun places to be.  The common man may well rise to become a Prime Minister, but first he probably needs to think that an adoring groupie will give him a hand job - a mean, he'll be helped by the hand of the group. In an army we help each other. 

The ones who walk out front, like you and me, doing point, take these risks in the knowlege that others behind us who are hidden will destroy the enemy that shows himself to attack us.  And so the army advances.

We can't just expect people to do the right thing.  There's only a few of us out in front (the young Lieuftenants) who must go over the top and face the enemy to inspire our own to follow.  We do it, not because we are told, but because it turns us on.

Riots tend to attract people because they are even more fun than a free shag.  The flash-mob thing being done through Facebook is dangerous. It will result in mass slaughter.  Great multitudes of unprotected civilians on the streets is an open invitation for a classic fascist response.  The cunts that govern us love that sort of thing, they love power and control, they expect fear and obedience. We don't want to go there, do we?  There are so many other ways.

We do not need those violently inclined people in our ranks, not in that frame of mind.  We need the mothers, the fathers, their children and their grandparents to join the movement in physical strength, to do the little annoying things that will wear our enemy down  - the civil disobedience, like late payment of bills, displaying caustic bumber stickers, wearing tee shirts, wearing a certain flower on a certain day, boycotting made in USA. There are still many who remember the rumours about the assassination of our Prime Minister Norman Kirk - they just need to be shown what to do, not told.

There is nothing to be gained from making martyrs of New Zealanders.  Obvious.  We have the  Pike River Working Class Heroes mouldering away and you useless cunts still cannot get your hands off of your own pricks.

In New Zealand and Australia, we must use other methods.  Civil disobedience is quite enough and a lot of fun.  If we risk a defeat in a street battle (and we will be defeated here) then what spirit is left in our people will be broken.  That is the plan, the enemy's fervent sweaty hope.

They have been very clever.  The plan is to push push push slowly slowly slowy - until an entire people are spilt away from a Protestant dominated mindset to an American Catholic mindset.  And they are nearly halfway there.

By allowing the rest of the world, particulary China and Russia to believe that New Zealand is an open and free democracy the US authorities that govern us almost won their Pysops war for total world domination.  But they are fucked.  The Chinese and the Russians are onto their game, we all are.  Only you useless civilian cunts with your heads thrust so far up your own arses with pride and drunken abandon are missing history as it unfolds around you.

World War Three is here, you fucking useless arseholes! Get your shit in order!

Time to crack it back and hack some heads off (metaphorically speaking).

Sqeaky doors get oiled.  Rioters get greased.


Best wishes,




If what was still is then ...

... may be little for it but to trace their IPs and begin a campaign of significant discomfort.  But they've been good recently (or just distracted?). 

We need a forum that isn't Fbook. And I use the F here in the most derogatory sense, it may all be a bit too common, not just in the pocket of the corporates.  Fancy trying to give out a good idea and being answered by @fart and @beer.

At least with Indiemedia we know that both the CIA and MI6 can keep each other under watch and as long as we plan no violence all will go well.  

Indiemedia can serve as a Beatnik cafe while we plan out the vague shape and flexible height of the barricades (publicly, so that all may know our general intention).  The specifics, of course, are kept close to heart.  As the Duke of Wellington commented before Waterloo - if he thought his hair knew what his head was thinking he'd shave it off.

War is here.  Lets have fun.




Aucklander's Support The Egyptian Uprise

okay, I'm new at this kind of formatting, so cut me some slack and just delete this comment if it doesn't work out. ;)

I'd have uploaded it direct to your website, only I can't figure out how to.


Using YOUTUBE??? you

Using YOUTUBE??? you imperalistic slimy dog, don't you know that was started by capitilist neo nazi scum who stole it off some romanian gypsies??

The whole thing makes you realise how lucky we are to live in such a country like N.Z and how pathetic the people who whine about our existence is here..



Oh For Fucks Sakes

indymedia uses Facebook

how the fuck else am I supposed to link videos on here??? All there is, is a video code but no uploading facility.


Forget it, I'll pull the whole lot down.

This site stinks of privatisation, you want to collect information but you don't want to make it transparent and share it.

Well you can't have your cake and eat it too.

i was trying to help out providing source material for the article, but scew it, you people here are worse than fucking Hitler.

kiwially, don't give up on

kiwially, don't give up on indymedia just because of one comment (which has now been hidden btw).

it's fine putting up youtube videos. we currently can't upload videos to the site, but we are hoping to do find a solution in the next few months.

indymedia uses a FB page that simply uses a RSS feed of the feature stories. so we don't work on it, but just use it as a tool to reach maybe a few more people. but we certainly encourage people to publish their photos and news here, on the indymedia website.


smush (a member of the editorial collective)

And for the record

I am not moaning about our existence here, I'm moaning about THEIR existence there, you get an F for your comprehension skill, asshat.

Revolutions gathering pace, but where will it lead to?

Clearly the whole Arab World and even Iran are in turmoil now, and it is NO surprise to anyone who knows about the realities in those countries.

I am concerned that we have these "revolutions" but that it will be leading to a new "upper class" (internet savvy, well educated and with some opportunities to get somewhere after all) that will take control and hold.

This has happened so often, whether it was after the "American Revolution", the "French Revolution", the revolution in Germany and some other countries around the mid 19th century and later.

In an over populated world there will be an endless potential for unrest and new revolutions to come, where resources are getting scarce.

The end-result is unknown and could mean more troubles.

Only an enlightened, collective, responsible, sustainable and just change of affairs will bring the improvements we need all over the world. That will mean that the better off have to sacrifice and the worse off be patient for the improvements they deserve. I fear that this is an idealistic expectation, so we should ready ourselves for a repeat of fascism, nationalism, wars, neo-colonialism and the worst of human behaviour.

There will be a need to separate the truth from untruth, the worthy and just from the unworthy and injust and so forth.

NZ will be affected too, whether day dreamers believe this or not. This globalised planet is smaller and more inter-linked now than many may realise.

So I feel we must be mindful to support the progressive, fair, socially responsible, democratic and humane forces everywhere.

To discern this will be another challenge.

Those that parade up and down Broadway in Newmarket or Queen St with the latest make-up, dress, newest fads, stick the plugs in their ears to listen to ipods and ignore the rest of the world around them will have the most radical awakening to come soon.

Blood is still blood, sweat is still sweat, flesh is flesh, bones are bones and the material world still determines ultimately where and how we live. Hence Karl Marx is as current and valid as ever before.

Take this on board, wake up and take action now and for the future to safeguard that the human race is taken to the enlightened social order that can only save us all from utter self-destruction.

Where will it lead to?

Radical, it will lead to death and mayhem, in some places more than others.  New Zealand and Australia are good places to ride out the storm, as is Asia, Africa, South America.  There will be trouble everywhere, but a few key areas will see more strife than others.

There will be nuclear detonations.  Possibly in Pakistan, certainly in the Middle East, guaranteed in military zones of the USA and unfortunately there will be nothing for it but to pepper parts of Europe with them too (and biological agents).

It is, for us, a conflict alike to the Roman Civil War, part 3 of the same war that started in 1914.  The Empire (western civilisation) will not perish, but the leadership will change.  It is government by fascist cunts now.  The future is government by benign wankers. 

The fascist cunts want the dissolution of national borders (even though they pretend to enhance nationalism by letting us play rugby and cricket).  Benign wankers are old-school, who believe that nations have the right to their own soveriegn borders.  Britain does deals with Gaddafi - the yanks just try to dominate, murder, steal and rape.  Britian was the heart and soul of the industrial revolution, much of modern science.  The yanks just imported Nazi war criminals and went to the Moon with bloodied war booty money gifted them by the defeated Axis powers in return for cooperation.

Old bones, Radical. Ancient Celtic hearts have not forgotten the American rape of French Indochine. 

Please remember, the Communists were our allies. It was the Nazi cunts that hated the Soviets, that hated all things Communist.  And, just as the war was closing with the fascist generals of the US in command (ethnic German Ike Isenhower) we were forced to temporarily abandon our friends.  Marx wrote Das Kapital in London!

Please remember, Lennin was a war weapon deployed by the Germans into Russia, like a virus.  Ayotollah Khomeini was nurtured in Paris before the Islamic Revolution (in formally French controlled Iran, which had also been taken over by the Americans).  The Egyptian leader of the Opposition has been nurtured in London. The Revolution in Tunisia was quite likely helped along quite nicely by the French Secret Service (but we have no poof of this, of course).

In 1973 Norman Kirk was assasinated by the Americans.  We, a soveriegn independent British Commonwealth nation was forcibably annexed by the Americans via a coup that included bloody murder.  The British stepped back, and 'admitted defeat' by allowing our Prime Minister to die in a Hospice that is for the terminally ill.  But whoever has ever heard of a heart patient being sent to a Hospice?  The doctors in a regular hospital will never give up on you until the very end.  And so we were informed.  And so detailed plans were laid, that I had the good fortune to gain access to while they were still being put about as part feel-good right under the noses of the fascist cunts who (still) can not bring themselves to understand that we are ardently pig fucking serious. And so Loyalists have these many years been biding our time, polishing our boots, and sharpening our fascist pig stickers.  There shall be blood. 

The professionals are well prepared with robust plans that have been stored in plain brown manilla folders buried deep in the Archives.  Rather than meet the fascist Americans head to head we are hacking them to bits a little piece at a time.  A nationalistic civil insurrection within New Zealand and Australia ranks highly in our hopes and expectations.  Cooperative spirits will not be forgotten.

They have lost (are losing) strategic command of the Middle East.  We can't trumpet it in the newspapers that Fascist America is being sent to the dogs, that milliions are going to perish.  But we can write stories like "Alien News from Deep Space - Thunderheart War Prophets of Zerozone" that pretty much lay out the broad shape of the plan for global Armageddon.

We will never surrender.  We only pretend to.  Did you not know that Chamberlain's famous "Peace in our time" was just a ruse? Britain was secretly re-arming at the time.  We're not stupid.

And so shit-for-brains wise arses like me left our peaceful sleepy shores as you were all farting in your dreams of endless hambugers while being finger fucked by our fascist government.  We left for countries like China to help establish trade links to supply the Revolution with materiel support.  And Her Majesty obliged us by forcibly cracking the New Zealand Government's head against mainland China and so strategically created a free trade treaty so we can supply you with whatever you need.  I would like our Revolutionary Corps and Communard Homesteaders to be well supplied with medicines and emergency rations so that you may stick it out, or join up and help us.

This message, Radical, will not self destruct.  And if it is deleted there will be an accounting.  For you may guess by now that fate has led me to be someone who knows people who know people and that my job is to sound out a continous old-word note of nationalist chivalry while you all run around like chickens with your heads thrust up each other's arseholes without a fucking clue.  And once I am done and buried dead then another shall take my place, for that is Army life.

Best wishes,




Re post above -

The point I wanted to make with this was not so much emphasising the ideas of LaRouche, but rather the correct analysis of the late Polish revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg about the Accumulation of Capital. It is interesting to follow the example "Egypt" that she used. Somehow it explains what goes on in the world of finance and economics, and it shows that Egypt has intentionally been pushed into economic dependence and servitude by "colonial" and imperial powers and their banks - well over a 100 years ago.

The revolutions of recent will not change any of this at all, and it is to be expected that further unrest will inevitably follow in years to come.


Quite understand your concerns about what 'appears' to be a revolution just in fact being a bit of dressing up, a bit of a dance.  But it is, I understand, our dance. Whereas the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine and others in recent years was their dance. Esentially, the fascists got hold of the game plan and have attempted to mobilise popular support for subversive insurrections in the name of freedom (yet those who take power in them are Western friendly and quickly sell off their nations to corporate multinationals). We note that those 'revolutions' have already been rolled back, it has not been as easy as the early euphoria suggested. In history they are already almost becoming a footnote.

What we have seen in Egypt is the rout of the US imperialists and the return of a more benign capitalist power structure that is tolerant of socialist ideals.  Wise capitalists understand that cooperative enterprise can be very effecient producers of wealth.  So it doesn't matter to them.  But the imperialists want total control, uniformity, ownership, servitude.

Also, as the Muslim Brotherhood are our Muslims.  The stage is rapidly being refurnished all throughout the Middle East for the unification of Arab resolve to attack Israel.  Israel will quickly note that it is surrounded and the US is no longer in a strategic position to render assistance.  The 5th fleet is already under severe threat from a new breed of Iranian rocket propelled torpedo.  You don't think the French have been helping them, do you?  All those years, an entire generation under a US led embargo, yet the Iranians still produce state-of-the-art military equipment.

The future for New Zealand could include communes, kibbutz style farms, more of the Share Milking ethic.  Real salt in the wound for a nation raping American imperialist, but, hey, there's a class war on, called World War III, and we are just going to have to learn to post guards.

But you jolly-tosser jack the lads, still too busy with the booze ups to realise that the world is changing for the better (therefore we shall pass through Hell).

My abuse is not aimed at you, Radical, but at the blessed ignoramuses who might just happen to read our discussions and find their sleepy eyelids cracking open a wee tad.

'Cause you know, sleeping beauty might not be disturbed from her slumber by a gentle kiss.  She'll keep on dreaming.  She probably needs her nose tweaked or a bucket of iced water sloshed in her face. We can apologise after she has woken up and realised that the house is on fire.