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From Tunis to Cairo - Revolution in the air


Yesterday, we were all Tunisian; today, we are all Egyptian, and tomorrow, we will all be free!

((i)) - 29.01.11: Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and in many Egyptian towns and cities in one of the biggest protests seen so far in the country and with intense confrontations with state security forces. Major protests started on January 25 and hundreds were wounded during street battles with the police with five confirmed deaths. [ CONTINUE ]

((i)) - 16.01.11: Tunisian President Zine El-Abedine Ben Ali has been overthrown by a people's power uprising that has built momentum over the last 4 weeks, culminating in a large rally and protest on January 14 that was attacked by riot police. Ben Ali attempted major concessions, but they were too little and too late. After 23 years in power, Ben Ali and family fled the country to Saudi Arabia, joining former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin who was also given refuge in this middle eastern state. [ CONTINUE ]

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Any chance of a protest here at vodafone's ties to Mubarak's regime and the fact that they cut off the internet in Egypt?

Surely there are some internet freedom ppl who will join too


Well - with all respect, what kind of "revolution" is this supposed to be? It is simply an uprising of the disaffected - not much more. What regime will take over from Mubaraq in Egypt? Who is behind the "revolution"? Like in Tunisia it is an uprising without much concept and no proper organisation. It will simply result in another clique of politicians taking over that now may claim to represent the interests of the population, but ultimately will establish their own elitarian system. The masses want jobs, they want sufficient income to pay for bread and other food, they want a reasonable living existence. How is this all going to change the economic realities. Pushing out of power the present elite is good, but without any concept, plan, organisation and sufficient common support behing a uniting force all this is just like a rock concert where the fans of booed the non-performing band off the stage, nothing more.

And I see and hear the "revolutionary spirit" lapping over to the shores of Aotearoa now???!

The vast majority here continues to live in delusion and false security, until the shit will one day hit the fan. But really, it will not come that bad after all. This country will simply be taken over quietly by new economic masters that will replase the traditional "masters". That is about all I expect in this sadly so passive and dull place.

Sorry to spoil your excitement - I am a realist.

New Zealand troops should


THere are so many idiots posting here it is not funny. What has come of the so called revolution in Cairo? We have mayhem, intimidation, near civil war. That was to be expected. This whole protest oranised via Facebook, twitter and so are idiots total! You cannot rely on any organised revolution by means of superficial capitalist media. You are IDIOTS! I know what I am talking about. The Facebook, twitter and other generation is the most dumbed down, manipulated and corrupted capitalist clientele that think they have power. You are dependent on media that controls you! You better wake up and organise differently, or you will be lost and enslaved for long. Good luck.

Revolution is down the root!

If you want to survive in this world, learn the basics from the peasants, the workers and servants. If you think that you can be part of a society that is class orien tated and belong to the elite, you are a lost soul. Learn to be part of the real people and down to earth natural beings on this planet. If you cannot do this you may be too much elite to be friend with us. Good luck. Hunal Cahira, we are with you and will fight the thugs that try to kill the revolution of people. Long live Egypt al Muttahida!

Follow the link given above

Follow the link given above you idiot. There are 27 NZ troops serving in the Sinai peninsula as part of the Multinational Force and Observers.

With respect for your post re MFO

The Multinational Force and Observers is clearly not a UN force due to objections of the previous USSR and Syria to establishing and funding it. These days it would probably even get UN support, because it ensures that a peace between Egypt and Israel exists and is maintained. That is their sole purpose. So what difference does it make to withdraw those few New Zealanders presently serving for this unit? It is again sensationalistic, ideological grand standing that you pursue, it does not represent anything of common sense value.

With the events taking place as they are that force may soon become obsolete anyway. What will be the result though if change leads to the Muslim Brotherhood getting control of political affairs and even rule in Egypt? Then we may have another war. Is that what you want?

I despise the Mubarak regime and the inherent corruption in Egypt. I know that Muslim organisations may be less corrupt. Yet we have a country and society that is on the brink and does not need more radicalisation to it's disadvantage. There are about 10 per cent of Egyptians that are Coptic Christians. The Muslim Brotherhood would give them less consideration than the present regime.

Yet Coptic Christians and others in Egypt have been discriminated agains for decades.

The unrest and revolution as it is called is largely led by intellectuals and the disaffected middle class of professionals and students. They do though belong to the better off Egyptians.

Despite of corruption, but due to subsidies provided and other policies the peasants outside of Cairo have been looked after reasonably by the present regime. They would have more of a struggle if there will be more capitalism introduced under the pretext of liberalisation and democratisation. Hence who will ultimately benefit? Is this the uprising of the peasants, farmers and labourers of the Nile valley? No it is not! Those that can afford the internet, Twitter, Facebook and so forth are not the ordinary Egyptians. They are struggling to get basic food on the table though.

A true revolution would put their interests before the disaffected middle class enjoying a little less privileges than they may have over recent years. We do not need Twitter, Facebook and so for every Egyptian, we need a livelihood, basic incomes, a chance for education, healthcare and a secure home for everybody. That is what is being forgotten here in this media hyped supposed "revolution". I hear nobody talk anymore about the 'revolution" in Tunisia now. Soon we will hear that some improvements were made for a selection of the populace, but not really for the poor and peasants.

I feel your excitement and arguments are flawed and unjustified. Hence my anti position. More is needed than this what we see to really make a change. Maybe some smallish brains cannot comprehend this?

Good luck anyway!

Revolution is not for fainthearted and student wet dreamers

If you really believe in and have a revolution you better study history. Liebknecht, Rosa Luxemburg, Lenin and so forth may give some ideas. Che Guevara had a good shot also. So where do you get your spirit and experience from? Learn the hard way and take the knocks that will come with it. It is not a wet dream experience of middle class illusionary lunatics. That is what is needed. Maybe spend a night in a cold police cell. Do you like it? No, you will not. But tha t is what is required to be prepared. Look at Cairo now. The secret service creates turmoil. All are il prepared. That is a FAILED revolution - due to lack of organisation!

Revolution is Fun

It could be, it doesn't have to be quite so dangerous as it appears.  Mahatma Ghandi did a good job without losing too many of his people.  Disorganised mob violence is not my cup of tea, I tell you!  Too too too easy for others to step in an assume control without a first well publicised list of demands, a manifesto.

There is no need for a unified manifesto - no need to surrender freedom to a committee of people who may (or may not) be genuine.  Just make sure that you tell the world what you are fighting for before you take the field. 

My manifesto may not be the same as your manifesto, but we have common ground!  In unity there is strength.  And after, we can discuss the particulars and move our positions where needed, as we do in a democracy.

Organise against and eliminate the Business Round Table cabal of career crimininals who have infected our government.  Do it now.

Sing songs!  Car convoys!  Mass toots!  Internet hacking (leaving messages) and jam the airwaves with inspiring broadcasts - mass poster campaigns.  These are all safe, socially acceptable, and effective.  Squeaky doors get oiled.  Rioters get greased.

Best wishes for an entertaining revolution which you won't have because you are pussies.  The Pike River miners condemn you for your lax forgetfulness - we all must struggle to be free and to defend freedoom.  Ours was stolen by sneak theives.  Get up, rise up and (metaphorically) smash some heads in.



Just to mention: I have been to Egypt

To those that seem to know best, I can simply state that I have been to Egypt, seen the wide spread poverty, the immense income gap, but also enjoyed the very great hospitality and generosity of even the poorest there. A labourer working on a building site that took a lunch break even spoke to me walking by and offered me part of his meal to share with him. He would not be one of the people that could afford internet or anything similar. He was a genuine, faithful and sharing person that believed in the good of people, no matter where you come from. Most Egyptians are like that.

I met the peasants outside of Al Cahira and they greeted me, respected me and treated me with great hospitality. That is Egypt. Sadly due to a police state, corruption and the pressures of modern day economics punishing the weakest of the weak this all seems to have changed and is part of the cause that this "revolution" is happening.

Media hyped "revolution" has resulted in de facto Military rule

Well that was the "great revolution" in the Nile Valley!?

Today the Egyptian High Military Council announced that the present government and cabinet stays in power until a "transition" to a civilian government will have been prepared and conducted.

No date or time frame have been given. International treaties and commitments will be upheld and it is still unclear when a new constitution will be ready, what it will look like, when elections will eventually be held and what it will all look like!

In the meantime the 400,000 military with about the same number of reservists will control the country, in which it has a very strong political and economic foothold.

The military does own large land-holdings, companies and has control over a fair share of the economy. It looks well after its officers that have been privileged over decades.

The Minister of Defence was and remains to be a loyal supporter of president Mubarak, and it was only the unavoidable realisation that Mubarak could no longer be held as the Commander in Chief and President that the military finally withdrew support and obviously made a deal with him that he could not deny.

While many demonstrators seeing themselves as "revolutionaries" are still celebrating, life will return to something similar to what it was like before. The elite (upper class owning business and other capital interests), which includes the military leadership, will do all necessary to direct things in a manner that will ensure their safety, privileges and well-being.

Truth is nothing much has really changed at all. People have to go back to work and earn a living. For most that is pure and very basic survival with rising food prices. I wonder how many peasants working the land actually were part in the movement?

The rubbish has piled up and it will take weeks to clear. Enormous economic loss has taken place, and guess, who will have to foot the bill and make the sacrifices to get things running again?

Forget stupid Facebook, Twitter and such style "Revolutions". Get down to basics and organise a true change of social and economic realities. It does not happen by simply shouting in the streets!

Long Planned For ...

Oh, yes, there has been a Revolution in Egypt. And about time we had ours here too!

Very much an Egytian revolution by a great and ancient people.

What is the history to it? Did this happen suddenly? Was there not, actually, a well nurtured plan for revolutions in the Middle East, as part of the "War on Terror"?

I can explain, and I shall, if only you have the patience to bear with me.

After the end of WWII, the entire world fell under the sway of the US, which, from 1950, was unashamedly publicly governed by an ethnic Gernman, who, surrounded by German advisors, as a Catholic, was blessed by the Pope and given finance to run for election. Modern history, for us, starts there.

The Catholic Church maintained close cooperative links with the Axis Powers during the war. The Vatican Bank was set up in 1942 as the tide of fortune turned against the Axis. They came up with a new plan, bribery and corruption. Traitors were bought. An entire nation was purchased. Formally Alliance coopertive regions, like Egypt, fell under the new regime.

The news media of the western world were seized as tools of fascist propaganda. But they could not move quickly to establish their global empire, only softly-softly, because, we of the British Commonwealth and Allied Nations, did, all said and done, win the bloody war!

The Free Press in New Zealand was delivered a death blow in 1984 when it was forcable exposed to foreign ownership and control. But, is there hope, perhaps the old guard behind "Scoop" are keeping the flame alive ... our revolutionary war is also being fought in cyberspace, after all. There are havens of truth along with the nests of lies.

Through propaganda of US domination and of the inevitability of the New World Order (a Papist slogon translated from Latin that appears on the currency of the US, along with "In God We Trust" that was added by Ike Isenhower) the secret government that holds our elected representatives in thrall have been resisted at every step by our own secret government promoted social rebellion.

Just as they have done recently in North Africa, as earlier advised (if you were listening). The anti fascist capitalist insurgency in India is also one of ours. So now you know where you want to go if you want to join up for the struggle.

But hey, why the hurry. You know that professional SAS soldiers are there in mufti lending a hand. They train. There are plenty of locals for cannon fodder.

So, why not get off your arses and do something closer to home?

Remember Pike River! Those men died for corporate greed. Seek out our oppressors and throw them down! Organise! March! Gather! Have sex parties and bong carving competitions, make music, sing songs, free your minds, cease to allow yourselves to be governed by a government of Lies. Rise up and show the world that you are still men. We must prove to our ancestors that we are worthy of them, as the Egyptians have so proudly done.

The Hippy Movement was started in France, made to order, as planned in the closing stages of World War II and through England it spread to the USA. A generation of proudly independent but largely ill educated "shoot first" Americans have been brought into the global community mind. See how the US has been forced to run from Egypt, see how they have been pushed into accepting the will of the people. For they cannot be seen to actively appose democracy, now can they?

The New Age movement started in England, and again, through these non violent cultural revolutionary means entire cultures have been changed for the better - the antidote to fascist controlled media.

The "War Against Terrorism" is largely fake. All the big grand hits that have inspired the "enemy" have been false flag ops by the black operatives of the secret government. England is content to have peace and free trade with Muslim nations, even the Taliban, in their own domain. But the fascists require total domination. Its all about resources, oil, gold ... same is it ever was, same as it ever was (David Byrne, Prophet, Talking Heads).

There is a war on, there has been a war on, total war, since 1914. Nearly 100 years, and if you know history, this is nothing new. The "30 Years War" and the "100 Years War" were fought for similar reasons by the people of the time. Just like the Battle of Britain, the Spanish Armada, and the English Civil War. Oh yes, we have the enemy within!

And we have fascist perverts in New Zealand. Seek them out and stove their heads in with a sharpened warratah (metaphorically speaking). Rise up your militant spirit with gentle hands. Strike with your mouth! Rend with your keyboard. Remember Mathama Ghandi, "remember the plume" of Te Whiti (Neil Finn, Prophet, Crowded House).

At this time the BBC is probably in the control of the High Command, if anybody is interested in my considered and well advised opinion that is gathered partly from my working association with interests remotely connected to all of this. But that may change as the tides of fortune swing against us, as anticipated. Everything has been planned for, do not be alarmed.

A recent clear example of the old plans in action is the film, "The King's Speech" which was ordered also during the closing stages of WWII, to be deployed in the here and now. It tells the story of a man, our King, who was handicapped but managed, against the odds, just to get out of bed and do his bloody job.

American foreign policy tends toward domination, they consider themselves the modern Romans, just as Hitler and the Kaiser before him tried to reestablish the Roman Empire. Modern English foreign policy tends toward diplomatic cooperation, against Federalism, away from Empire. You will remember that New Zealand achieved independence long ago, the Irish before us. Ghandhi was in high level discussions about India before WWII. It serves English capitalist (and socialist) aspirations to trade freely with free peoples. We reject slavery, we embrace the green economy. We support the Welfare State.

Remember, if you will (can you?) that the Soviet Union and the Red Army of Chairman Mao were our allies in last hot phase of the Great War, and they still are, for the same reasons. In the first war, Japan was an ally. And now it is again. But in 1920 the fascists in the US were powerful, they took Japan hostage from the Alliance. President Wilson was very difficult to deal with.

By the end of the Great Depression the US government was in Alliance hands again with Roosevelt, but before the end of the war, he was assassinated.

JFK was one of ours. And they assassinated him. Also Nixon? Modern and current US Presidents shall be judged by history. Whether good or bad, they are just doing a job as spokesmen, and the US is an oligarchy, run by patriarchs who manipulate democracy, like the patriarchs of ancient Rome. But nothing is so simple as the US fascist glee club would like to believe in the Land of the Free.

And so they are learning today in Egypt, and soon in New Zealand if only you can show a little bit of spunk.

Our own Prime Minister Norman Kirk, a left wing Hippy so he seemed to many at the time, was assassinated by the CIA, or should I say, the fascist branch of the CIA. The filth is now everywhere, in parliament, in churches ... Clean it up! Get off your arses and stop taking that sheep drench poison that is melting your brains, depriving you of rebellious independent spirit. Take your hands out from playin pocket billiards and get down to work, one man one job, just get it done one day at a time.

Now, why can we be so sure that the Egyptian Revolution is genuine and that it is also a green light for us to also (at long last) have ours?

Many Egyptian military officers train at Sandhurst Military Academy in the UK, where Winston Churchill and all the English greats have studied. Have many trained in the US? Egypt - UK links are very robust. Get the picture?

So ... an entire region of the Middle East has just now fallen again into the Alliance. Well done! The French lead out and instigated revolution in former French Tunisia. And they likely cooperated with MI6 to help free Egypt. Also, many Americans are in accord, as many Americans are natural Alliance partners, as they were during WWII, before their nation was stolen from them by an elite cabal of fascist perverts.

War is here. People are dying. Do the right thing for we shall be remembered.

You will need to learn to dig holes, medicate yourselves, guard yourselves well. For a bad moon is rising and there is little time left to prepare.

For more comic observations of life on an alien world, please seek out "Alien News from Deep Space - Thunderheart War Prophets of Zerozone" or just click on --- !

Best wishes,



Forget stupid Facebook,

Forget stupid Facebook, Twitter and such style "Revolutions". Get down to basics and organise a true change of social and economic realities. It does not happen by simply shouting in the streets!

Yeah like the organising for revolution that perpetually goes on for decades with each new generation of activists coming up with more and more reasons why they shouldn't do anything that will really rock the boat, end result, the same regime continues and continues and continues to rule. At least in Egypt they are willing to put it on the line even though it is a roll of the dice.

At some point you just have to roll the hard 6....

Sadly it has at times ended like this...


I wouldn't be blaming the good people of Egypt for that, you can thank the US Government for making sure the next tyrant is just like the last one.....their tyrant. Thats who we should be aiming the criticism at.

Over the top!

In agreement with the sentiments above yet there is never any excuse to give up. 

There is far too much weak-willed apologetic backsliding going on in this "revolutionary" forum.

Orders shall be given to the Sergeant Major to use his Revolutionary Army service issue pistol right between the eyes of any cowering yellow-bellied scum that refuses to advance over the barricades.

And all we need to do is sing, sell bumper stickers, print tee-shirts, spray graffitti. We lead, others follow!

Get on with you f***king useless c**ts.

Damn the Business Round Table.  Draw crosshairs on pictures of errant politicians.  Get militant (in spirit, but not in violent action).

Best wishes,




Enough is enough

Agree with a lot being said here, though I do not condone violence.  I believe what is happening in the Middle East is setting a precedence of things to come.  For too long the gap has been widening between rich and poor, particularly in Western countries like New Zealand.  How many more hours do the poor have to work just to give the money back in increasingly large taxes to incompetent and corrupt governments who seem to live lavish lifestyles because of our work.  How many more parties like the Maori Party are going to keep holding the worker to ransom to fill their coffers at our expense using the so called "Waitangi Tribunual".  How much more "DOC controlled land" and beaches with no access permitted because it's bordered by "fat cat farmers" whose land is either owned by Maori or some rich yank living in Manhatten.    I personally believe it's time for the workers to consider all withdrawing their Labour and demand the removal of all MP's and dissolution of our Parlimentry System as we know it.  It's time the citizens of this country stood up and were counted and took back control.  We "CAN" and "WILL" start telling the people we elect to run this country how they will do it.  NO MORE BLOODY DOING WHAT THEY LIKE!!!