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Socialist Aotearoa- Stand in solidarity with the Egyptian people



A revolution is unfolding in Egypt and across the world: from Tunisia to Athens, London to Amman people are demanding political freedom and economic justice. The current system of US imperialism, neo-liberal capitalism and constant social crisis is incapable of meeting the peoples demands and as revolt spreads we witness the system come crashing down.

Yet the ruling class will fight furiously to maintain their wealth and power. Armies of secret policemen will attack demonstrators on the streets, global corporations like Vodafone will cut cellphone and internet access to prevent news spreading, diplomats and politicians will urge protesters to be non-violent and listen to their rulers, even after decades of violence and deaf ears by rulers like Mubarak and Ben Ali. If the US thinks that Israel is threatened if the regime in Cairo falls then they might even intervene with force to suppress the Egyptian uprising.

The wildcard in world politics has always been international solidarity between workers and oppressed peoples. South African blacks remember the 1981 anti-Springbok Tour protests in New Zealand as a turning point in their struggle against Apartheid, in the 1970s ongoing rebellion by American students and massive GI resistance in the military forced the United States to end their war in Vietnam, in 1936 when Spain was taken over by General Franco, thousands of workers from across the world, including New Zealand went to fight fascism in defence of the Spanish Republic, in 1917 the Russian revolution and an uprising in Germany ended the murderous slaughter of the First World War.

In the face of the brutality of the Egyptian military and the callousness of the US imperialists, we need to urgently organise worldwide protests to show our solidarity with the Egyptian people and to demand that the US end its military support to its puppet dictators and regimes in North Africa and the Middle East. In workplaces, schools, universities, churches and mosques we should spread information about an uprising where Christians told Muslims that they would defend them from the police and where university professors and slum dwellers stand shoulder to shoulder against the regime. As tanks and tear gas fill the streets of Cairo, people across the world must stand in solidarity with the Egyptian people.

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"Diplomats and politicians

"Diplomats and politicians will urge protesters to be non-violent and listen to their rulers." Really?

Did that actually happen, or was that just yr ideological expectation at the time? 

Dogma always distorts, left or right. 



I do raise my hand and state the above is a plan worth noting.  Anyone else here care to second that or are you all armchair revolutionaries? 

There is work to be done. So lets get on with it.

I am working on producing multimedia for download, podcasts ... all revolutions need poets and though I am not much of a poet, as a producer, I certainly know how to organise a stage for a real word warrior.  Not the first time in history that a poet has risked prison, so let that be my answer to any to suggest that we need violence to prove our point.

Violence is not reqired in our democracy.  But we must still be strong in spirit.  And I do sense that spirit is lacking in this forum!

Rise up, you cowardly dogs.  Our fathers' fathers pissed in fascist skulls.





Having fun now ...

Revolutions should be fun. There is no need to suffer bad prison food every day. There are parties, sports festivals, movie nights, a whole host of fun and games ...

And theatre. Poetry, songs and film.

Please find here submissions to the community smile - empowering, militant, and I am advised, f***king funny. The kind of stuff we need to set armies in motion. Cause we are not going to win unless we get f***cking organised, are we?

Here's a taste of Kiwi, and a challenge ... will you join?

Only 6 seconds long, play it in loop, slide it on your pod ... RealMedia version also at - more coming!

The full project scope and cooperative partners (some very interesting people you may have heard of) is outlined at and the project details can be downloaded here: - get cracking.