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More cruelty exposed in pig farm investigation



New Zealand Open Rescue recently investigated a North Island intensive piggery where we documented disgusting conditions inside farrowing and fattening buildings. Sadly these conditions are nothing out of the ordinary - in fact they are the norm. The problem is not with isolated farms but with systems that treat animals as units of production - animal machines.

Piglets in the fattening rooms were filthy and covered in flies. They were confined to pens in decrepit rooms inside a building that looked like it should be condemned.

The sows confined to farrowing crates were clearly suffering. They all looked like they'd lost the will to live and were merely existing. They too were covered in flies and many had contact wounds on their backs from where they constantly rubbed against the crate bars confining them. Again they were imprisoned in a series of rooms that could only be described as miserable. Years worth of cobwebs and filth hung from the ceilings.

We spent two hours inside this farm and felt a heavy sense of years and years worth of suffering and misery as we walked from room to room documenting everything.

While it is a victory that sow stalls will be banned in five years, absolutely nothing has been done about farrowing crates which are just as cruel. The photographs of sows in crates from this investigation speak for themselves. The suffering of the sows is apparent in their eyes. To look at them up close and in the flesh, we felt it was like they'd given up all hope, felt no joy and knew they never would.

Its up to the public of New Zealand to make real change for animals imprisoned on factory farms across our country. It was the public that forced a ban on sow stalls and it will be the public that sees an end to all factory farming. Its time for the people of New Zealand to say enough is enough! People power is the only thing that will force these cruel industries to change!

Join us at the March to End Factory Farming, 5 March 2011, Wellington


i look at those photos and

i look at those photos and tears come to my eyes ,so very wrong . The human race are truly vile.

  Indeed, they are vile.These


Indeed, they are vile.These pictures are of horrendous cruelty, and truly shocking.Thanks Open Rescue for bringing this to light, these 'pens' are nothing short of concentration camps for animals.

One fat lady nearly pushed me over today in supermarket,I saw her trolley ful of meat/pork-anger starts to well up fully.

100% PURE NZ, Clean & Green or Cruel and Mean…

Thanks for doing this work, it is appalling. The first thing that came to mind was printing off Large pictures of these, along with something like: 100% PURE NZ, Clean & Green or Cruel and Mean. Would be good at tourist sites, airports and also if there was some large international sporting event happening that challenged the PURE NZ theme…

100 Pure 01 sml

100 Pure 02 sml



Clean and green - the big lies exposed once again!

Thanks for publishing this and the appalling conditions that are evident.

Once again it proves that the "clean and green" image the government and previous governments like to present to the rest of the world is not quite what it seems.

Maximising productivity and output rule in farming. Of course there are also farmers that go against the flow and try to maintain decent standards.

But why are our rivers and lakes so polluted? Why are consumers conned into believing the produce and meat they buy is produced in a healthy and high standard way, why do parts of our larger cities have very high levels of air pollution from the exhaust fumes from the millions of cars that run up and down NZ every day? Why do people need to filter their tap water in parts of NZ? Why is the supposed "recycling" of waste not happening as it was proposed to be done (large volumes exported to China or shredded and used for roading and so forth).

Sadly most of the public fall for all the deceipt and brainwashing.

It is essential to expose more of the lies and BS that go on.

  There is a good expose


There is a good expose called 'Pig Business' on youtube.

Again, such saddening images.All animals have a mother/father.

i know people who live like

i know people who live like that everyday, swarmed by flies, lying in their own filth. the only difference here is that some people decide to live like that. in this case, the unfortunate pigs are born into an industrial meat factory and are forced to live this way by people, people who will do everything they can to hide the truth about the conditions which they force pigs to live in - for profit.

people can be so ignorant, and say "how can you give a shit you eat meat", fact is even if you eat meat, chances are you would want - and probably even expect - it to come from better conditions than this.

Grats to the efforts by SAFE and so forth - keep it up.

  Gosh thats pretty sad if


Gosh thats pretty sad if you know a person like that, living in their own filth.

Apart from the cruelty of animals bred for meat, people are also ignorant in that they will eat meat at all-for there is chemicals, pesticides and bacteria in meat-it is extremely unhealthy.

I also dont like it how animals are given names such as 'Pork' etc.Factory farming must be banned as its negative effects (pollution) are 'ruining' the environment, so there are not just ehtical reasons to not eat meat, there are environmental reasons.

humans are vile?

Some of my best friends are human.  In fact I am one myself so can't agree that they are vile.  There are decent humans working towards better treatment of animals, and joining their number, or at least not contributing to the problem by adding to the demand for animal flesh, would be a more constructive response than self loathing.

self loating? feel free to

self loating? feel free to get off your high horse ,i am vegan and a animal lover, and been involved in AR for a long time , i do not have the warm and fuzzies for the human race ,i have empathy and love for animals ,not all vegans are animal lovers by the way.