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NZ SAS awarded medal for murder


Today’s revelation that NZ SAS Lieutenant Colonel Chris Parsons was presented the US Defense Meritorious Service medal on Tuesday in Kabul, Afghanistan by US General David Petraeus should again raise serious alarm bells about New Zealand’s involvement in the nearly 10-year long war.

The SAS was re-committed to Afghanistan in August 2009. In awarding Parsons the medal, Petraeus said that the SAS does well conducting most of its missions at night and with little fanfare.

In December, 2010 the NZ SAS shot dead two civilians while on a night time raid in Kabul after receiving so-called ‘credible information’ about an impending attack on the US Embassy. Naturally, the International Security and Assistance Force (ISAF) has ‘cleared’ the SAS of any wrongdoing in the incident.

The issue of course isn’t whether the SAS are doing a good job. The issue isn’t whether they were fired on first. The issue is why is the New Zealand government waging war on the people of Afghanistan? More specifically, why are SAS troops being deployed to protect the US Embassy against a ‘credible threat’ when there are approximately 100,000 US troops in Afghanistan?

In the shifting sands of rationalisation, the reasons for this war have changed from ‘capturing bin Laden and shutting down al-Qaeda’ to protecting women’s rights and helping to bring freedom and democracy. None of these reasons have any credibility. The reasons for this war are the same for all wars of aggression and conquest: greed and power.

The New Zealand government’s involvement in the war on the people of Afghanistan is a crime, and its proponents from this government and the last should be held to account for their part in the murder, rape, disappearance and torture of ordinary Afghani people resulting from this massacre.



Oh the stupidity

The APA referencing standard would assist greatly to add weight and credibility to such news feeds so that they could be used as a point of reference when holding arguments against the shameful state of affairs in Afganistan.

I feel that the major problem here is conformity, or rather the illusion that there is a need for conformity. We are now acting as an underdog of the US in terms of military operations in afganistan, when infact NZ should be an independant state, with it's own agendas and policies, as apposed to taking on the agendas of a foreign state, especially one that is hell bent on propigating needless wars.

Closer up, the problem with the NZSAS is essentially testosterone fueled masochisim. Why did they kill these people? Because it is your job? Because they threw the first stone?

If they where truely conspiring against the US embassy (justifiably?) wouldn't it make more sense to detain them using non-lethal force, the likes of rubber bullets and tazers so that they could arrest the culprits and hold them to a fair trial post a proper investigation? So that they could be fairly judged and their evil plot exposed? That would make at least a smidgen of sense, that would at least give the NZSAS presense in Afganistan some accountability so as that they could at least act as proffessionals with an interest in stabilising the unrest they are placed in. But no, we'll just kill them, it's easier, and besides we are the NZSAS right? We wouldnt use pussy rubber bullets no, our pride is too great right? Their ego and patriotic nuance denotes that we should shoot first, ask questions never.

The fact is that a fair and open trial for these people would implicate the Embassy itself and would divulge the public with some actual truth. It's easier just to kill the threat off instead, right?'

The thing the Embassy wants least of all, is exactley what is required to fufill the agenda that the Embassy itself proclaims to be it's true reason for being there.

Catch 22.

It's just stupid really, consider that those people they have killed have families, that they come from a community, you cannot simply kill some people and go 'problem solved' then reward yourself. It's the worst kind of bigotisim, one it complicates NZ in a foriegn affair with unknown consequences and two ultimately it wont even help their own, selfish cause because like the heads of the hydra, you cut one off, two more appear!

That old greek mytho was written to illustrate the folly of war, frankly there is NOTHING that can be accomplished in a conflict where you treat people as a threat, and not as a people. The ultimate solution down this line of reasoning is nothing short of genocide, which is abhorant and completely detached from the nature of the people of Aotearoas wishes  whom  the NZSAS are meant to represent, or the killing of people in foriegn countries in cold blood, it's despicable! it's not a reasonable solution to any kind of conflict.

CONSEQUENCES? should we wait around and see what happens next?

OR shall we put the hammer down and force the goverment to swallow the fact:


only one question? how? where's the petition?

You ignorant middle class

You ignorant middle class fools spewing out your tired ignorant liberal cliches about a country and a people you know nothing about.

Arrogance, sheer arrogance.