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The Struggle Continues - ((i))ndymedia review of 2010



What a year 2010 has been. It all happened so quickly: another year of attacks on the poor, the environment, on dissidents, unions, beneficiaries, all in the midst of a global financial crisis the scale of which has not seen since the Great Depression. But it has also been a year of increasing momentum of resistance. Consequently, it's been a busy year in Aotearoa.

So sit back and have a look at our compilation of what you all have published in the Indymedia newswire in 2010.

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Stop the wars - shut down Waihopai

In January the year began with a series of actions at ASB stadium in Auckland against the presence of Israeli tennis player, Shahar Peer. The protests were in anger at the continuation of Israeli atrocities in the occupied territories, and called for a boycott of sporting ties as a means of putting pressure on Israel. 


As one Indymedia activist states; "The arrests were brutal, no warning was given, no one was asked to stop making noise. Instead officers grabbed people and marched them off. John Minto was the first person to be arrested. After taking photos of this I decided to begin using the one remaining megaphone. To emphasise my point I decided to climb a tree with my megaphone. Once up the tree I began chanting “freedom for Palestine” and “Blood, Blood, Blood on your hands”. I did so to express my anger at the current atrocities occurring in Palestine."

The small but energetic protests resulted in 7 arrests for simply being vocal and these court proceedings continue today. 


You will certainly remember the acquital of all three Ploughshare activists who had previously disabled a US spybase located near Waihopai. 

“What has been humbling for us to realise is how our witness has impacted on so many people around the world and at home”, said Sam.

“We did not try to avoid the consequences of our actions, because we respect the rule of law although we do believe we are ultimately accountable to a higher authority. We damaged property at the spy base in order to save victims of war and torture. It’s all about Jesus’ command for us to treat all people as our brothers and sisters”, said Father Peter.

The world was then shocked by an Israeli army attack on aid ships attempting to break the blockade on the Gaza strip. People in Aotearoa joined thousands across the world in protest marches.

When a NZ soldier was killed by an IED in Afghanistan in August, Peace Action Wellington said this "should be a wake-up call for all of the parliamentarians – New Zealand troops need to get out of Afghanistan now. [...] We don’t buy the State propaganda about the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Bamiyan. These people are armed soldiers first and foremost.  They have never [been] and were never invited by the people of Afghanistan to occupy their country."


Big brother has been busy too

The Search and Surveillance Bill has been the government's latest attempt at a dramatic expansion of police and government agencies’ powers. It will also fundamentally alter longstanding legal conventions such as the right to silence, the right to avoid self-incrimination and the right to be free from unreasonable search.

In response, a national day of protest took place on Saturday 24 April. Simultaneous protests were held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. A review of the action in Wellington states;

A broad range of voices in opposition to the Search and Surveillance Bill were heard during the Wellington protest march today. Speakers from the Council of Trade Unions, Benefit Rights Advocacy Group, Disabilities Rights, Workers Party, International Bolshevik Tendency, Green Party, and anarchists voiced their deep concerns about the vast expansion of police powers and the powers of government agencies.

About 150 people were at the march in Wellington that started with a lively rally on Manners St before heading down to the Nats HQ on Willis St.

Thompson and Clark tracking device -

Operation orders -


Publishing - alive and well

Anarchist Publishing was alive and well in Aotearoa with the release of the latest Imminent Rebellion from Rebel Press. The magazine includes articles on New Zealand history, a first-hand account of an anti-Zionist Jew in Israel and the West Bank during the start of the war in Gaza, an article on the vibrant life inside the Purple Thistle Youth Arts and Activism Centre in East Vancouver and an illuminating piece on the insidious operation of the State in constructing criminal cases around ‘conspiracy’ charges.

You can't drink money, you can't drink sh*t, you can't steal our votes and get away with it!

A national Day of Action against water privatisation was planned for Saturday 12 June, with protests from Whangarei to Dunedin. The protests were a response to the Local Government Amendment Bill. On Tuesday 4 May 2010 the bill passed its first reading in the New Zealand parliament. One aspect of the Bill deals with water. While the government is denying this, the Bill allows councils to privatise water. They will be able to:

  • enter into contracts with private companies to run water services for up to 35 years (the current limit is 15 years)
  • allow private companies to own and control water infrastructure for the duration of these contracts (the current legislation requires councils to retain ownership and control of water)

A 17-year-old was arrested in Christchurch at a protest when he jumped onto John Key's car, according to the Otago Daily Times "badly denting the roof." A 100+ strong protest 'greeted' the PM at a public forum. They chanted "You can't drink money, you can't drink sh*t, you can't steal our votes and get away with it!"

Class war - just do it!

In July, the Indymedia newswire became very busy with working-class resistance to the 90-day employment law which had been implemented. The law meant restrictions on union access to workplaces and an extension of the 90-day fire at will bill to more workplaces. Trade unions have come out strongly against this proposal. Maritime Union General Secretary Joe Fleetwood says the restrictions on union access to workplaces was a serious attack on the right of New Zealand workers to organise. "National have now dropped any pretence of moderation in their policies – the phoney war is over and National's agenda of tax cuts for the rich, privatisation and now tearing up the basic rights of working people is out there for all to see."

Shortly after, protests were organised in response. As stated on Indy: In Auckland around 300 people gathered beside the SkyCity complex for a series of speeches which then migrated over to the convention hall where

John Key was delivering his speech outlining National's latest attacks on workers and the poor. A critical mass quickly overpowered police and security and a few dozen protestors made it into the convention centre making considerable noise, much to the bewilderment of rich hotel guests in the lobby.  As the police regrouped, the protest then shifted outside where scuffles continued as militant workers and activists jockeyed for position.

A national day of action on 20 October saw thousands of workers protest across New Zealand.  


The Fallen Totara

Howard Zinn, the Boston University historian and political activist who was an early opponent of US involvement in Vietnam and a leading faculty critic of BU president John Silber, died of a heart attack in January in Santa Monica, Calif, where he was travelling, his family said. He was 87.

Te Miringa Hohaia passed away in August at Parihaka. He is well known in Taranaki and beyond for his activism in the tino rangatiratanga movement and as an advocate for peace in the traditions of Te Whiti and Tohu. He will be sadly missed by his whanau, the whole papakainga, by his iwi, friends and colleagues, and by the motu.

Indigenous Resistance

Waitangi Day - Flags, Disasters and Foreshores

In May, the National government decided not to proceed with Tuhoe historical claims against the crown.  

"We understand Cabinet was supposed to consider an offer to us today but that the Prime Minister pulled the proposal at the eleventh hour."

"Despite overwhelming public support for Tuhoe ownership of Te Urewera, which includes key park user groups, Territorial Local Authorities and key governmental departments engaged in the negotiations, internal National Party political concerns have won out. We believe these concerns are based in superstition and not fact."

Police forcibly removed Ngati Kahu activists from their whenua, bringing an end to a land occupation on disputed land currently used by the Taipa Sailing Club, in the far north.

Police arrived to the small coastal town at first light .... and informed those occupying the site that they had the choice to remove themselves, or be removed. Many of the Ngati Kahu tangata remained defiant.

Pacific Struggles


On 15 June workers in ‘French’ Polynesia ended a general strike, which was sustained for over a week. The strike was organised by a coalition of 11 unions using the name ‘Collective for Peace’. With deteriorating social and economic conditions in the already poor territory affecting a wide range of workers, the strike gained support and achieved some degree of success but fell short of its potential.

Rapanui -Tension continued in Rapa Nui (Easter Island) following an operation by Chilean government forces to remove indigenous activists from several buildings they were occupying. Six buildings and sites were occupied by activists concerned that traditionally-owned land, currently used by the Chilean government, could be sold, and by increasing immigration to the island that threatens to make Rapa Nui a minority in their own land.

Operation 8 — State Terro Continues

On October 15th Rebel Press released The Day the Raids Came, which marks the third anniversary of the State's terroristic invasion into the homes of people around the country, of the lockdown of the community of Ruatoki and of the witch-hunt for anarchists who support tino rangatiratanga. This is a day that will never be forgotten. The black-clad paramilitary police force instructed by their masters in the Beehive specifically carried out acts of terror against the people of Tuhoe.

Information which was initially supressed stated that the 18 Operation 8 defendants would not be able to have a trial by jury.  From the October 15th Solidarity Group press release: "The 18 defendants in the so-called 'Terror Raids' trial are being railroaded. We are being railroaded by the crown and judiciary and there is no way that we can get a fair trial. This is an egregious miscarriage of justice".

"The Crown has dragged out the case at every opportunity, in order to wear down the defendants and force them into long and expensive legal battles in the hope that the public will forget about the case and ultimately to force the defendants to plead guilty to end this nightmare," said Ms Morse.

While this information was supressed the Crown attempted to have an article removed from Indymedia for a breach of surpression orders.

Disaster strikes


A devastating earthquake struck Christchurch, inflicting massive amounts of damage.  Beyond Resistance provides analysis of the struggle of those affected to rebuild their communities.

West Coast miners - "The recent explosion at the Pike River Mine, and the unknown fate of the 29 miners still below ground, has been the catalyst for a number of emotions. Compassion and love, between members of the affected community; hope, for the families and friends of the workers; and anxiety, about that which is unknown. Our sympathies and thoughts go out to all of those fraught with such emotions, and hope that their loved ones can return to them soon."

And finally


The Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) was being negotiated at the SkyCity Casino in Auckland  between NZ and 8 other countries, including the US. The US wants it to be completed by November 2011. The TPP is much more than a trade agreement. Trade is only a small part of it. The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions is concerned that it will stop future New Zealand governments from doing things that are in the interests of working people and most New Zealanders. Similar agreements the US has signed impose policies that New Zealand voters have repeatedly voted down and would oppose if they had the choice.



You forgot all the trolling!

You forgot all the trolling! It's forgotten every year.

Troll Liberation Front (TLF - Marxist Leninist)

The World Dairy Summit in

The World Dairy Summit in Auckland at the beginning of November had days of protest in Auckland and a Solidarity protest in Wellington by CAWDS - a coalition, made up of grassroots animal rights and climate change groups, formed to actively oppose the World Dairy Summit and raise public awareness about what is wrong with the corporate dairy model.

Big Ups Indy

He mihi nui ki ngaa kaimahi o Indymedia.

This year, Aotearoa Indymedia (AIM) celebrates 10 years of maintaining an open-publishing online newswire as part of the global Indymedia network. After operating a test site for a few months, the application to be formally accepted as an IMC was made at the end of 2001:

It's encouraging to see that despite a number of changes of personnel, the AIM site continues to be maintained, and to provide a space for activists from a range of groups and backgrounds to share news, analysis, and discussion.

Ka whawhai tonu maatou, ake, ake, ake.


Big Ups Indy

He mihi nui ki ngaa kaimahi o Indymedia.

This year, Aotearoa Indymedia (AIM) celebrates 10 years of maintaining an open-publishing online newswire as part of the global Indymedia network. After operating a test site for a few months, the application to be formally accepted as an IMC was made at the end of 2001:

It's encouraging to see that despite a number of changes of personnel, the AIM site continues to be maintained, and to provide a space for activists from a range of groups and backgrounds to share news, analysis, and discussion.

Ka whawhai tonu maatou, ake, ake, ake.