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Locals Confront Gold Miners in Coromandel


Today in Opoutere, on the east coast of the Coromandel, about 40 locals and anti mining activists decended upon a drill rig operated by the American firm Newmont Gold.  Mining interests have previously sought to mine on conservation land throughout Aotearoa but backed off after substantial public pressure.  Though Section 4 land is off limits, Newmont intends to mine other areas of the Coromandel.  This could potentially be on other conservation land not protected by Section 4 legislation.

The protest was an impressive cross-section of locals, environmentalists young and old with a wide range of politics.  As we arrived to the drilling site, it was obvious that Newmont was aware of us and had the equipment shut down for the duration of the protest.  It was made clear to the workers that the protest was not aimed at them but the policies of Newmont Gold.  Various people made convincing cases against mining in Coromandel communities, urging workers to take a look at destructive Newmont operations in Peru and Indonesia, and much closer in Waihi.  It was also made clear that this will be the first of many actions against Newmont gold and communities would resist further drilling operations in the area.

Now standing around the shut down drill rig, people networked, strategized and considered the next steps...


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For those looking to learn more or get involved in stopping Newmont, take a look at the Coromandel Watchdog website for heaps of information on many issues involving gold mining or get in touch with the Coromandel Watchdog Solidarity Group that is based in Auckland.


good stuff! Keep on stirring,

good stuff! Keep on stirring, crank up the tactics... pass out the monkey wrenches...

TV3 footage

Off limits?

Kia ora koutou

Good start on the action, thanks for the article. One question though:

>> Though conservation land is off limits <<

Isn't it only "schedule 4" conservation land that's off limits? A chunk of the Cypress Mine planned for Waimangaroa Valley is on conservation land, and I see no signs of that being stopped yet. More action will be needed to convince the mining companies and their stooges in parliament that mining is unsustainable and that any future for the human species requires functioning ecosystems.

Kia kaha



You're right Strypey, realized this last night but was too tired to change it.  will amend.