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Philippines National Democratic Front Leaders start NZ speaking tour next week



Luis Jalandoni is the International Representative of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDF), a post that he has held since 1977, and since 1994 he has been the Chairperson of the NDF’s Negotiating Panel for peace talks with the Government of the Philippines. The NDF is the coalition of several underground groups, including the Communist Party of the Philippines and its New People’s Army, which has been waging a war of liberation throughout the Philippines for more than 40 years, making it one of the longest running armed struggles in the world.

The country desperately needs peace with justice and security, so resolving this people’s war is central to that. Luis will be accompanied by his wife Coni Ledesma, who will also be speaking. She is a member of the NDF Negotiating Panel for peace talks; and is the International Spokesperson of MAKIBAKA, a revolutionary women’s group which belongs to the NDF. Luis and Coni are both veteran leading figures in the Philippine revolutionary Left. He was a Catholic priest in the 1960s and she was a nun.  Both were founders of Christians for National Liberation, a member group of the NDF.

When Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law in 1972, both went underground. They were both arrested and spent time as political prisoners. They left the clergy, and got married in 1974. They have lived in The Netherlands since 1976; they were the first Filipinos to apply for and receive political asylum there. They hold Dutch passports and travel extensively as NDF representatives.


Tuesday October 26 – Christchurch: Public Meeting – 7.30p.m. Knox Presbyterian Church Lounge, 28 Bealey Avenue. Contact: Murray Horton,0274 307742

Wednesday October 27 – Blenheim: Public Meeting, 7.30pm,Nativity Centre Lounge, cnr Alfred and Henry Sts. Contact: Steffan Browning,021 725655

Thursday October 28 & Friday 29 – Wellington: PublicMeeting – 7.30 p.m. Thursday 28, St John’s Hall, corner Willis& Dixon Streets. Contact: Rod Prosser 021 0744992

Monday November 1 – Palmerston North: Public Meeting – 7.30 p.m., Catholic Diocesan Centre (Te Rau Aroha), 33 Amesbury Street Contact: Dion Martin(06) 3569658 (w), 021 776029

Tuesday November 2 & Wednesday 3 – New Plymouth: Public Meeting – 6p.m. Wednesday 3rd, Govett Brewster Art Gallery, 42Queen Street. Contact: Fiona Clark (06) 7547014;

Thursday November 4 – Hamilton: Public Meeting –7.30 p.m., Waikato Trade Union Centre, 34 Harwood Street. Contact: BobAnderson, (07) 8297882, 021 776023;

Friday November 5 – Whangarei: Public Meeting Manaia PHO Rooms, Rust Ave,central Whangarei. Contact: Tim Howard 027 3089216

Tuesday 9 November – Auckland: Public Meeting, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn, 7pm

Wednesday 10 November – Auckland: Women’s Forum with Connie Ledesma, Auckland University, Maori Studies 9am – 12pm (RSVP to Maori Studies)

Friday 12 November – Auckland: 7 p.m. Solidarity Dinner for Justice and Peace in the Philippines, Civic Building, Strata 17, Civic Building, Mayoral Drive: Tickets $30 (Dinner, entertainment cash bar)
Contact: Luke Coxon (09) 8276059, 028 25803203


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The Latin American Left have prospered and are gaining power. The CPP-NDF remain stagnant. Why? It is because they stick to the Stalinist-Maoist thinking.

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wrong link

Considering the fact that the

Considering the fact that the Indian Maoists are in effective control of large swathes of the Indian countryside, and the Nepali Maoists have reached the point of strategic equilibrium with the reactionary state, it's a bit strange for you to argue that "Stalinism" or "Maoism" is holding back the development of the revolution in the Phillippines.

The CPP has survived and waged armed struggle against the government for over 40 years. Those four decades have seen many shifts in strategy, periods of comparative strength and weakness, and countless victories and defeats. The struggle is ongoing and Maoist revolutions are gaining momentum across Asia, this is a period of growth and advance.

The last word you can accurately use to describe the People's War in the Phillippines is 'stagnant'. 

Nothing remembered, nothing learned.

You forgot to mention forty thousand deaths, mostly civilians, killed by both sides. The NPA used to be around 27,000 in the 1980's, now they are only about 5,000 to 7,000.

The Nepali Maoists fought the one of the most backward absolutist kingdom in the world. So even an outdated ideology like Maoism seems more advance than a backward feudal regime. Even then the Nepali Maoists utilizes “Maoism” imaginatively, so much so that dogmatic Maoists branded them as “revisionist”.

The Latin American Left parties are the one advancing socialism in the 21st century. They are applying Marxism creatively, advancing democracy and socialism hand in hand.

With the Indian Maoists, they can foster as much violence as they like but for another half a century it will not take them anywhere. That is my bet.

Actually it is not just a matter of how to gain power. What is more important is what sort of society you want to establish. Without criticizing the mistakes of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Il / Kim Il Sung and the like then you are bound to repeat them.    

Ako, whoever your are,

Ako, whoever your are, forgive me but you come across like a guy sitting in an armchair playing hard left pc games on a computer screen.

With respect, all you have offered is assersions about various third world liberation groups. 

Revolutions are measured out in adherents won, enemies killed and comrades martyred.

The Nelpalese and Indian comrades have been daily dealing in blood and sweat and tears for decades. If they put out a nice little press statement saying Kim Ill Sung was a prick it might make you feel better but it would not advance the cause much.

What matters is how the comrades have behaved towards the workers and peasants and intellectuals and minorities on their patch.

Real life stuff, not just ticking the right bad guy/good guy boxes.

I don't get the impression that you have a serious interest in what the Nepalese or Indian comrades are trying to do.





Don makes some very good

Don makes some very good points. 

As I mentioned in another post the NDF's statements on North Korea need to be seen in the context that NDFP give solidarity statements to nearly any group or movement suffering from US imperialism.  For example the NDF has also expressed its solidarity to Cuba and Venezuela.  While North Korea has a pretty abysmal government, it is often overlooked that the country has been a victim of ugly US foreign policy, such as sanctions and the fact the country was bombed to smithereens by the US Military in the 1950s.  

The Philippines revolutionary movement should not be judged by this statement alone.  It should be judged by its many real successes in fighting for a more just and equal Philippines. It is a bit like how Hugo Chavez makes some unfortunate statements backing the Iranian or Chinese governments. However, anyone interested in social justice would defintely give Chavez's government credit for its social programmes that have greatly improved the lives of poor people in Venezuela and many other positive things his government has acheived in both domestic and foreign policy. 

The internet trolls data is

The internet trolls data is highly questionable;  he seems to be regurgitating Armed Forces of the Philippines propaganda.  The NDF and CPP have never claimed they had 27,000 red fighters in 1980s, the number was much lower. The troll claims the NPA now have only 5,000-7,000 fighters which is also the number that the AFP and government spin out.

In the 41st anniversary statement of the NPA it states:

"At present, the NPA stands as the largest people’s army that the Filipino working people have ever been able to put up... To claim false credit, the reactionary forces keep on repeating the lie that the NPA had 25,000 fighters in 1986 and that they have succeeded in cutting the number down to 5,000 or even less. 

The NPA rifle strength in 1986 was only 6,100 (an increase of 500 over the 1985 figure of 5,600).....The current strength of the NPA is of critical mass in terms of its thousands of fighters with high-powered firearms. With proper deployment and employment, it can rapidly grow and advance in waves and in well-defined phases (middle and advanced) of the strategic defensive and the threshold and early phase of the strategic stalemate"

The NPA doesn't publicly state how many red fighters it has, but it does claim that it is has more than 130 guerilla fronts in different parts of the country. In fact it is now so confident of its growing strength, that it  has announced its plan to reach the strategic stalemate  stage of the peoples war (meaning that it would be on par with the strength of the state forces) within five years. 

It sounds as if they are doing pretty good to me!

I look forward to hearing about the growing strength of the revolutionary movement first hand from Luis and Coni.





see no evil, hear no evil

"I look forward to hearing about the growing strength of the revolutionary movement first hand from Luis and Coni"

They have been out of the Philippines for decades!!! lol

Anyway they will just tell you what you want to hear, and that is what you want!

"the NDF's statements on

"the NDF's statements on North Korea need to be seen in the context that NDFP give solidarity statements to nearly any group or movement suffering from US imperialism".. "It is a bit like how Hugo Chavez makes some unfortunate statements backing the Iranian or Chinese governments"

DPRKorea is actually more deserving of support and solidarity than PRChina (nowadays) and Iran. Its leaders have resisted imperialism more resolutely and for longer than any other country (over 60 years now). And its a small country covered in mountains and snow, and without the oil reserves of Iran or Venezsuela.

Anyway, hypocritical for people in NZ to scaremonger about DPRKorea when the NZ state has been an aggressor all over the world for its whole history (NZ Wars, Boer War, Samoa, WWI&II, Korea, Malaya etc). If a progressive political organisation makes positive comment about an NZ govt - that would be a worry!  


Hitler must be your idol

"Revolutions are measured out in adherents won, enemies killed and comrades martyred"

If that is the case, then Hitler is a great revolutionary!!!

Revolutions are measured by the type of society they produced.

I wonder who are these

I wonder who are these trolls?  Each and every post they make gets dumber and dumber.

Also why the hate for Luis and Coni just because they were forced to flee the Philippines?  They are involved in the peace talks so surely they will know something about the situation in the Philippines. 

They were forced to flee the

They were forced to flee the Philippines during Marcos times. That was decades ago.They can come back now. Luis even went back once. Nothing happened. He was free to roam around the country. He was interviewed by radio stations.  
He made a lot of propaganda work.

In 2009, the NPA killed 117

In 2009, the NPA killed 117 people, 81 of whom were civilians, while the rest were law enforcers.

This what the NPA is doing:

Note these articles don't come from the AFP, right wing parties but leftist groups, human rights advocates or the victims themselves.

Regarding the 27,000 fighters in 1986, this did not come from the Philippine military. What they were saying then was less than a third of that. This was a highly publicised figure by various media (some say 25,000), leaked by high ranking comrades.

The military will not gain anything then if they give high estimates. Marcos will not be happy with them. It will also affect their morale and the confidence of the public and the ruling class towards them. It is not in their interest to exaggerate the figures. Although not officially released this figure comes from the NPA leadership itself. In any case, admit it or not, the NPA numbers have declined so much compared to the 1980’s.

By the way, whoever was saying that Digos massacre did not exist, do you admit now that they did occur and was done by the NPA?

"In 2009, the NPA killed 117

"In 2009, the NPA killed 117 people, 81 of whom were civilians, while the rest were law enforcers" WTF??????

I am now convinced that these trolls are Military agents, who else what spin out such hogwash. If they were trotsyists or anarchists the debate would be only on the line and not resort to propagating state and AFP propaganda.

The NPA publicly announces that it has killed members of the AFP or PNP these are published in Angbayan and  it's press releases ( The NPA unlike the AFP  does not target civilians and adheres to the Geneva protocols on warfare. When it captures members of the state forces (POWs) it always treats them humanely and releases them unharmed. The AFP routinely kills and tortures its opponents. You have had more than 1200 left wing civilian activists killed and more than 200 disappeared. 

Why should we take the word of a military agent seriously?

I look forward to hearing about the reality of the civil war in the Philippines from Luis and Coni.



The trolls made

The trolls made the following comment about Luis Jalandoni and Coni Ledesma:

"They were forced to flee the Philippines during Marcos times. That was decades ago. They can come back now. Luis even went back once. Nothing happened"

Duhhhh......You are missing the point that Luis is the international representative of the NDFP; that means he is tasked with international duties outside of the Philippines. Just as the reactionary government have ambassadors outside of the Philippines, so does the NDFP. You have two governments in the Philippines; the People’s Revolutionary Government is the other government that is established in the guerrilla fronts of the NPA.

Also  we shoudl acknowledge the difficulties of the having the chairperson of the peace panel, reside in the Philippines.  The peace talks take place in Norway, as it is seen a neutral country and a safe venue for them. Luis is also a known leader within an underground revolutionary movement and his home country would not be a safe place for him to reside. The NDFP and the Government of the Philippines have signed the "Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees,” that grants immunity from arrest and prosecution to the members, consultants, staff and security personnel of both sides’ negotiating panels. It was under this agreement that Luis was last able to visit the Philippines. However this agreement was regularly breached by the Arroyo government and several members of the NDFP peace panel have been imprisoned, killed and disappeared.

In the following newspaper article the NDFP reiterates that now that peace talks are resuming; they hope that Luis and Coni can soon visit the Philippines and meet with Pres. Aquino.

Peace talks are good

Peace talks are good as long as both panels are sincere. However Luis Jalandoni's words betray their intentions. They are only using peace talks to advance their war. These are his words:

“We see that PEACE NEGOTIATIONS are another form of legal struggle which is possible to be used by the revolutionary forces in order TO ADVANCE THE REVOLUTIONARY ARMED STRUGGLE and the revolutionary mass movement. The other form of legal struggle, the peace negotiation does not replace the revolutionary armed struggle nor the revolutionary mass movement, in fact it should advance, it should support this revolutionary armed struggle as the main form of struggle and the revolutionary mass movement which is a more important struggle than the peace negotiations.”

I don't know where Ako got his figures. However, in spite of all the links to statements by leftist and independent groups, human rights advocates, victims, and self-incriminatory statements by CPP-NDF, you just choose to get all your info from the CPP-NPA-NDF website. You are biting their lure hook, line and sinker. How sad.

MYTH: The NPA unlike the AFP

MYTH: The NPA unlike the AFP does not target civilians and adheres to the Geneva protocols on warfare.

Read this book by Human Rights Watch to see the bigger picture.

*** The Philippines: Violations of the Laws of War by Both Sides ***

No wonder the AFP are losing

No wonder the AFP are losing the war against the NPA in the Philippines.  All the AFP seem to do is shoot up members of legal left wing political parties, trade unionists and other easy civilian targets and claim they killing NPA members. 

When they aren't doing that, they are posting dumb comments on indymedia. 

Violations of the Laws of War by Both Sides

An AFP soldier will not admit that they are violating human rights. I am saying both sides are violating human rights. If you can't understand that then you are an idiot, narrow minded, brainwashed or all of the above.

Human Rights Watch who made an intensive investigation on this matter agree with me. By the way I'm not a Trotskyite, anarchist or an AFP agent. I'm a free spirit.

If all you can do to rebut arguments based on facts is to throw unsubstantiated accusations then I would advise you to shut up because you are just embarrassing yourself.

The Philippines: Violations of the Laws of War by Both Sides

The report you refer to was

The report you refer to was written in 1990, that is twenty years ago and  during a period in which the revolutionary movement committed many errors. It does not at all reflect what the movement is like today.  These errors were criticised, repudiated and actions taken to rectify them in 1992.

During the period of the late 1980s up to 1992 you had a premature regularization  of the NPA and a  militarist approach to the peoples war. Mass work was neglected (ie forming communes, provision of health care etc) and the NPA lost much of its support. As a result in 1992 you had only about 20 guerilla fronts and today the NPA has grown to more than 130 guerilla fronts .

In the late 1980s  you also had the formation of urban guerillas called the Alex Boncayao Brigade (ABB) that committed assasinations in urban centres. this is what the report mainly criticises.  It also refers to the hysteria of the DPA (deep pentration agents) campaign in which many innocent comrades were killed and tortured within the movement.. The hysteria  resulted from the loss of support from the people due errors and inflitration by military agents in the movement. It was a tragedy that should never had happened. Those responsible are know longer in the movement and actions have been taken to bring those responsible to justice and prevent it from happening again. Revolutionary movements are never perfect but at least the Filipino revolutionary movement has the humility to acknowledge and learn from its mistakes.

In 1992 the NDF-CPP-NPA criticised these grave errors as a major deviation of the revolutionary line and launched a campign to rectify the revoltuinonary movement. The ABB was ordered to disband but refused and broke away with another group called the Revolutionary Proleterian Army (RPA) in Negros to form the RPA-ABB. The RPA-ABB later degenerated  into becoming a private security force of landlords (ie the Cojuanco clan), signed a peace agreement with the Arroyo government that bought it under the command  structure of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. It now operates as a right wing death squad and has been responsible for many extra judical killings of activists and farm workers in Negros.


Most Persistent Violators of children in conflict: NPA, MILF

The so-called rectification movement is nothing but a ploy so Jose Maria Sison and his faction can regain power. Those who were guilty of atrocities but sided with him were reprimanded lightly but later even promoted. Those who sided with the Reject factions were assassinated or otherwise were included in the order of battle.

This report by the United Nations is more recent:


Most Persistent Violators of children in conflict: NPA, MILF, ASG

You keep on releasing more

You keep on releasing more hogwash and spinning more out more lies. One can only assume your part of the AFP pyschwar appratus. You say your a free spririt?. You are surely deluded, you come across as a die-hard anti-communist reactionary or a AFP military intelligence agent.

The NPA does not have child soldiers; you need to be 18 to be a guerilla. Unlike the AFP the NPA has the reputation of being a well-disciplined force.The UN Report you refer does not back up the claim with any evidence.

The CPP has released the following statements on this:;refer=cpp;lang=eng;refer=ndfev;lang=eng

The CPP statement says:

"The CPP reiterated that it maintains a policy prohibiting the recruitment of children below 18 years old as fighters of the NPA. "This policy prohibiting child combatants is being strictly observed by all units of the New People's Army."

"For several years now, we have invited representatives of the United Nations and other independent bodies to visit units of the NPA and areas of operations of these units to see for themselves how the revolutionary movement upholds its policy of prohibiting the recruitment of children, and furthermore, how the rights and welfare of children are respected and promoted in the revolutionary areas."

"The Philippine government and the AFP have, however, persistently prevented international observers from engaging with the revolutionary movement on the question of children's rights. It has churned out baseless figures accusing the NPA of violating childrens rights while preventing independent observers from verifying these claims."

"In truth, it is the AFP that is biggest violator of childrens rights in the Philippines. Hundred of thousands of children have been victimized by the AFP's military operations that have invariably targetted civilian communities in the fascist military's desperation to put an end to the people's revolutionary armed resistance," said the CPP.

The CPP cited the report made in 2007 by the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) where it revealed that 215,233 children were victimized in AFP operations including more than 215,060 victimized by forcible evaucations. At least 58 children were killed and another 58 survived attempts on their lives. It further revealed that ten children have disappeared, 40 maimed, 17 subjected to torture, 8 subjected to rape and sexual harassment, 51 victims of illegal search and seizure, 63 victims of coercion, 69 victims of illegal arrest and detention, 40 victims of physical assault and injury and 196 victims of threats and intimidation".

Please stop you pathetic posturing against the Filipino revolutionary movement. I know you must be bored in the the barracks, but surely you can find something more productive to do rather than continuing to posting dumb comments on here. 

I have heard that the tour is going great and New Zealanders are enjoying the hearing the reality of the peoples war.  if you don't like that then too bad. Get a life!!!



one track mind

 The problem with "sick of the trolls" is he or she keep on quoting one source - the CPP website. Between the United Nations report and the Maoist propaganda machine, I will listen more to the UN report.


National Democracy is pseudo-democracy

National Democracy is pseudo-democracy. Just like National Socialism (Nazism) is pseudo-socialism.