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October 15th - three years later - DROP THE CHARGES


Today marks the third anniversary of the State's terroristic invasion into the homes of people around the country, of the lockdown of the community of Ruatoki and of the witch-hunt for anarchists who support tino rangatiratanga.This is a day that will never be forgotten. The black clad paramilitary police force instructed by their masters in the Beehive specifically carried out acts of terror against the people of Tuhoe. [ More ]

A book is launched in Wellington: The day the raids came: Stories of survival and resistance to the state terror raids. [ DETAILS ] A protest against the Search and Surveillance Bill and police repression will take place in Auckland. [ DETAILS ]

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I just completed reading the

I just completed reading the book The day the raids came. Thank you very much for compiling those stories. What a wondering and emotional read.


That raid was ordered from overseas, it was not a local initiative.

The Beehive is an annex of Washington that is in turn a vassal of Rome.

General's Dwight Eisenhower and McCarthur were Fascist sympathisers (Adolf Hitler was Time Magazine Man of the Year in 1938) who took massive amounts of stolen gold from the defeated Axis powers for 'personal use'.

Personal use includes bribery of New Zealand Union leaders and politicians.  Also, it payed for the assassination of Prime Minister Norman Kirk.

Come on. You don't believe Her Majesty the Queen would have signed off on the Rape of the Innocents?  If you do, well, don't stand too close to me or any of the other lads, for fear we may mistake you for a fascist sympathiser.  Are we clear?

Fix bayonets, lads.  We're off again adventuring again :-)






Come now Paul, surely we have

Come now Paul, surely we have democrazy here now and a system of see you at the pollomg boothes?