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Search and Surveillance Bill – defeated, for now.


The Justice and Electoral select committee has sent the Search and Surveillance Bill back for re-drafting noting widespread public concern. The committee has asked for a Justice Department report in advance of a re-drafted piece of legislation outlining just exactly how the law will change existing powers. A new bill is expected to be introduced sometime in July or August.

‘We are pleased that the bill has been stopped temporarily, however, our campaign will not cease until the Search and Surveillance bill is defeated. This bill has been a failure from start to finish. It was intended to clarify the law around search and surveillance, but none of the proponents can even agree on what it does or means’ said the Campaign to Stop the Search and Surveillance Bill Spokesperson Batch Hales.

‘The approach to Search and Surveillance in this country must be based first and foremost on the rights of people against the state, not the other way around.’

‘We want the powers of the police curtailed and tightened, not extended. We want the powers of the some 70 government agencies included in this bill to be removed.’

‘We want submissions on any newly re-drafted bill to be completely re-opened not limited to people who have previously submitted on the bill. A new bill deserves new submissions; it is as simple as that. Any move to restrict or limit submissions will be rejected.’

‘We strongly disagree with the Select Committee chairman Chester Burrows claims to the contrary. The Search and Surveillance bill most certainly DOES extend existing powers of police and other government agencies.’

‘First, police do not currently have any legal authority to install video cameras inside of homes, offices, churches, or other private buildings. The Search and Surveillance Bill would grant the police the power to do that.’

‘The police do not currently have any legal authority to compel people to produce documents. That power rests only with the Serious Fraud Office. The Search and Surveillance bill would extend that power to police.’

‘The police do not currently have any legal authority to compel people to answer questions down at the local police station. The Search and Surveillance Bill would extend that power to police.’

‘The state and its coercive forces are not benign. They must continually be kept in check and their powers limited at every opportunity. We have seen first hand the abuses of power by police and other government agencies. We encourage people to keep a close watch out for more developments on the bill.’

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PLEASING but not enough!

It is a little consolation to hear this. Like others I know about harassment by the police, their tactics, have heard of honest reports of punch ups and other abuse at stations! If that bill would ever become law we would truly have a police state. Imagine a ruthless party like ACT usually campaigning for the rights of individuals and personal freedom supporting such a law. It is nothing short of a modern day NAZI party that outfit! They cloak themselves in the liberal coat, but that is nothing of their true intentions! They want to bring us back to the dark ages!

So watch this space, the bill will be back and only mildly compromised!

Take a stand!


Who is that cop in the picture? Is he a mutant ninja turtle or someone else in disguise?


I think it's Shredder with a Bushmaster M4 carbine and a new set of threads:


Police and pro police...

Police and pro police politicians cannot argue that this bill is not an extention of police powers, yet section 42 of the bill is in every way an extention of police powers.

Photo above on Search and Surveillance story

Kia Ora

After stumbling across your existance ie IMC and checking out your site which is great .... Im just curious to know where you attained the above image ? 

It looks remarkably identical to an image I had taken for The Whakatane Beacon during the so called 'terrorist raids'  .. would it be the same one ?



Monique Ford


021 726 703

Hi Monique,Of course it's the

Hi Monique,

Of course it's the same image. But you already knew that. What you're trying to say is that it's reproduction here infringes your copyright and they should have sought your permission before using it.

This misses three points:

  1. This is forum where property rights (especially intellectual property rights) are not respected. The resident philosophy is a vague mix of radical far-left anarchism / communism / feminism. In that light, the recognition of property rights is interpreted as supporting the white male capitalist hegemony suppressing the working class and women i.e. it's bad.
  2. This is the internet. Property rights are not respected here either. Technology has made it easy to copy other people's "works" (including your photographs). When it is that easy to link through images which are on the internet, they are tantamount to being in the public domain.
  3. You don't have any effective way of stopping them. The legal costs of seeking an interim injunction would far outweigh any benefit you might hope to get from these guys (no $). Anyway, would you even know who to sue? You could call the mob, but you'd still have the same problem.

To cut a long story short, if your images make their way onto the internet, you should consider them public domain because any attempt to enforce your copyright will be fruitless. Any lawyer who tells you different is (a) lying and (b) just wants you money.

Lentil, LLL

Hi Monique,I'm one of the

Hi Monique,

I'm one of the editors of Aotearoa Indymedia, I'll send an email to the editorial list and find out if anyone knows where the image was sourced from, I believe it has been used for a number of similar articles.

I will get back to you when I've heard back from the ed list.



Kerry A-IMC editor

Hey Kerry, why have you

Hey Kerry, why have you hidden my comment?

Hiding a comment asking you

Hiding a comment asking you why you hid my comment? Nice one.

I see you have your hammer out again, crushing dissenting views.

The new left perspective on post-industrial communalism

Is this copyright infringement?

Freedom of information.

Information should be free.

Anarcho-communist perspective

Information should be free.


There we go, artistically

There we go, artistically altered the pixels by about 75%, darkened, shaded, captionated, reversed, illuminated affect, stripped exif, and source added.

Free speech.

Information should be free. So should speech.

The Konstabulary could still

The Konstabulary could still smell the burning houses and bodies in them, from the last time their predecessors stood on the confiscation line.

Schutz staffel ninja kops sweep through Ruatoki like a nightmare to remind the free, kindhearted and majestic people of Tuhoe that they will never have peace while they refuse to subject themselves to the will and schedules of the powerful.


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