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300 People March Against the Search and Surveillance Bill in Auckland


Around 300 people turned out to protest against the Search and Surveillance Bill in Auckland yesterday.  The march began with a rally at the grassy area opposite the Town Hall.  Green MP David Clendon and Barry Wilson from the Council for Civil Liberties gave speeches about the terrible impact the Search and Surveillance Bill, if passed, will have on civil liberties in New Zealand.

The demonstrators then proceeded down Queen Street.  Those with megaphones interspersed chants of "2, 4, 6, 8 no more police state" and "when civil rights are under attack: stand up fight back!" with short speeches about provisions of the Bill.  1000 copies of the detailed leaflet, prepared by October 15 Solidarity from Wellington, were distributed along Queen St. 

When we got to Britomart, Eden Albert Community Board member, Rochelle Rees drew on her personal experience to highlight the worrying extent of Police surveillance on innocent people in New Zealand.  In 2008 Rochelle discovered that her then partner, Rob Gilchrist, had been paid by the Police for 10 years to infiltrate and inform on a wide range of activist groups, including the Green Party, animal rights groups, Greenpeace and trade unions. 

The event wound up with an open mike at Britomart.

Many journalists were present and the demonstration was reported by:

One News

The NZ Herald

Radio NZ

New Zealand Press Association


Though it was miserable and

Though it was miserable and raining around 50 people in Christchurch marched to the Cop-shop and thru-out the City Mall chanting "1 2 3 4 Who's that knocking on your door?" "5 6 7 8 We don't want a police state!" Pity the police hid when we came visiting them not to mention the media, obviously allergic to rain. Thanks to everyone who turned up. Noice work :)

Great stuff.  Hope the

Great stuff.  Hope the weather is better next time.



Some photos are up at

Will upload some more tomorrow.


Photos need to catch numbers

Kia ora bro


Great photos. Can an ed please add a couple of the photos to this article?


Unfortunately none of them show anything like 300 people. It's really good to get at least a couple of group shots at the height of the demo, to illustrate the level of support it had on the day. Great work though, and good to see them up so swiftly after the fact.