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Wellington protests the Search and Surveillance Bill


A broad range of voices in opposition to the Search and Surveillance Bill were heard during the Wellington protest march today. Speakers from the Council of Trade Unions, Benefit Rights Advocacy Group, Disabilities Rights, Workers Party, International Bolshevik Tendency, Green Party, and anarchists voiced their deep concerns about the vast expansion of police powers and the powers of government agencies.

About 150 people were at the march in Wellington that started with a lively rally on Manners St before heading down to the Nats HQ on Willis St.

While there was a suggestion that some members of the protest were there in fact to surveil the demo rather than participate in it, most people were in full support of the concluding chant of  ‘2,4,6,8 f*ck the police state’

More to come in the lead up to report back on the bill due now on 29 October 2010.

In the meantime, get involved: email for details!


Search & Surveillance Demo Wellington

Bravo! One brave woman said that she marched for her mokopuna. A white male, on having the bill explained to him, remarked: That is excellent! I fully support it!

Totalitarianism is built upon silence. Bertrand de Jouvenel reminds us that ‘’a society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves.” In this important battle, silence is NOT an option.

Kia kaha!

just because you dont know

just because you dont know someone or have not seen that particular person before does not mean they are a cop, not everyone is a highly visible activist some only come out of the woodwork every now and then or live in the country.


i did see and hear two middle aged men standing back from the demo and heard them talking about others present,but please dont point fingers at others that you dont know as being or cops . Personally i think this my might be too little too late i hope im wrong ,what happens on 29 oct? is that d day for this bill?

all the best

where was all the protests

where was all the protests and actions when this bill was first introduced???

its already passed its second reading and you start protesting now!???

the people that usually

the people that usually accuse others of being spies are usually suss themselves,i was involved with a couple of groups but got put off by their stupid paranoia and it was usuallfrom the same person/s

It hasn't passed its second

It hasn't passed its second reading yet.  It is still in Select Committee.

Now is actually the time to kick up a huge fuss because the whole idea of a Select Committee is supposedly to iron out the worst parts of legislation.



but your leaflet says it has

but your leaflet says it has been through its second reading...

kia oraThank you for drawing

kia ora

Thank you for drawing that error to our attention. The leaflet is incorrect - the bill has been through its first reading and has been referred to Select Committee. Submissions were heard last October, and reporting back has been delayed from 1 May to October 29. We will update the leaflet on the next print run.