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No mining the Coromandel!


DescriptionAs part of its strategy for economic growth, the National government today had its report to exploit the country's mineral wealth leaked to the press. With this, the government is prepared to allow this mining on protected land around the country. This is being done despite past victories by communities in the 1980's that had fought to have protected land off limits to industrial mining.

These victories had led to Section 4 to be added to the Crown Minerals Act, which stipulated that national parks, nature and scientific reserves, wilderness areas, sanctuary areas, wildlife sanctuaries as well as all Crown conservation land north of the Kopu-Hikuai Road and the foreshore on the Coromandel Peninsula ( and most adjacent offshore islands and Hauraki Gulf islands.), be off limits to mining.

The Government report states that 7058 hectares of land will be taken off Schedule 4 protection. These areas include;

-Seven areas of the Coromandel Peninsula totalling 2574 hectares

-705 hectares of Te Ahumata Plateau on Great Barrier Island

-396 hectares of the Otahu ecological area

-The Otahu Ecological Area (396 hectares)

- Parakawai Geological Area (68 hectares)

-The Inangahua sector of Paparoa National Park (3,315 hectares)

The report clearly tries to mitigate the impact of widthdrawing these protected areas by adding some 12000 hectares of land to section 4 protection. However, these areas have long been in line to become protected areas.

DescriptionLuckily there are places to get involved in making sure this mining does not go ahead. The Coromandel watchdog are a community group that led the fight against mining back in the 80's and are back at it again. Both Auckland and Hamilton have active groups organising in support of the Watchdog. Auckland has a film night/forum/campaign update this Wednesday, info below.

Coromandel- watchdog(at)

Hamilton- globalaroha(at)

Auckland- marmeladov(at)

DescriptionSay NO to mining the Coromandel!

-Film/slideshow and Forum evening with special guest speaker

-Visual presentation will be connecting mining destruction in West Papua to proposed further mining on Protected land in Aotearoa. There will be a campaign update and the chance to learn how to get involved!

-Wednesday, March 24th at 7:00, 8A Mount Eden Road, Auckland

-Entry $5 or more, nobody turned away for lack of funds.

-baked goods for sale, coffee, tea, etc.

National Government report / Coromandel Watchdog / Green Party mining site

Update: The Save Happy Valley group has invited the public to learn how to stop mining bulldozers


Papatuanuku is our sacred

Papatuanuku is Our Sacred Mother

To mine Her and rape Her body for profit 

Makes my spirit cry out with righteous anger!

I think its great! its not

I think its great! its not like we're mining the entire country, how else are you going to prosper!

Gold mining is actually a

Gold mining is actually a fiscal disaster.  When the Martha mine in Waihi is finally finished, who will clean the tons and tons of toxic waste they have so cleverly dumped and painted green to be out of sight? 

The company (Newmont) will bolt, change its name or bust and it will cost millions and millions to clean and in the mean time the water and soil will be contaminated and the people of Waihi will have a giant hole in the middle of their town.

Read the watchdog website, listen to the interviews. 

Sure Kyle...the money made

Sure Kyle...the money made from the mines is going to flow right back into the NZ economy is it? Just like the Rio Tinto down in the South? Stealing power from the national grid whilst we foot the bill?! We might see a few 1000 jobs created but at what price? And I doubt very much that the number of jobs will bare any significance in relation to the number lost since this gobshite of a government took over.


      So we'll be subsidising the rape of our native lands, at the cost of our health care and public services whilst the highest biders we'll take the profits out of the country never to be seen again...sounds great still?


    It's not a coincidence that some of the wealthiest countries in the world, in terms of natural resources, are some of the poorest places on the planet. Big Business = plunder at the expense of the people and the, not that great afterall.

   Angry at the government? Pissed that they're cutting our health care? Social Services? Mass Unemployment? Mining our national parks whilst privatising our water? Attacking workers rights whilst giving back handers to McDonalds?! Raising taxes whilst wollowing in their fancy homes and spending our money on nights out?!

     APRIL 1st: National day of action Against Key and his cronies! Watch this space!!!

Aotearoa is iwi land

who cares about prosterity not iwi, hapu and whanau the destruction caused by the form of strip mining this government favours is efn outrageous examples of their destruction is not exclusive to aotearoa their work is found all over the planet, we do not want it in aotearoa.

If you look at how the town

If you look at how the town of Waihi has prospered from its' open cast gold mine... it hasn't. Increased pollution, increased noise, an ugly hole in the ground and all the profits go to its' United States owners: Newmont Waihi Gold Co... The limited number of local jobs will cease when Newmont packs up and leaves after taking all the gold.

Aotearoa / New Zealand has unique animals, many of whom are endangered, lovely native bush, and very little in the way of terrestrial mineral resources.

Ae, Tautoko, stand up to

Ae, Tautoko, stand up to protect & defend Papatuanuku

Wellington mining protest

A montage of the mining protest that was held outside Wellington parliament on Tuesday the 30th of March 2010. The protest was held to voice public concerns regarding the governments actions towards mitigating the protection of section 4 of the Crown Minerals Act and mining our national parks.

Some action to start at least

Well, this is some good action to start with at least!


Well. There are two words we can say to this: EARTH FIRST!

And then there are another three, EARTH LIBERATION FRONT.

Track my IP address please! :)


Is anybody really surprised???

Well we have the confirmation now for what was leaked out days ago! The government is choosing supposed economic gains above protecting that bit of the environment NZ still holds dear and has so far protected for future generations to enjoy. Sure John Key will sell his shares in an Australian mining company. That is what he said when the first mention of such plans was made weeks ago. He was caught out being in a "conflict of interest" kind of situation. Do we know whether he may not simply sell the shares to his wife, put investments in a kind of "family trust" or hide away his interests in any other way?


As one poster here already commented, the question will be, whether the mining will actually be done by NZ companies and whether the returns will stay in NZ. I very much doubt it. Look at the oil and gas that has been explored and exploited off the Taranaki coast for decades. Most of it went overseas and still does so. There may be a few tax dollars, a few hundred or thousand jobs for a "period of time", but in the long term the major gain will be made by the large share-holders in Australia, the US and other countries that have shares in the companies that will come and raid our parks and reserves.


This is a declaration of war by this government. A declaration of war against people protecting the environment in NZ and who support them! John Key may hoodwink many, but he will get a formidable response to his government's proposals!


As we know the National Party and their past record, it is clear that this will just be the beginning of more to follow. First it will only be "a postcard on Eden Park", but bit by bit the public will be mellowed and conned into following supposed "economic reasoning".


We have lost a lot of manufacturing and replaced this with low paid jobs in the service sectors like tourism and education of foreign students paying high fees. We sell the primary products directly to companies that have them processed in other countries to make greater profits. Now we sell the bit of value that is below the ground.


Rape and pillage in Aotearoa is going to be restarted on a larger scale soon. It will also come the day when due to increased demand and shortage of exploitable minerals in other parts of the globe the areas around Antarctica and  on that last largely untouched continent will be dug up for minerals. Already is over-fishing a growing problem in the Pacific Ocean.


The days are numbered and our government is busy speeding up the processes that ultimately destroy this planet we live on.


Take action all that are concerned, take resolute and joint actions at all fronts, whether it is signing petitions, lobbying politicians, organising and joining protests and land occupations, whatever. An agenda is set by the government, now we are asked to take a stand - not just on social issues!

Well stated HC but what

Well stated HC but what action? not another talkfest, meeting, film showing or slideshow we need real protest.    

Don't worry, action will be taken! Just start somewhere

'Paul R' - These plans to survey the conservation land have just been announced. Actions against this will not happen over night. I am sure and know that there are already many at work to organise activities that will be more forceful and effective. And every little thing counts. For instance the Greens have already handed around petitions to sign up for against these very plans of the government. They will plan more actions. It is also a issue of their political survival and chance to take decisive action against this government. I am sure a number of environmental organisations will announce plans for action soon.

As long as people do not drift into resignation and even indifference. Spread the word and take a stand is the start of things.

haha ,more

Lentil brain size 3

Lentil brain size 3 now.

unfortunately the majority of

unfortunately the majority of people in this country behave and think in a sheep like manner ,they are docile and unthinking ,they voted national in !

Sadly must agree

Sadly I must agree, too many NZ'ers are just too happy to sell the parent's estate for a gain, once they have died a lonely death in a filthy rest-home! I know enough examples and rather not elaborate further! The government is planning to do what many Kiwis do in their personal affairs anyway. This country is so sold out and corrupted that anything that can be sold will eventually be sold. But where do you come from and what do you do but be cynical? I see a very devided left and numerous fractions of activists, be they environmentally conscious or not. As long as NZ is in this sorry state I do not honestly know whether this country will have ANY future!

"As one poster here already

"As one poster here already commented, the question will be, whether the mining will actually be done by NZ companies and whether the returns will stay in NZ. I very much doubt it. Look at the oil and gas that has been explored and exploited off the Taranaki coast for decades. Most of it went overseas and still does so. There may be a few tax dollars, a few hundred or thousand jobs for a "period of time", but in the long term the major gain will be made by the large share-holders in Australia, the US and other countries that have shares in the companies that will come and raid our parks and reserves." mining profits go to capitalists, not us. they profit from exploiting nature and us. it does not really matter if the mining company is owned by a NZ capitalist or a foreign capitalist. the problem is profit, not where the profits go. the problem is international capitalism, not foreign ownership. NZ capitalists are just as exploitative as foreign ones. there is some evidence that they are even more so, as often they pay worse wages and conditions than big evil transnationals do. left nationalism is a dead end. with the rise of globalisation, our resistance needs to be as international as capital is.


Show your colours by going to the frontline of class war! I want to see you fight for rights and equality in Mainland China, Bangla Desh, India and Myanmar! You are offering Cheap Talk, nothing more. I met too many of you hyppocritical NZ socialists, commenting from a cosy arm-chair in Aotearoa. So show some action then!

it would be good to see

it would be good to see opposition to any mining company, regardless of where they are from. left nationalism means that only foreign mining companies would be opposed, letting local ones off the hook. it would be good to see anti-mining people link into international campaigns about mining, and learn from resistance to rio tinto and so on (many do this already, and good on them).
we hypocritical socialists, believe it or not, do get involved in international networks and protests and give support to fellow workers round the world eg. send money to unions and striking workers. some of this support is only tokenistic. but it is better than nothing.
now that you have so thoroughly exposed my hypocrisy, i will fly off to china tomorrow. got any spare change?

Try Winz


I love it when activists

I love it when activists respond to criticism by accusing their critics of not being hyper-activistoids. As if pointless or misplaced action is somehow better than no action.

what do you do about anything

what do you do about anything then??

im betting a big fat nothing!

Aotearoa big mouth activism non-activist wastrels

I have been to a number of activities over the years and was honestly shocked about the lack of numbers of participants. The last one was the picket or "protest" against the $uper City that took place in Gladstone Rd in Parnell a few weeks ago. Contrary to some media reports there were not 70 to 80 people present, at best 3 to 4 dozen! It was the usual crowd seeking attention, but no ordinary citizen or resident of any kind! If any were there they must have felt totally out of place and alienated. So the few activists and mainly Labour politicians were only grand-standing in front of the few tv cameras and photo media. What good does this kind of feeble and useless activity do? There is often the excuse that "ordinary people would be busy working". That is BS. If that is a problem then do a protest on the weekend. The excuse then will be people are busy shopping or taking their kids to activities! So this society is so unpolitical and brainwashed, it is not funny. It is virtually of no effect what many of you do here, because hardly anybody reads these posts here! That is the bloody truth, like it or not. There needs to be some radical and fundamental change of tactics and mentality, otherwise just dig your own graves and dont waste your time any more! Sorry and angry to say this!

rubbish! any action is worth

rubbish! any action is worth something ,stop trying to foster more apathy

500 march to parliament

500 march to parliament against minining,on a week day,and promise civil disobedience if it goes ahead

HC I was not accusing you of

HC I was not accusing you of not taking action, you don't need to rail off whatever victories you have achieved in the past in order to convince me you are a sincere and dedicated activist. I'm sure you are. The problem is when 'no name' tried to point out the flaws in your left nationalist stance on mining your initial response was to accuse him/her of not doing anything. This kind of logic is pointless and only serves to stifle whatever constructive debate could potentially occur on Aotearoa IMC and other sites frequented by activists.

Sorry HC, I didn't notice

Sorry HC, I didn't notice this post and accidently confused you with rabbit. However if you are upset by the lack of participation in many political actions you should look no further than the fact that here on IMC, which is intended to be a free and open resource, people are criticized for offering their opinion on the grounds that they 'probably haven't done anything'. Which, you may have noticed, is how several people responded to me. As far as I'm concerned nothing could be more alienating for individuals who are sincerely concerned about a political issue than the assertion that their opinion is not valid because they do not yet have enough activists notches in their belt.

You "activists" are pathetic.

You "activists" are pathetic. You all think you're the only ones who "understand the issues". The reality is that anyone with the intellect and motivation to "get involved" doesn't join some worker's group or "collective". Real change in our society is only achieved through participating in society's institutions, not by staging a "demo" or watching some poorly produced documentary film in a run-down "community centre". I'm so tired of seeing the same old rent-a-mob trotting along Lambton Quay "protesting" about whatever happens to be flavour of the month. It's sad. You're wasting your time. 

Yes and no

Trotsky (not verified) I accept you have an argument, but it is a questionable one. Going through the institutions, i.e. "legal channels" can be a dreadfully disencouraging and frustrating exercise, because the law as it stands is so designed by professional legal experts to cut out all kinds of loopholes and discourage all kinds of "activism". You also need either good contacts, sympathetic lawyers or otherwise a lot of money to get anywhere. I do not discredit trying the legal way, but be realistic, that is often a waste of time!!! Because this is so, many are faced with a decision to make about following a very likely unsuccessful or at least very frustrating and expensive legal way to challenge things, or to take a more or less "anarchist" approach to address problems, thus rejecting the "legal way". So trying that can end you in court again for all sorts of reasons - just see the trumped up terrorism charges against very many a year and a half ago! So "revolutionary action" is not an easy one, that is why most show that they are comfortably numb or choose to be cowards, because life here is not harsh enough yet to choose and break the law willingly to make a change! Consider this and then make a more mature statement!

Feel free to bugger off to

Feel free to bugger off to 'Myanmar' and stop wasting our time here then.


Sam Buchanan

Is it no big surprise that

Is it no big surprise that the External Assessment Bureau has changed its name to the National Assessment Bureau. They circulated a false rumour that the change of focus was to do with the rugby world cup, but considering the huge backlash the govt is about to get concerning its intentions to rape Aotearoa, I would say this issue would be their bigger concern and therefore a major contributor to this external spy agency joining the ranks of a dozen or so other spy agencies now spying nationally.

Listen up


Does NZ have it in it for one

Does NZ have it in it for one more run at stopping big business and the government from destroying it, that I guess is the question that activists need to be asking themselves. If the answer is yes then its time to begin mobilising the people...reason I put that forward is that there isn't enough activists around to make this just an activist thing, many are a bit weary, others are afraid to dissent after the terror raids.

Does NZ have it in it?

That's exactly the right question...I personally reckon we do.


I also think May 1st is a great opportunity to bring all of the various groups affected by the recent government attention to come together on the streets. I've witessed 2 comparitively large demo's in Ch Ch in recent weeks and their's a sense of the tide finally turning once again...

    ...this needs to be on the priority list me thinks!


"others are afraid to dissent after the terror raids"

I think you will find most are put off from engaging with people who supported the violence, guns and bombs advocated and practised by those you refer to and the links they had across a wide range of groups.


what violence guns and

what violence guns and bombs?  I saw police raids.  I saw state terror.  I've never heard of any kiwi anarchist advocating violence guns or bombs.

we, in australia, deplore the

we, in australia, deplore the prospect of mining of the coromandel.  

Why ruin such a beautiful place.

I was in the coromandel this weekend and its an amazing place... why would you want to ruin it with the noise, pollution and the over crowdedness of it all. Could you imagine sitting at your local beach and having to put up with the trucks that drive past, the people that would loitering around. It would be horrible.... Being young I would love to keep our country as it is in all its full glory... I dont want my children (when they come) to be bought up with no true nature, none of this beauty that NZ is known for. Really you need to think about the future generations and what you really want them to be bought up with. KIA KAHA AOTEAROA!!!!!

The answer is that the rich

The answer is that the rich bastards in this country and their doting servants the NZ Government are running their little joke of an economy miles beyond its means so have had to go get a dozen billion dollars in loans ($200 million a month to date) and agree to a free trade agreement with China to keep their little charade afloat. To balance out the books between outstanding loans and lack of surplus 'assets' they've decided to pull some cash from the ground in the way of gold, sell it on the open market and pay back some of the debt to the overseas lone shark.

Meanwhile big business continues to live beyond its means, as does the government and its state, so this is only a temporary measure and no doubt we will hear of more hairbrained ideas from this Government in the near future, finding more ways to bring lots of cash into this country to cover their previous debts and to shore up the bulging dam of their over spending.

Other ideas they have in balancing the books will be something along the lines of:

- privatisation of health, probably using the whanau ora model as a base model to move health services from state run to completely private provider run including hospitals.

- privatisation of all critical services, banks, prisons etc using supercity reshuffles as a tool to inject Roger Douglas's dystopian Pinochetian dream into reality.

- importing 50,000+ multimillionaires with the incumbrance that they bring $xxxxx amount of dollars with them and spend it here, in affect buying citizenship for $2m or more.

- 100s of billions of $$$ to be made in selling off many of the large tracks of land to overseas companies.

- selling NZ water on the international market to countries that have fucked their water supply.

Screwing up our last natural habitats for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Well put, eventhough it may appear to be a bit over the top. But that is what it ultimately boils down to. As individuals we should also think about whether we are better off importing so much in the way of products produced by virtually "slave labour" in Mainland China, Pakistan, India and a few other countries to name, thus causing a lot of the imbalance that makes this government feel urged to sell more of the table silver to keep financing nonsical economics.

Remember - a lot of supposedly local and Maori souvenirs are actually "made in China". This has put out of existence local craftspeople that have to go to WINZ to make a living and survive.


It is absurd and bizarre, but the present AND previous governments allow this to happen!

That's the thing, it's not

That's the thing, it's not over the top at all.

Welcome to future shock.

How are we going to practically resist this, is what I want to know.



You know the answer

Yes, you must know the answer, but truth is that real action will be suffocated and met with all kinds of force. So that is what we are up against. Really the majority of people need to be convinced, at least a sizeable portion that can get things moving. Sadly so many are full of fear to challenge the status quo, because they worry about jobs, income, survival, which again is what the ruling elite wants them to feel like. So make your own assessment!