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100,000 Protest at Cop15, Police Make Mass Arrests


Saturday 12th began with the NOAH Flood for Climate Justice Demonstration which started at 10am and marched, danced and waved to Christiansborg Slotsplads (the Parliament Square) [photo report] where at 1pm it merged with the 12dec Demo which included a CJA group.  It soon became clear that it was a massive concentration, with estimates quickly reaching 100,000 protestors; it was a part of a Global Day of Action on climate change.  Meanwhile a separate action called by Never Trust a COP (NTAC) initially gathered in Højbro Plads.

Police Make Indiscriminate Mass Arrests

At around 3.15pm the police charged into the march near to where the CJA System Change not Climate Change group had joined the march, as well as people from the Ntac called demonstration. They cut off hundreds of people including many who were marching as part of Libertarian Socialist bloc [Pics 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | report | personal account | video: 1 | 2 | 3]. By 5pm several hundred had been handcuffed and made to sit on the floor, where they remain in the cold for hours. The police's press office reports that those arrested today are between 700-900 people - See AerialTwitpic. See CJA Press Release

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Meanwhile, Climate Camp will start in Moonshine park (Upper Hutt) on Wednesday with the set-up of the camp and a first camp meeting at 4pm that day. [ More Information ]


Police brutality and random arrests in DK

This is nothing new. The police in Denmark have over years now taken an extremely harsh and random approach against demonstrators! They crush any protest with force and do not mess around. It should be questioned whether there have been breaches of human rights, which I suppose there have been. I will gather more info. This Climate Summit by the UN is turning out to be another shambles and cop-out where the rich industrialised nations try to find an easy way out of their responsibility. Promises of a few billions here or there won't make any difference. This again will encourage the new great polluters like China and India to not take a serious enough stand. Hence mass action by activists is called for all over the world. The capital owners will only serve their own interests and not face up to their responsibilities. One last hope is a strong statement by Obama. But recent actions or lack thereof coming from his government do give more reason to concern. We are simply screwing up the planet by only half hearted actions done by hyppocritical governments. Certainly John Key and NZ do not have much to glorify about!

Eve of Destruction revisited

story of cap and trade

" Leave the oil in the soil, leave the coal in the hole and leave the tar sand in the land."

Eve of Destruction (New Millennium)

music, Barry McGuire
new lyrics, Ken Ward

The Arctic ice, it is a’meltin’
The polar bears, they are sweltering
You’ve heard about this, till your brain’s explodin’
Your lightbulbs are changed, but what’s that car you’re drivin’
And do you really think, we’ll save the world by recyclin’?

And you tell me
Over and over and over again my friend
Ah, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction

Necessary conditions, for civilization
Three hundred fifty, there is no debating
Three ninety now and, acceleratin’
Scientists say, we don’t need more explanation
Look around you now, there’s chaos in the making

But you tell me…

I feel so sad, just contemplatin’
what the world will be like, for the children we are raisin’
How do we prepare them for a world disintegrating
What good for them, is a liberal education?
And what do we say when they ask for explanation?

And you tell me…

Big Green Groups, they are hesitating
To tell the urgent truth, it’s so frustrating
Lobby hard they say, and pass legislation
Cap and trade alone, will be our salvation
And BP, they tell us, is cooperating?

And you tell me…

But look around you now, it’s so energizin’
October twenty four, we are organizin’
A planet-wide Day, of Climate campaignin’
To heed McKibben’s call for, global action
for Three Five O, the only path to salvation
The most important number, in the whole damn nation
Let’s not reverse course, of Almighty’s creation!

So don’t tell me
Over and over and over again my friends
You don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction
Open up your eyes and and move your feet into action.

Maori asked to stand with the

Maori asked to stand with the Pacific @ Cop15


Grass roots organisations from around the world today strongly
condemned negotiators at the Copenhagen climate summit for removing
key content from a draft agreement aimed at protecting the world’s
rainforests, and downgrading language protecting local communities and
Indigenous Peoples in the text.

"Using a free market solution to fix climate change problems created
by the free market is intellectually unsound, why has the New Zealand
government passed an emission trading scheme that has condemned the
Pacific?" asks Sina Brown-Davis ( Ngapuhi / Samoa ) referring to the
recent Emission Trading Scheme passed by the National Party with
support from the Maori Party.

"Why would some Maori support the Dairy industry that has been
irresponsibly polluting our rivers and environment before the lives of
our cousins in Tuvalu, Kiribati, Tokelau and the other many small
island communities in the Pacific?"

Sina Brown-Davis is participating in The Social & Climate Justice
Caravan which has been travelling Europe and is now in Copenhagen for

The caravan wants to link the protests against the WTO with the
protests against the climate summit. Representatives from global
movements from the South drove two routes from Geneva to Copenhagen.
With public meetings, discussions and actions planned, the caravan
drew attention to the consequences of trade liberalisation and climate
change on people in the global South.

"Putting the interests of the dairy industry and tribal capitalists
out to make a quick buck before the lives and homes of small island
communities should be condemned around the Pacific and by Maori who
believe in the values of whanaungatanga and whakapapa". continued Sina

There has been wide support within the global indigenous community
that Indigenous Peoples rights needed to be protected in any
negotiations that come out of Copenhagen.

This was articulated by the Indigenous Peoples caucus at the lead up
meeting in Bangkok when they said

'The recognition of our rights must be in accordance with
international human rights law and standards including the UNDRIP and
ILO Convention 169, among other human rights instruments. If there is
no full recognition and full protection for Indigenous peoples'
rights, including the rights to resources, lands and territories, and
there is no recognition and respect of our rights of free, prior and
informed consent of the affected indigenous peoples, we will oppose
REDD and REDD+ and carbon offsetting projects, including CDM

Previously the Maori Party had supported the Declaration on the Rights
of Indigenous Peoples.

The New Zealand Governments position to date has been to oppose the
inclusion of the Declaration in the agreements being negotiated at

How do they intend to deal with this contradiction?