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Don't stand up for the system - day of action on October 1st


Jennifer Graham is the woman who was evicted from her housetruck in Central Wellington earlier this year. Jennifer had been parked on Stout St for some 20 weeks when the Council showed up, evicted her onto the streets and sold her housetruck for $3600 worth of unpaid fines. They said she was camping and quoted some obscure council bylaw.

Following this, she was on the streets for 6 weeks and set up house just outside the WCC offices. She was arrested for trespass but when she arrived for court, the police advised her that they were dropping the charges. She said that wasn't good enough – she wasn't even allowed to have her say – so she said she would continue to cause trouble for them. So they then trespassed her from the District court. When she refused to sign her bail bond, they sent her to Arohata for 6 days.

When she re-appeared in court, she refused to stand for the judge – and nothing happened. She is refusing to recognise the judge and the court system and is encouraging everyone to do the same. She is calling a day of action – 'Don't stand for the system' - and encourages everyone to go to cour t around the country on October 1st (her next scheduled appearance date on the trespass charge) and refuse to stand up for the judge.

Jennifer says she is seeking a system of justice that works for the people, not the rulers and wants lots of people to get involved in a campaign of civil disobedience.



Sweet, she doesn't reconize

Sweet, she doesn't reconize the NZ Government. That means she's going for survival of the fittest. Sounds like she's going to be raped and robbed.

Hey, the cop's aren't allowed to help her. They don't count, remember?

What a contribution that

What a contribution that comment was "she's going to be raped and robbed".

By this rhetoric any place there isn't a police officer present that community will just turn on each other and rape and pillage. Maybe the contributor is suggesting that every home needs an in-home police officer as well. But then we have the likes of Schollum, Shipton, Rickards and so forth... the idea that the fear of the law prevents crime is a known fallacy, even within the police.

This sounds like a great action, I’ll be sure to find a court house on the 1st

"Hey, the cop's aren't allowed to help her"
I wouldn't count on them helping her in the first place.
I would expect normal people with a sence of community responibility to do that, as they generally do, the real un-sung heros. You don't need to be a cop to help someone.

I'm pointing out the fact

I'm pointing out the fact that without Cops, there would be lawlessness. Think about it: Why don't you break laws? Someone angers you, why don't you beat them to a pulp?(Aside from you being physically unable to?) Because you know there's the cops there to arrest you afterwards.

This idea that everyone can control themselves, and everyone is 'nice' is total bullshit. Without the law there, then the bottom 10% of society that makes up the crims would run everything.

But hey, keep smoking weed and living in your fantasy world.

In the absence of any actual

In the absence of any actual argument you just revert to playing the marijuana card. Good one, very original.

Why do I have to be original

Why do I have to be original again? Or do you Hippies expect to be treated like real people?

Typical. You speak down to

Typical. You speak down to the smokers of cannabis but you remain blinded by your lethargic, inebriated, apathetic and lazy processings of the world around you.

Break the bonds of Trevor Loudon's police state copaganda and break the compulsory servitude to the NEED FOR THE STATE and all its braindead mindnumbing mantras of WHY-YOU-NEED-US.

I paraphrase and localise a statement by the late great Bill Hicks,

Go back to bed, Aotearoa, your government has figured out how it all transpired. Go back to bed Aotearoa, your goverment is in control. Here, here's Police 10/7. Watch this, shut up, go back to bed Aotearoa, here is Police 10/7, highway patrol and 56 other police related shows to fill your empty cranials with, and 75% of news items full of WHY-We-NEED-THE-POLICE themes to fill every nightly news show! Here you go Aotearoa, slurp up all that cop gism and remember - you are free to do what well tell you! You are free to do what we tell you! 

Sometimes I think things are

Sometimes I think things are wrong and don't do them.

Not all of them are illegal.

Unfortunately the system of

Unfortunately the system of law in this country is based on the falsity that the police and the local/central Government are right and it is up to the weight of evidence to prove that they are wrong.

Its not so much a 'system of justice that works for the people' that we need, its a system of justice period. This would require judges to act honourably over arbitrary, and enacting the conscience of justice instead of the scrupulous adherence to written law.

It's an outrage that she has

It's an outrage that she has had her  home taken off her! Good on her for standing up to the system.. I can't believe the perversity of the first comment! The government or council does not support the needs of the people at all -everybody needs a home . this right wing council and govt  should be chucked out 


Sounds like a good idea!

I'll try to make it on Oct 1 to a court house. I think simple acts of disobedience like this are an easy but useful way to make our disatisfaction with the system visible. Its good to go to the courts anyways as an activist, the truth of the situation is pretty blatant there - the lines of privilege are very clearly drawn, whether you are the judge or the judged depends on your skin colour and class,

how are we meant to get

how are we meant to get involved in her campaign, you leave us contactless?


I'm not sure about this woman's strategy. I agree the council should not have confiscated her home, that is really bad. However I seem to remember when I first read about this thinking she's not being very smart in how she is going about this and is buying a fight that is going to be hard to win.


I'm all for sticking it to the system, but I think it needs to be done smartly. I live in a housetruck, and NZ generally has a good relationship with the housetruck community here. We do have to be hold ground and not lose park up rights, but I'm not sure Jennifer Graham is going about this the right way.


Also, there is very little information to be making decisions and opinions about her situation. Is there more to this that isn't in this article? I don't know welly, what is Stout St? Residential? CBD? Or? Why was she parked there? 

Go Jennifer! I'll be glad to

Go Jennifer! I'll be glad to do civil disobedience for any reason, but yours is a good one indeed :)

pointing out stuff

I must point out the fact that as things are stacked up right now with the law, the top 10% of society making up the ruling class run everything in their own interests. 

I support this, support each other.

I support this action on principle even if I don't know all facts regarding and think you should support the lobby group or whatever people wish to call it, I aim to start which aims to get people who keep begging for a choice, to vote  for themselves so they can represent their own communties and societies interests.

Cops vs Law

Good on Jennifer for standing up on this one - we have ample evidence, since the Shipton, Schollum, Rickards cases, including John Dewar's perjury conviction, that the cops wouldn't know the ethics of law if it bit them.


Trollers, don't even think about it - we know you just waste public money when you put comments in here, justifying your buddies who are wasting even more public money harrassing people without reference to law, just acting out bigotry and prejudice.


When the law is an ass, the intelligent citizen points this fact out, and defies those who discredit the proper running of civil society. Social community cohesion is maintained not by law, but by those whose actions support each other within the community - from each according to capability, to each according to need.


A principle of community service that the Police in NZ don't recognise.


Perhaps they should be considering the fact that the recession is going to see more families and individuals with no street address, only a vehicle to live in, and they should consider creating appropriate policy to understand and serve these citizens, while the property prices crash and the banks and real estate agents go under. They might even need to consider a policy re-write that allows them to identify the true criminals in this fraudulent environment!


happy monday, peeps...

This is just disgusting. On

This is just disgusting. On one hand the NZ SAS are off to Afghanistan to kill and evict civilians

(see Stuff Poll:

and on the home front, locals are being evicted for their dissent. Disgusting!

Poll link here sorry

Poll link here sorry

You may want to actually

You may want to actually check out what the SAS are doing, you know,  from real news. Not what your drug-induced friends tell you.

Look into what the SAS are

Look into what the SAS are actually doing, instead of just spitting out random words to form a incoherent sentence.

Hearts and Minds = dress up

Hearts and Minds = dress up as taliban, go kill some village chief, then next day in SAS uniforms, give out care packages to villagers and tell them how evil the taliban are.

Yeah. You sure know what

Yeah. You sure know what you're on about. /sarcasam.

There are some really caring

There are some really caring people here. NOT.

Have you considered that this person, Jennifer, is in quite a fragile mental state. Her behaviour is far from normal. To use her sadness to promote your own agendas reflects badly on you.

Those that want to support Jennifer Graham would be far better people if they actually contacted her and assisted her to get the help she needs.


So if someone stands up to

So if someone stands up to the government that means they're clearly crazy? And by 'help' do you mean re-education?

When does the freedoms apprear again??

Since when was the practice of parking and camping on the streets taken away?  Or am I waking from a nightmare or bad dream.  It seems we once camped wherever convenient and were proud of the fact that we could do so, and proud to invite others to our spot.  Should the state really be harrasing people and providing no answers to the deed??

Housetruck Woman

What is her complaint? Why should she have free parking? We all get stung...yes we all feel ripped off by the Council so we walk to town or catch a bus. The parking is free in Ohura or Bennydale but even so she needs to contribute to the community...some things are really important ...and then again some things are just a waste of energy and time. This is one of them!

you dont have any rights if you dont stand up for them.

The point which everyone appears to miss  is that this woman  lie others has no right to justice , she is trespassed from a public building  she has her  rights taken away from her and thrown into jail.

You cannot tresspass in a place where the public has right of  access, the court is  such a place. ie a public place

Wake up  New Zealand  this week it is  Jenny  next week it could be you .

U.S. Defense Spending versus Health Care Spending

Just beneath the surface of a painting of one of America's best known artistic families lies a dark tale that had been hidden for decades.

brainless absurdity

In my view its quite obvious you can't camp on a street for 20 weeks!, the council had every right to ticket her and when she didn't pay, they reposesed the only thing she owned.

And then stupidly she camps out like some maniacal cave person, right front of the city council building and demands to be listened to? Which is most unlikely to accomplish anything for her. Doesn't she know by doing this she's just making it worse for herself and proving the councils point? If she was ingenious maybe she would have hired a laywer then went to the council in a less gauche way. Instead of camping out like some psychotic bohemian.

"she said she would continue to cause trouble for them" what a immature way of thinking - because she didnt get what she wanted (in this case being convicted with trespassing) she decides to camp out infront of the court house.


Hippies just need to get over themselves and realise they are not above the law, get a job and live in a house not on the side of the road!!