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SAS in Afghanistan opposed


Global Peace and Justice Auckland held a peaceful demonstration outside the Papakura army barracks of the NZ SAS between 12:00 and 2:00pm today. Chanting protesters called for the National-Act government to pull the SAS and all NZ military personel out of Afghanistan, and devote the army deployment funding to civilian rebuilding programmes.

Army staff videod demonstraters, and police maintained a patrol line along the barracks boundary, and patrol cars at each end of Grove Rd, which the barracks are on. 52 protesters received vocal support from locals, with most passing cars cheering or tooting and waving, in stark contrast to the obscenities from a woman leaving the army base.

Speakers compared the unjust slaughter in Afghanistan to the illegal wars of occupation in Vietnam and Iraq, and noted the impact these deployments had on Afghans, and the soldiers later in life.


Nice work. More please.

Nice work. More please.

More photos at

Opium wars 2: The Return Of The Empire

It's all about the drugs and oil pipeline. Nuff said.

"It's all about the drugs and

"It's all about the drugs and oil pipeline. Nuff said"

Agreed, all that's needed now is to educate the troops, that Islamic extremists had nothing to do with 9/11, then the troops will lay down their guns & come home.

Nice to see our cop/spook

Nice to see our cop/spook trolls haven't been put off by the site upgrade. Welcome back guys.

Papkura base protest


Good to see a coalition of the unwilling making their voices heard.

Wish I'd been there ....


Where's Osama bin Laden Mr.

Where's Osama bin Laden Mr. Spook? After Million$ of wasted dollars and thousands of wasted lives a number Islamist Extremists (not to be mistaken for Christian Extremists or Hindu Extremists or Agnostic Extremists) who were armed and trained by the USA still remain at large.

Tv3 changes the story

Tv3 tonight described KSM as "the mastermind of 9/11", implying that Bin Laden was not involved. If KSM really was behind 9/11, then why the hell are we invading Afghanistan? What evidence is there to prove KSM's guilt anyway? The CIA threatening to rape his kids if he didn't confess, and then he said "ok, I did it" but that doesn't prove guilt does it?


9/11 was an inside job, it's just so obvious now. The criminals responsible for the attacks have changed the official story over and over again to the point where it's total bulls***!!!! Wake up folks, the media is lying so much and I'm freaking out over how stupid people are!

oil pipeline

Any news on how the US are getting on building the oil & gas pipeline through Afghanistan that they invaded for? It was supposed to run from the Central Asian Republics North of Afghanistan, down through Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Persian Gulf for shipping to California (instead of the existing pipes that take it to Russia).

Also, gotta love the upside down placard in the 3rd photo - dyslexic demonstrators of the world untie! ;)

You will find that the

You will find that the supposedly 'upside down' placard is correctly orientated when viewed from the northern hemisphere.


I don't have any news regarding the oil pipeline. All I know is that the pipeline negotiations with the Taliban broke down some time between 1998 and 2001, leaving Dick Cheney no choice but to use force. The pipeline is often referred to as the "Turkmenistan oil pipeline". Its purpose is to transfer oil from Turkmenistan over to Pakistan and India. This requires it to go through Afghanistan's western provinces - something which the Taliban oppose.

For further information just look up "Turkmenistan oil pipeline" on Google or Yahoo images, and use a search engine to find the articles. If it ever gets built then it'll be pretty damn hard to defend.

Small update

Hey when America went into Afghanistan the field was thought to be at least ten times larger than it actually was. Its small size meant the pipeline has been dropped to my knowledge.


It's not about oil in Afghanistan, it's about building an oil pipeline through Afghanistan. The oil is in Turkmenistan to the North-West. But hey, there's still plenty of opium for the CIA to harvest :)

Ha, ha, ha ha !

Ahhh, once again the unemployed of NZ turn out to protest other peoples' jobs. And then conspiracy therorists galore pipe up and wave their flags around.

Yeah, you're right, Afghan is going to be just like vietnam.

Oh wait. The War's really different. Man, I wish I knew what you lot did, so I can stand on a soap box brought for by the governement and spew BS at everyone.


"This war is different" 

stop talking out of your ass, moron.

You should try getting your

You should try getting your soul back, it helps understand what 'we lot' do.

Killing people in another country for nothing more than ideological reasons is a crime against humanity and I hope that every single SAS soldier that takes part in that is dragged before the Hague World Court and locked up for life.

Aside from the sheer amount of innocent Afghani peoples the SAS will slaughter....thats what they do, they kill everyone without hesitation and without remorse...SAS people will also get killed over there too, they are not bullet proof, and Obama is losing that war and will lose, its inevitable.

What a waste of human life.

But sitting on your ass

But sitting on your ass smoking weed all day that the government pays for because almost all the people who turn out to these protests all the time are on the benfit isn't a waste of life at all, is it?

Douche. Either way you look at it, the Extremists are bad, and they're taking over places. Because they're the one's with the guns, and they can basically do what they want. Civ's die in Wars, it happens. It's a fact of life.

The Civ's would die either way, usually only slower, if you allow murdering religious fuckstains to take over countries. But hey, as long as it doesn't stop you getting your daliy hit of weed, and doesn't stop you eating your packets of chips, that's cool, man. POW POW FIGHT THE POWAH!

And you SIR, hup two three

And you SIR, hup two three four I want my Molenberg, you sound like a brainwashed shithead. Bet ya voted for Rodneighhhhhhhhhhh!! and the Pig Farmer.

New Zealand is Facist, the politicians and the police obey Rothschild's NZ Agents that is what they are paid for. Take a look at what is happening.

Actually I voted Winston,

Actually I voted Winston, shithead, so go puff that pipe some more and 'stick it to the man.' No, New Zealand isn't Facist. If it was Facist, then we'd have no PC, we'd have many things different.

Face it, New Zealand isn't facist because it wants you to get a fucking job and stop leaching off everyone. It wants you to stop getting fucking high and work. Hell, if you can hold a sign and march up and down the street pissing and moaning, you can stack shelves in a supermarket.

Most of the people who rip off the benefit need to toughen the fuck up. Very few people have a legit reason as to why.

What a load of hypocritical try hards!

People crying how illegal this war is... How the only reason they are there is for TAP and poppy's... How every SAS soldier should be locked up... Pathetic! Look at all those cars the protesters drove there in petrol powered vehicles. You call foul but you also support the wars for oil and gas. TAP is the accepted reason for this war. See the irony? The impact on the soldiers later in life? Somehow I suspect that Special Air Service troopers know what they get themselves into. You think living under talitubbie rule was a bowl of sunshine for the Afghans? Ha! Use your brain. You support the people you protest against, and it's nothing new. One more thing... One poster thinks the troops need to be educated? You idiot, do you really think that you can search a few articles on publicly accessible internet and watch a few documentaries and actually know more than the people who are on the front line seeing it all happen, and being SAS, likely know a lot more "classified" information than you? If you're going to try to find something worth fighting for as "activists", at least make sense! Why don't you go protest against some of the "soldiers" fighting in third world parts of Africa. Oh, right, that would actually require balls to do, and some level of devotion to your "cause". But it's all fine and dandy standing outside of an army base of the people who fight for a lot of the things the developed world (including NZ) has grown to love, and call foul, call the police and military police "spooks" because they decide to supervise a protest. In conclusion: What a load of hypocritical try hards! Say something to counter this if you like, but you can't. Nothing I said is opinion, all fact. I realise this is a bit of a rant, but nothing pisses me off more than people who stand on soapboxes spitting hypocritical and often untrue bullshit, while claiming to be enlightened

There is a poll here and

There is a poll here and here that is to vote about SAS deployment into Afghanistan.