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June 2009 Indymedia Newsreal Released


The June 2009 Indymedia Newsreal is complete and on its way to airing on Free Speech TV. This month's episode features dispatches from the anti-war movement in Colorado, the immigrant rights movement in Arizona, a performance by the Raging Grannies, and more. The program is downloadable HERE and DVDs are available to subscribers who sign up by emailing newsrealsubs at

Newsreal is a longstanding IMC project, the show has been produced for over eight years. The newsreal team would like to take this opportunity to open up the project to the broader network, most of the material is currently produced in North America but we actively welcome contributions from other parts of the world. All producers, and future producers, should sign up to the imc-satellite at list. This is the main way we all communicate about this project. Get those videos seen!


Full Runsheet:

6 Years of Saying No To War
Producer: Jacob Carpenter
Protesting the Iraq war this year in Grand Junction, Colorado.

First 100 Days Rally
Producer: Steev Hise
On President Obama's second day in office, community members and activists in Tucson gathered at the federal building to state their rights and needs.

Raging Grannies Sing of Water and Garbage
Producer: Elfie and Maia Ballis
A little song about private property and public good.

Mobile News Corpses
Producer: Flux Rostrum
The saga of police oppression of journalists at the 2008 RNC.

Crashing the Taste of Vail
Producer: Jacob Carpenter
Activists in Vail, Colorado inform consumers of lamb about the unfair labor practices involved with bringing them their delicious meat.


Why is this is feature? It is

Why is this is feature? It is all about activism in the USA. If you wanted to do an international feature, why not do it about the uprising in Iran? So what if this newsreel was done by indymedia types. The uprising in Iran is of far greater importance.

"The uprising in Iran is of

"The uprising in Iran is of far greater importance"

Is it? I look forward to seeing your story or video blog on it then. You can post the link here once you've done it.

Newsreal or NewsReel???

Newsreal or NewsReel???

This helps in us to achieve a vegan utopia.

It is great to see this occurring as it helps us to achieve the vegan society that is our density.  The people that contribute to this fine work are being good emissarys/prophets for a righteous community!

Do not let the Safe/troll/s get in the way of our density of us becoming a vegan utopia, where: honey will be off the menu, wearing fur and leather won't be acceptable and even using wool won’t be tolerated since there are synthetic substitutes and hemp can be used as a alternative.  Also, all zoos, animal farms and wildlife parks will be closed and hunting will be banned since every animal will be allowed to roam free unmolested.

Remember it is only us vegans that will get to know the Celestial Temple while all what the meat-eaters/omnivores will ever know is dead flesh!