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Auckland Public Debate: Privatisation of Prisons


Monday, May 4, 7.30pm, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Road, Grey Lynn

GPJA's invited line-up was:

For: Judith Collins (Minister of Corrections) Hone Harawira (Maori Party MP)

Against: Brett Collins (Justice Action Australia) Metiria Turei (Green Party MP)

Chair: John Minto

Hone Harawira has yet to reply. Minister Collins declined the challenge fast and has not yet supplied a substitute.

Metiria Turei responded: Absolutely! Brett Collins, expatriate Kiwi, ex-prisoner, an activist and educator who has represented prisoners’ interests nationally and internationally for over thirty years - a co-ordinator for Justice Action (JA) and a spokesperson for the Prisoners Action Group - who'll travel from Sydney, said: Are you sure that someone will take the affirmative?

Don't miss this urgent public debate.

Links: Tapu Misa: Is privatising jails really worth the risk? | Justice Action Australia Submissions to the Law & Order Select Committee on the Bill to privatise NZ jails close in only one month's time - on Friday May 22 | Justice Action's Submission to NZ Parliament


Re: Auckland Public Debate: Privatisation of Prisons

Who cares? This is a far more important matter !

Re: Auckland Public Debate: Privatisation of Prisons

go away troll

Re: Auckland Public Debate: Privatisation of Prisons

Can anyone run an audio recording and load them online?

Re: Auckland Public Debate: Privatisation of Prisons

This whole getting into bed with National is really exposing the Maori Party hierarchy for what they always were - rich elitists who are prepared to stick it to the working class.

All became very clear when they let Mapp's 90 Day Fire at Will Bill go to select committee back when the tories were in opposition.

Re: Auckland Public Debate: Privatisation of Prisons

theres no debate, locking humans in cages is cruel and injust.

Support & liberate prisoners, dismantle all prisons, private or public... stop all privatisation.

Prevent abuse, restore justice, create communities that are free...

Re: Auckland Public Debate: Privatisation of Prisons


Re: Auckland Public Debate: Privatisation of Prisons

Maori Party SUCKS! They do not even get more than 2 % of the total vote, whilst Maori officially represent 15 plus % of the total population! So Hone Harawira has some good points on other issues, here he exposes himself as a looser and cheapo sell out to the National led government! This government does not take Maori concerns seriously. Have a close look! They use the Maori party for certain tactics. Their true bedmate is ACT! So wake up and tell Tariana, Pita and Hone to get out of this bullshit, before their party goes down the same gurgler as NZ First!!! Dumb all this is. Prisoners should be consulted about ways and means to improve society, because most of them have learned out of their wrongdoings and could tell a lot! There are gang members who are actually caring parents. So this practice of eternally condemning people who have offended, throwing away the key, etc. is absolute insanity. We need to work at re-integrating Honestly, we need to involve people, not cop-outs, not excuses, not letting people commit more crimes, but to be confronted with the rest of society. But sadly so many well heeled people in certain suburbs do not want to get their hands dirty, do not want to sit down with ex gang members, do not want to bother at all, they prefer the "clean" solution to lock them all away forever. Well then, pay for it, you dumbos and arseholes!

Re: Auckland Public Debate: Privatisation of Prisons

The Maori Party pitted against the Green Party...whats wrong with this picture.

Re: Auckland Public Debate: Privatisation of Prisons

We cannot have criminals, children, old people, mentally unstable people, cripples and the sick interferring with production, so they all need to be removed from the equation to allow for more hours of work, where the workers work hours are not impaired by these facets of society.

So we've created prisons, schools, retirement homes, mental assylums and hospitals to remove these production inhibiting factors away from the worker ants.

Oh by the way, the cripples have shown that they can work now so we have allowed them back into the fold of equal citizens, but we're watching them though....

Re: Auckland Public Debate: Privatisation of Prisons

if the Maori party actually cared about Maori people, they'd support prison abolition and fight the racism in the capitalist system. As it is, over half our prison population is Maori, and as Angela Davies said, you're more likely to go to prison if you're a black man, then if you actually committed a crime. I think that's true in Aotearoa too.

Re: Re: Auckland Public Debate: Privatisation of Prisons

Or it could be that Maori have more of a tendancy to break the law, due to their culture and upbringing?

But of course, if there's domestic violence in a Maori home, it's because of the white man. Right?

Re: Auckland Public Debate: Privatisation of Prisons

In NZ today there is not only racism against Maori or Polynesians, I do on a daily basis find more evidence of racism against WHITE people. This does often come from certain immigrant groups, who have learned that the call and accusation about "racism" gives them another chance to get what they want. If they do not get a job or whatever, they claim it is due to racism, whether true or not! They know the system and exploit the "political correctness" in it. So I have little sympathy for all this nonsense about Maori being victims to a "racist system" or about immigrants not making it in a "racist system". With the laws we have, the way authorities these days treat every individual in NZ, this country is indeed one of the most open and least racist countries in the Western World! Anyone going on about racism, back off, get your facts, wake up and get real and honest! Look at countries like Japan, Korea, China and so, you will find very few migrants living there, the populations are almost homogenous! Once migrants from those countries come here, many of such origin call "racism"! So show your true colours! Abolish racism and discrimination in your own native countries, then we can talk!!!

Re: Auckland Public Debate: Privatisation of Prisons

75% of the prison population is Maori, where are their voices & the voices of their whanau?