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Reggae for Blair Peach: Remembering a kiwi socialist and anti-fascist murdered by the British Police


Thursday April 23rd 2009 marks the 30th anniversary of the murder of Blair Peach at the hands of London's Metropolitan Police. Blair was a revolutionary socialist and member of the Socialist Workers Party, and was an activist with the Anti Nazi League opposing the rise of the National Front when he was killed on an anti-fascist demonstration in Southall. To this day, no one has been brought to justice for his death.

Socialist Aotearoa is hosting a night of music, poetry and talks to celebrate Blair's life, and to build support in New Zealand for the campaign to expose his killers.

Come to Reggae for Blair Peach,
Tom Forde's Bar,
122 Anzac Avenue, Auckland
8pm Thursday April 23rd, 2009